Guardian of Faith

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Guardian of Faith

Creature — Spirit Knight



When this enters the battlefield, any number of other target creatures you control phase out. (Treat them and anything attached to them as though they don't exist until their controller's next turn.)

Guerric on [Primer] Helming the Host of Heaven: A Giada Guide

1 week ago


Yeah, I think I mentioned this somewhere, but obviously you should run it if you have it. I do have it but it's in my planeswalker deck where it is more critical to saving my walkers from attacks and such. I do plan to replace Eerie Interlude with Guardian of Faith as a practical equivalent for this deck. That being said, by all means play it! Thanks for the comment!

lhetrick13 on Immortal Knights

1 week ago

Yogei - I apologize for the short message earlier. I was at work :)

My pleasure on the feed back. If it is not to self-serving, I would love to have your thoughts on any of my three knight themed decks (For Honor and Glory!!!, Beyond the Grave (Abzan), Beyond the Grave (Mardu)). I would appreciate another knight enthusiast insights!

Sigiled Sword of Valeron is an expensive card for vigilance, especially given you are running Brave the Sands for a fraction of the cost to play/equip Sigiled Sword. Hopefully History of Benalia meets expectations. I love that card but actually just removed it in For Honor and Glory!!! for Guardian of Faith based on some input from Lankhmar. Have not done enough playtesting to comment on that yet though.

I really like the play of Knight of Malice and Knight of Grace for your deck. Provide some evasion from popular removal colors, first-strike, and they pump each other a little. Very nice! I think you would not be disappointed with running either Knight of the White Orchid or Acclaimed Contender. Orchid's ability is so good that I try to get him into anything knight related as I love that ramp. Contender is also nice as it pretty much gives you a knight card back into your hand. I have found with knights I often struggle keeping enough cards in my hand so Acclaimed Contender helps with that a bit. I also think you will like Kinsbaile Cavalier over Kwende, Pride of Femeref. Kwende swings wider as he does not discriminate by creature type but since you are running tribal knights, can not beat Kinsbaile.

I also feel you on the protection from a color. It is so satisfying when it works out but so annoying when it is useless...Makes a good sideboard option though :)

Anyways, I like the deck and appreciate the thought and effort that went into it. Happy brewing and good luck!

Lankhmar on For Honor and Glory!!!

2 weeks ago


Arcus Acolyte is one I've looked at putting in. Human (not knight) but it's a 2 drop that grants "outlast" to all your other peeps. I believe I run 3 Guardian of Faith. I know it's at least 2. The reason I said it would be a few days b4 I could post my deck is because it's at a friend's house along with like 7 other decks. We had a little MTG "party" last weekend and I took a bunch of constructed theme decks over and introduced a few new people to magic

lhetrick13 on For Honor and Glory!!!

2 weeks ago

Lankhmar - you mentioned how History of Benalia just feels like it kinda slows down the deck. That got me thinking and I might actually agree with you there. I love the card but it rarely ever gets the big finishing blow. I might try dropping that entirely and run 3xGuardian of Faith. I want to see if that works for me like it does for you. This deck is built to rebuild fast so board sweeps and removals are not horrible but it would be even better if an opponent wasted an entire turn to cast a board sweep only to have it wiff!

Lankhmar on For Honor and Glory!!!

2 weeks ago


I'll do that soon! We run essentially the same things with only a few exceptions-most of which I have shared. I like the effects of History of Benalia and ran it for awhile but eventually pulled it out. The reason was it competes in that 3rd drop slot with Knight Exemplar then requires a couple more turns to be a win-con. Plus Acclaimed Contender doesn't "fetch" it. In my local meta a lot (most probably) modern decks look to win by turn 5-6. Most are net-decks (nobody home brews anymore sadly) and aggro. Some of the "storm" (combo) decks are even faster. A turn 3 History of Benalia drop just never felt satisfying or felt like a true win-con. Your mileage may vary. My deck is more "front loaded" due to how fast most modern decks are. Instead of History of Benalia I run Noble Hierarch. She's a human so she fits the paradigm, she is a one drop, she fixes a bad mana situation and she's a lightning rod too like Mother of Runes. No matter what happens I always feel good about getting her in my opening hand and putting her into play. She has that nasty little "exalted" keyword and she's gives us a little ramp. I run the Dauntless Bodyguard too but he's a terrible drop in that one slot. Much better to pull him with CoCo turn 4 (or just hold him and hard cast him and play another card as well) and cover your Exemplar.

Mother is a beast add. Trust me! Total lightning rod (and usually does get removed) but any given deck only has so much removal and I'm ok with her getting "burned" and, potentially, saving Exemplar. If she doesn't, even better. Either way she's a benefit.

LOL. This type of aggro deck you kinda WANT to "vomit" your creatures out. That's your win-con. Guardian of Faith and Dauntless Bodyguard would be the exceptions. Holding them in hand until you need them is the best move. It's super satisfying to pull one of them on a CoCo hit when things get desperate. Having him AND Dauntless Bodyguard increases your chances of salvation.

Nephalia Academy has helped a lot. I don't see it every game and I'm thinking about putting another copy or two in my SB because there is so much discard. I've gone back and forth with Leyline of Sanctity in my SB. I can run Nephalia safely partly because Noble Hierarch can fix my mana (assuming she doesn't get removed). I still think you can find room for it though. the mana curve isn't THAT high in this deck.

Aether Vial is amazing with decks that focus on ETB but Knights are more aggro. I'd really rather drop a Noble or Mother than a vial turn one. Call me crazy.

