Chandra, Flamecaller


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Mythic Rare
Promo Set Mythic Rare

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Chandra, Flamecaller

Planeswalker — Chandra

+1: Put two 3/1 red Elemental creature tokens with haste onto the battlefield. Exile them at the beginning of the next end step.

0: Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that many cards plus one.

-X: Chandra, Flamecaller deals X damage to each creature.

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Chandra, Flamecaller Discussion

sylvannos on Superfriends help

6 hours ago

I've been playing this for a while:

Mono-Green Superfriends

Modern* sylvannos


(yes, I'm also shamelessly plugging my own deck)

I'd skip out on Doubling Season entirely and just go for Thragtusk. While getting to ultimate stuff right away is awesome, it's generally win-more when it comes to Modern.

If you land a 4+ mana planeswalker (especially if it's Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker or Karn Liberated), you won't need Doubling Season because large planeswalkers are enough to close out the game. Even worse for your opponent if you play multiple planeswalkers or cast Genesis Wave.

If you don't go with Genesis Wave, you can play multiples of the important planeswalkers. I've found these are the more important ones to have:

WalnutProphecy on Mono Red Burn HOU

1 day ago

If it's Chandra, Flamecaller, then yes. She can be a board wipe if the opponent has built up, she can throw your hand full of land if you're flooding, and she can finish off the opponent.

bimjowen on Daretti, Stax Savant

2 days ago


Ruination is a great suggestion; holy shit, I can't believe I forgot to add that!

Chandra, Flamecaller is nice, but she does cost 6. I might end up running her as well. It's a good suggestion.

Starstorm is a great suggestion against more aggressive decks, particularly elfball. Conversely, All Is Dust is almost never a card I'm happy to draw. It spares my artifacts, sure, but it kills Daretti which is counter intuitive to our plan. If I'm going to kill my general, I'd rather it be to Ugin, the Spirit Dragon -- at least he has multiple modes and can stick around generating additional value.

Duplicant and Sandstone Oracle aren't bad cards per se, but in a more competitive meta decks can't really afford to be stuffed with high CMC cards that don't generate tremendous value short of instantly winning the game upon cast. Duplicant is a 1 for 1 and often doesn't end up with a devastating power and toughness ("I'll Duplicant your Jin-Gitaxias... My Duplicant is now a 5/4" -- not very scary). I used to have Sandstone Oracle in the deck, and while occasionally he'd draw me 5 cards, drawing him felt so awful when I had more cards in hand than my opponents, or he'd end up drawing me only one or two cards.

Drownyard Temple is some solid tech with all my MLD and as you noted, it synergizes with Daretti's -2; I like that suggestion.

HOLY SHIT at Blinkmoth Well! What a suggestion! Loving that one!

Yeah buddy, Nullstone Gargoyle does work! Outside of Meren / Karador decks that ETB triggers or Caustic Caterpillar and the like, some decks have real trouble dealing with the Gargoyle!

I'm still testing Gonti's Aether Heart. Currently, my thought process is that if this thing is imprinted on Prototype Portal you can really start going nuts with value Time Warps off it every couple turns. Alternately, copying the Heart with Mirrorworks as it comes into play then letting the real one die to the Legend rule could create some useful situations, as you could then activate and exile the token version, then use Daretti to recur the real one and so on. Finally, exiling the Heart and copying the extra turn effect with Rings of Brighthearth is solid value. Again, all of these scenarios are a little clunky, but it's Daretti -- we're working with what we've got, lol.

Anvil of Bogardan is a bit iffy. It comes down early and while it does feed our opponents, remember that it's not a Howling Mine -- it's not straight card draw, it's filtering. I believe that in most cases this will help us more than our opponents, as Daretti is happy to pitch the high CMC artifacts into the yard so he can recur them. Anvil does help our opponents who run reanimator decks, but they're not tremendously common in CEDH. Blinkmoth Urn I'm not sure about; I haven't tested it extensively enough. I just added it.

I really loved your suggestions though. Some of these are going in immediately! Haha

ibstudent2200 on Daretti, Stax Savant

2 days ago

I'm a big fan of Ruination in mono-red decks.

I personally prefer Chandra, Flamecaller to Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Being able to discard your hand and draw more cards than you had before is extremely nice.

I've found Starstorm to be useful as an instant-speed boardwipe, even if it's not particularly efficient. All Is Dust is another helpful boardwipe.

Duplicant and Sandstone Oracle are cards that I've found to be fairly handy with Daretti.

Drownyard Temple is fun with Daretti, and also fun with MLD.

Blinkmoth Well shuts off Winter Orb and Static Orb.

I had completely forgotten about Nullstone Gargoyle! I'm definitely picking it up ASAP.

How has Gonti's Aether Heart faired for you?

I'm not a huge fan of Anvil of Bogardan or Blinkmoth Urn, since your opponents benefit before you do. I've had way too many games where multiple opponents gained 2-4 mana from the Urn, only for one of them to blow it up before I could use it.

yinterno on Boros Bashers

2 days ago

Removed 4x Thraben Inspector, 2x Stasis Snare, 1x Chandra, Flamecaller. Added 2x Inventor's Apprentice, 2x Glory-Bound Initiate, and another Chandra, Torch of Defiance.

Did this to get ready for the rotation of the BfZ and Innistrad blocks. Waiting for Ixalan spoilers to look for better replacements and more than likely won't purchase this deck until after the introduction of Ixalan.

AlmightyTentacle on ☭ Mother Russia Burns ☭

3 days ago


Chandra, Flamecaller - you are so persistent mate that I will think about adding it in, just need to buy myself one and test it out.


I supose you broke the sequence somewhere so pity to say but you are damned to run first step over and over again! ;-P


Firecat Blitz - I try to avoid using non goblin token producers cuz they doesnt work with Skirk Prospector. Plus Tempt with Vengeance is plain better it cost less, tokens doesnt remove from the game at end of turn that gives us more opportunities to sacrifice them by Ashnod's Altar, Phyrexian Altar or Shivan Harvest.

Argy on Worthy Minotaurs

3 days ago

You need to change your Sideboard against this deck.

I would removed 3x Hour of Glory and 1x Chandra, Flamecaller for 4x Abrade

You might also want to take out 4x Magma Spray for either Lost Legacy or Lay Bare the Heart

IQuarent on ☭ Mother Russia Burns ☭

4 days ago

Chandra, Flamecaller is so good that I think you should find room for it anyway. I would recommend taking out Reforge the Soul. I can assure you the miracle never happens when you need it to, and casting it for 5 was something I almost never did in my mono-red deck until the day it was cut for something else.

I still think Scab-Clan Berserker isn't worth it. "This is great if it gets through and then also stays on the board" is far too much to ask in my opinion.

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