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Oathbreaker Tier List

Oathbreaker* Primer


0:Maximum-Power (5)

1:Competitive (10)

2:High-Power (46)

3:Mid-Power (66)

4:Banned (1)

5:Uh (1)

6:Casual (61)

Commanders (2)

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  • Planeswalkers contained in this list were acquired through the means of copying the tier list of TheChaosVault. (He forgot Wrenn though)
  • Meticulously assigning value, ascertaining combo potential, and assorting the planeswalkers into their tiers, however, was done by me.
  • Rest assured that the two lists are vastly different.
  • Round of applause for TheChaosVault for doing most of the heavy lifting.
  • Whichever tier a planeswalker is placed in is determined by latent abilities, cost, and combo potential.
  • Numerical values were assigned to each of these aspects in order to best eliminate arbitrarity. Parameters will not be disclosed.
  • Some planeswalker may be subject to further scrutiny due to factors outside of these determined values.
  • Key factors in changing a planeswalker tier include:
  • Decklist Variety.
  • New Meta.
  • Newly Introduced Card Combinations.
  • New Sets.
  • The grading of such planeswalkers will evolve with better understanding of the format.
  • Planeswalker yet to be released (spoilers from new sets) are not included in the list.
  • Just because your choice of oathbreaker isn't competitive, doesn't mean it can't compete with those that are.
  • Your oathbreaker can even be fun to play, regardless of its tier.
  • This list is not the end-all-be-all of what you should be playing. It is assisting your choice.
  • So no, you do not need to drop $100 on a Mind Sculptor in order to win the game, or have fun.

  • First, decide if you want to go casual, or play COBK.

  • If you decide you want to play competitively, always remember the three Ds.
  • Don't worry about cost. If you want to win, you will need the best spells. Proxy if you must.
  • Determine the best card combinations for your strategy. Some cards have similar effects, but some are better than others.
  • Disappoint your parents. You have your whole life to live, and you are using your precious time on this green Earth trying to beat people in wizard cards™.
  • Hopefully this knowledge aids in your deckbuilding process.

  • This constitutes planeswalkers with high cost and meek abilities.

  • For instance, some precon deck planeswalkers are high cost and offer very little in terms of game changing effects, though there are some exceptions.
  • Some planeswalkers from War of the Spark are also contained in this list due to only having "minus abilities" and relatively underwhelming passive abilities. (ex: Kaya, Bane of the Dead )
  • Some abilities of these planeswalkers have no effect in Oathbreaker. (ex: Karn, the Great Creator )
    • Any planeswalker with decent abilities and cost.
    • Most abilities on the planeswalker must work to the objective of the deck.
    • Planeswalkers with immediate board presence are included here.
    • Should be able to reach ultimate or emblem easily.
    • Combo potential is high.
    • Exceeds the high-power benchmark.

    • Will dramatically change the game upon entering the field.

    • Synergizes effectively with a cheap signature spell.
    • Ultimate ability is not necessary to win.
    • Combos effectively with many different spells.
    • Restricted to 10 to illustrate power difference.
  • Ral, Storm Conduit Fury Storm COBK

  • For those familiar with COBK, there is a combo where you essentially cast Reverberate or something similar and copy it with Ral in order to copy it endlessly, ending the game.
  • Will requires some explanation.

  • There are few decks that make use of him alone.
  • Ex: Turns
  • Most decks are partnered with Rowan Kenrith
  • Ex: Prepare for Trouble, and Make it Double
  • Of course, this means you end up with two oathbreakers, which leads to question why Rowan is in casual.
  • Simply put, Will carries his weight far better and is still viable to be used alone.

    • All information regarding banned planeswalkers comes from https://oathbreakermtg.org/.
    • You may send me messages pertaining to individual planeswalkers and reasons why you believe they should be in a different tier.
    • If you do, please include GOOD reasons and decklists illustrating your points.


    Updates Add

    • Wrenn and Six has taken the place of card:Liliana, Dreadhorde General's place in the Maximum Power tier. This decision came about from observing a number of decks utilizing Wrenn card combinations that are significantly faster than Dreadhorde strategy.
    • Wrenn's ability to lock down stronger opponent's while allowing weaker opponent's to be taken care of at a later convenience is definitely one of the stronger strategies we can observe in the format.
    • I would also like to take this update to reach out to prominent Oathbreaker players whom understand the format either as well as, or more than I do. I think it would benefit the format to have a more multilateral approach to the grading of planeswalkers.
    • If you would please direct your attention towards this discord server: https://discord.gg/RESFTda
    • This is the most effective means for discussion and collaboration at the time.
    • Hopefully this will allow the list to be improved and the format to grow more popular.