I think part of the reason you are struggling with SB is how you're playing. Playing a single game against a random opponent isn't going to teach you about the effectiveness of your sideboard or help you to tweak it or see what your opponents bring in against you. Full matches are the key. You'll probably sacrifice a bit of your win percentage initially bc your opponents will have some answers in their SB most likely but eventually you'll have an even better deck as you learn from your mistakes and figure out what belongs in the SB against various archetypes and decide what to pull out from your main and what to leave in. I've been playing off and on since Revised and I still struggle sometimes to put together a great SB and determine what goes in and what comes out.

Happy brewing amigo!

lhetrick13 on For Honor and Glory!!!

2 weeks ago

Lankhmar - You should post your deck, it would be interesting to compare!

  • I will take a look at Mother of Runes. I play MTGO exclusively and she is not bad at ~1.25 tix. Not a knight but like you said does still hit the human type. She would likely get removed right away considering her ability but like you menitoned, that is one less burn spell they would have in their hand to use on a bigger piece like Knight Exemplar.

  • Cavern of Souls would be sooooo nice to get my hands on but my monthly budget is 20 tix (roughly $20) a month and at ~16 tix per card, that is likely out of my buget for a while. You are right that it would solve much of my issues with counter decks as I rarely see a counter deck run Field of Ruin or something similar.

  • Guardian of Faith has been a difference maker for you huh? Good to known. I have a full playset of it but never actually play-tested it. Its ability to flash in and save an army from ANY mass removal spell is pretty epic. I will have to give him a try...and maybe learn to be a better player and not vomit all my creatures out ASAP!

  • Nephalia Academy is another new one for me and I like it. Discard runs pretty heavy in modern and that would shut it down hard. Since this is only a two color deck, I bet I can make room for it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I feel you about Aether Vial. It jsut does not feel right with this deck as you kinda have to build for it and I built this around Collected Company. I do use it in a soldier deck (Boots on the Ground) and a re-animator knight deck (Beyond the Grave (Abzan)) but both those decks are still in their infancy and need more play-testing to really feel it out.

  • Thanks for all the sideboard suggestions. I really do need to sit down and actually decide what to put in that. Usually, I play just a single game against random opponents via MTGO so never use the sideboard but it does kinda feel like not doing it leaves the deck unfinished and naked. I will take a stab at filling that out this week!

  • I feel you about them feeling competitive. This is arguable my best deck I have built and it is my go to if I just feel like winning a game :) With the number of netdecks on MTGO, having any deck with a winning record is an accomplishment and this deck is like a 60-70% win rate for me against randoms and I do not play it against my buddies as it is a little too aggressive of a deck for a casual game.

Thanks for the suggestions! Check in again in the near future to see the edits!

Lankhmar on For Honor and Glory!!!

2 weeks ago

Knights need some love brother! LOL. I have a similar deck and spot removal and board wipes (not as common) are problematic but Mother of Runes has helped a LOT! She's less than 2 bucks and is a one drop and human-which fits. I know you're a budget builder-I am not LOL. Cavern of Souls would be a great investment, if you're willing to pony up, and will stop counter magic until they Ghost Quarter or Field of Ruin it. Still, would buy you some time. Any of the pro-red knights would be good in SB for burn. Guardian of Faith will stop board wipes or even spot removal since you get to choose your targets so you don't HAVE to phase out your whole field. That card was a game changer for me and it's a knight and cheap (also less than 2 bucks). Nice shenanigans too since he has "flash". For a 3 mana 3/2 that is white and cheap, a knight, AND flashes in to prevent removal he's pretty much the MVP of my deck (between him and Exemplar). I've read through your iterations and it feels like you landed on the right mix!! Your deck is essentially the same as mine except I do run Caverns, Mother and Guardian and a few more fetches to thin the deck. Nephalia Academy is SUPER CHEAP and, while it does not take the place of Leyline of Sanctity it does deal with discard strategies and used to sit in my SB but I run a couple copies main now. I have run this deck with Aether Vial but it just gets too "muddy" on early drops and invariably almost every competitive deck runs Stony Silence in SB so that makes vials pretty useless. Auriok Champion is a great (human) SB card and so is Sanctifier en-Vec especially with dredge decks. Paladin en-Vec is another good choice and kills Rakdos strategies. A lot of people will say that Knights isn't competitive in the current modern meta but I have a pretty competitive location where they get roughly 50 participants every Friday night for FNM and my knights never go worse than 2-2. I've had a few 4-0 nights and a lot of 3-1 finishes. I don't always play knights but when I do it's competitive enough to feel good.

Megaspell on Elesh Norn's Anthems & Taxes

3 weeks ago

Master of Ceremonies didn't perform as I wanted while taking a 4 cmc slot, which hurt a bit.
Halo Fountain on the other hand worked great for me! I got to draw an extra card alomst every turn when I had this out.
I took out Elspeth, Sun's Champion because I really want to try the new Ancient Gold Dragon but I guess Elspeth, Sun's Champion is the better card. In this case I just wanted to play Ancient Gold Dragon :D
I will play around with the dragon a bit and then I will put Elspeth back in or I'll try Battle Angels of Tyr, which I'm also a big fan of.
Thanks for the tip with the Grand Crescendo. As of now I don't know if I will put this in the deck, but the synergy seems pretty neat!
I'm thinking about taking Guardian of Faith so I guess this would be a nice card to swap in :)

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