Titania's Song

Titania's Song


Each noncreature artifact loses all abilities and becomes an artifact creature with power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost. If Titania's Song leaves the battlefield, this effect continues until end of turn.

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Titania's Song Discussion

carpecanum on Golgaris spiked-ear hordes

3 days ago

Since you have almost no artifacts maybe some artifact hate? Titania's Song messes up a lot of decks.

Alpha Status for a big boss, Alpha Authority makes him unblockable and hexproof

plakjekaas on Blue players

3 months ago

So just to get the facts straight, do I understand correctly that you had in play:

Krenko, Mob Boss

Grand Warlord Radha

A few goblins

Bazaar Trader

Titania's Song

Mycosynth Lattice

And handed an opponent your Nikya of the Old Ways

And none of your opponents were using either green or red and still broke the lock?

I am trying to go at it from an empty board, which is probably too big of a handicap, but assuming there's stuff in play, Felidar Cub was a sufficient suggestion for that. I understand that if you have Krenko, my Nikya is not going to die in combat from you, but that's where other players could come in to enable the Abolish .

plakjekaas on Blue players

3 months ago

Right, so a Felidar Cub would deal with your lock, if Titania's Song and Mycosynth Lattice aren't self-defeating because Lattice is a non-creature artifact itself.

plakjekaas on Blue players

3 months ago

Wait a minute, Titania's Song effects Mycosynth Lattice and turns it into a 6/6 without abilities, that was a lot easier than my initial thought process.

RambIe on Blue players

3 months ago

If no one else wants to play this way we could also reverse the challenge, ill make gruul legal locks and ya all can break them using anything but red and green
Ill start with Titania's Song & Mycosynth Lattice

plakjekaas on Win Con for Gruul Enchantress?

4 months ago

I'm dabbling with an idea for a Gruul group slug enchantress deck led by Klothys, God of Destiny , to flood the board with staxy and punishing enchantments like Price of Glory , Titania's Song and Citadel of Pain , but the reason I'm dabbling and not building is because I'm not completely sure how viable it is, mostly due to the points Caerwyn already mentioned in the first response.

RambIe on Gruul In cEDH?

1 year ago

p.s. i used to run a gruul control deck
its a different animal to build and pilot
cmc curve runs higher then what most would be comfortable with
most of your tutoring is for lands
most of your card vantage comes from casting creatures
your control comes from weird 2-3 card combos
Some Examples:
Nikya of the Old Ways + Bazaar Trader
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed + Grafted Exoskeleton
Mycosynth Lattice + Titania's Song
Hellkite Tyrant + Mycosynth Lattice
Natural Affinity + Mob Rule + any devour effect

theirs to many to list but this is enough to give an idea of the flavor

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