Guardian of Faith

Guardian of Faith

Creature — Spirit Knight



When this enters the battlefield, any number of other target creatures you control phase out. (Treat them and anything attached to them as though they don't exist until their controller's next turn.)

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Guardian of Faith Discussion

Aceh on A God and Her Usurpers

1 week ago

Guardian of Faith phasing out and in thing doesn't trigger ETB abilities.

IHATENAMES on Opposite of Heavenly (Avacyn 96%)

2 weeks ago

Vorath stronghold isn't mono white. Missed a perfect opportunity for Field of the Dead the land that wins on its own.Drannith Magistrate can alsoannoy to death. Kormus Bell + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth might be fun here you boardwipes now nuke lands. The free instant if you control your commander Flawless Maneuver might be helpful too if an opponent has shadowsphere. Robe of stars Or Guardian of Faith for more phase out. Could be good too.

Niko9 on Will Vanquish the Horde Become …

1 month ago

It could definitely be a staple as efficient as it is. Boardwipes are always going to be better or worse depending on your playgroup though, and having to commit to white might actually make it see less play than Blasphemous Act Many strategies in white revolve around your creatures, so a boardwipe can hurt you more than they can in red where you can build a more spells matter strategy. I think part of what makes act so popular is that it's in red. That's not to say that Vanquish the Horde won't see a ton of play in BW control, because in that kind of deck, it is awesome.

Blasphemous Act is also amazing with Vial Smasher the Fierce who is a popular commander.

So, time will tell I guess :) Vanquish is an awesome card and maybe it will see equal play to blasphemous act. It could also be that vanquish will see similar play to Doomskar which, even though they do different things, they may fit into the same decks. Doomskar being an early game value sweeper and vanquish being a late game saving sweeper. I'd bet that the decks running doomskar would be the decks that want to run vanquish.

I think that maybe the best part of vanquish is that with Guardian of Faith it can be a 5 mana one sided boardwipe if you have just a ton of white mana.

zapyourtumor on Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde

2 months ago

I love the name.

Some comments:

You don't have a single one drop/turn one play, other than Vial. That's definitely a big tempo loss. Jabberjaw46 mentioned Mausoleum Wanderer for the sideboard, which is a good suggestion, except I strongly think you should put all 4 copies of it mainboard.

Supreme Phantom is an amazing card. I'd up it to a playset.

Honestly, I've always been lukewarm about Geist. Yes, it is a hard to remove threat that can win games on its own, but the creature itself has no evasion, plus the angel token that's created isn't a spirit so it doesn't benefit from our lords.

I think you might be going a bit overboard on the removal and counterspells. I like that the deck is a bit more controlly than most UW spirits which makes it a little more unique, but if you add too many of these other spells it makes it harder for you to churn out enough creatures and lords and make full use of Vial. I'd just straight up cut the Mana Leaks. 4 Counterspells total feels like the highest I would go, since you also have 4 Queller (2 Counterspell 2 Force of Negation seems like a good split to me). Same for removal, you have 4 Apparition so I'd cut down to 4 removal spells tops as well (whether you keep path or on thin ice is personal preference I guess). Removing these will give you space for Mausoleum Wanderer and more Supreme Phantoms.

In case you want more spirits, Rattlechains and Shacklegeist are two that I like. Cemetery Illuminator is a new card that looks interesting for the sideboard, doubling as grave hate and CA engine. Guardian of Faith is nice as a one of in the sideboard against wipes.

plakjekaas on Why Has WotC Brought Back …

4 months ago


Guardian of Faith is not sure it agrees with the Phasing = Teferi statement.

Octrate on Bedsheet Fashion

5 months ago

With all the recent releases, Guardian of Faith slipped right by me; I’ll be certain to add him to the deck as a flashy protection spell. If he ends up working well, I may have justification to add Eerie Interlude as well. Thank you again, Vessiliana!

Vessiliana on Bedsheet Fashion

5 months ago

Have you considered Guardian of Faith? A cool-looking spirit, and super useful to boot!

And I don't know if Eerie Interlude would fit your playstyle, but the theme is on point.

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