Firebrand Archer

Firebrand Archer

Creature — Human Archer

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, Firebrand Archer deals 1 damage to each opponent.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Common
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pauper Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Historic Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Arena Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Firebrand Archer Discussion

levelupcommander on Ian - A DISSIDENT IS HERE

4 weeks ago

Just a few cards to consider cutting (if you haven't already):
Cult Guildmage
Dagger Caster
Eye Collector
Rakdos Firewheeler
Scorch Spitter
Smoldering Werewolf  Flip
Kaya's Ghostform
Omen of the Dead

These are just to name a few, which don't directly work with your strategy, and are more or less filler spots to create a playable deck. Consider swapping them for cards that work directly with your spellslinging strategy.

Spells to consider adding:
See the Truth
Cruel Ultimatum
Epic Experiment
Comet Storm (Or any sort of effect like this)
River's Rebuke
Counterspells. Just, counterspells.

Creatures that benefit from spells or help spells:
Firebrand Archer
Talrand, Sky Summoner
Murmuring Mystic
Young Pyromancer
Goblin Electromancer

I would also consider bringing up the land count to at least 37. A deck like this is going to want to make land drops every turn, and that'll help. It feels bad making room for all the lands, but it is worth it.

Flagellum on Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain-Commander's Quarters

4 weeks ago

A couple of additional wincons:

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries/Laboratory Maniac: Generic yay!

Reckless Fireweaver/Firebrand Archer/Nettle Drone: All do the same thing (more or less)

Psychosis Crawler: in the same vein as above, but is an artifact.

Darksteel Juggernaut: Classic beats (Master of Etherium as well but to a lesser extent)

Vedalken Archmage: not a wincon par se but acts and Jhoira v2.0

Gracco on Red Kamigawa

3 months ago

Needs at least 22 land. also Curse of the Pierced Heart is an option as pseudo-additional red shrines that are not limited to 1 on board. Shrine of Burning Rage is also good and super on theme. Leyline of Punishment should be in the deck in higher numbers or not at all since you want to always open with it. As an alternative to Leyline consider Tibalt, Rakish Instigator. Quest for Pure Flame is also a card that is best at 4 because you want to see it early. Max out Lightning Bolt. It is just so good and somewhat on theme. Nice to see a Kamigawa/Ryusei type deck. Firebrand Archer could go to 4. -1 Torbran -4 Vexing Devil -2 Jaya -2 Leyline -1 Honden -2 Comet Storm -2 Chandra's Fury -4 Ember-Fist Zubera -1 Shock +1 Mountain +4 Ramunap Ruins +2 Tibalt +1 Lightning Bolt +4 Shrine of Burning Rage +4 Curse of the Pierced Heart +1 Archer +2 Quest for Pure Flame is one way to go about changing it.

TheMaelstrom on 4C Rashmi - Curious Control

3 months ago

Could Firebrand Archer or Guttersnipe find a home here as they would be a better target for curiosity when casting a lot of spells because you will draw so many cards that you will not get into a situation where you have a hand full of lands. On that note, what about Burgeoning for the ability to use all the lands that I seem to find from curiosity effects?

I see how these small creatures will die to our own wipes but they seem to give a huge amount of card advantage especially since my play group has been removing Vial Smasher the Fierce so quickly now!

GhostChieftain on ... Uril Storm?

4 months ago

Firebrand Archer Glint-Horn Buccaneer Brallin, Skyshark Rider  Flip can all act as win cons for you. Buccaroo and brallin can combo with Snake Umbra and Keen Sense as well to win on your end step if you get above 7 cards in hand and need to discard. Even archer combos with them, but not in a way that wins on the spot. I would also personally add in an eldrazi titan if you can so you can shuffle your graveyard and draw even more.

SuperiorMagicMilk on Kalamax, the Stormsire

5 months ago

Any copy spell you play copies infinitely. So playing things like Firebrand Archer plus a tapped Kalamax, plus a copy spell = everybody dies

Romer on Kykar's Anthems

5 months ago

Hi xSKINCOLLECTORx, By Force is definitely a great scaling removal spell and I run it in a few of my decks. I just love the versatility of Heliod's Intervention to hit artifacts or enchantments. Or Generous Gift and Oblation's ability to hit any permanent.

The reason I didn't include Guttersnipe was that this deck only has 20 Instants and Sorceries but it has 60 Noncreature spells. Looking at the numbers, I chose to focus on Noncreature spells to keep the liklihood of Noncreature triggers higher, hence Firebrand Archer.

Rhystic Study is fantastic, no doubt, and someday I'm sure to add one to this deck. It's missing only because of the dollar amount of the card itself. There have been other pricey, more impactful cards for me to focus my budget on first, like a land base that doesn't enter tapped, The Immortal Sun, Cyclonic Rift and Anointed Procession. Someday Kykar will see a Rhystic Study and my opponents can spend another game hearing me ask, "Do you pay the extra ?" :D

Alkadron on PDH(UBR) - madness? THIS. IS. VALUETOWN!

5 months ago

Oh, ok.  I misunderstood.  Sorry.

Capsize is probably the most popular combo payoff.

Fireball and Rolling Thunder can kill multiple players at once if you've got unlimited mana.

Thermo-Alchemist and Firebrand Archer are good outs.  They don't even use the mana you generate.  These work really well if you're using Cloud of Faeries as an alternative Drake.  If you can get two lands that produce three mana, like an Izzet Boilerworks and an island, you won't gain any mana with each iteration of the faeries combo, but you'll generate damage with the Alchemist and/or Archer.

If you've got two of the "return a spell from the graveyard" creatures, you can close out the game with a lightning bolt or any burn spell that hits faces, like you suggested.  First you flicker the Drake and one "return spell" creature until you have enough mana, then you start flickering both "return spell" creatures to get back the bolt and flicker each time.

Freed from the Real gets used in a lot of other combos; pairing that up with a Viridian Longbow, Hermetic Study, or Psionic Gift will get the job done.

Black has a couple creatures that mill on EtB, like Sibsig Host.  If you've got the flicker combo online and no one forces you to draw at instant speed, those can close a game.

This is just what I'm thinking off the top of my head.  I'm sure there are a lot of others, I'm just not very familiar with them - I don't really use them, and I also don't often play against people who use them, I just kind of peripherally know they exist.  

I am on the PDH Homebase Discord Server, though, which contains a lot of folks who are much more knowledgeable about infinite combos than I.  If you remain curious about it, you should join us:

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