Chandra, Flamecaller


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Mythic Rare
Promo Set Mythic Rare

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Chandra, Flamecaller

Planeswalker — Chandra

+1: Put two 3/1 red Elemental creature tokens with haste onto the battlefield. Exile them at the beginning of the next end step.

0: Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that many cards plus one.

-X: Chandra, Flamecaller deals X damage to each creature.

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Chandra, Flamecaller Discussion

Ceondoc on Temur Tower

3 days ago

I don't think that you need Bristling Hydra or Chandra, Flamecaller in mainboard. Try switching those 2 out for Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Also, try Burn from Within, Rolling Thunder, or Harnessed Lightning instead of Radiant Flames. Try to cut down on the counter spells too. More spells that get you energy are very good for Dyanvolt Tower, So put more of those in instead of so many counterspells.

berryjon on Nice to Meet You

4 days ago

Have you considered Chandra, Flamecaller as an alternate to Chandra, Torch of Defiance? She generates two creatures to ping off your general, and then you can still swing with them that turn.

dlamars on Breya Superfriends

4 days ago

Personally I like the PWs that have a wrath effect, Chandra, Flamecaller, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon are all worth a slot imo.

BubbleMatrix2357 on Burn All Day, Burn All Night

4 days ago

Cool suggestion DEDmaster, I may have to playtest with Harness the Storm. Not sure if it might be too slow though. We'll see.

Phyrexia, I do have a few similar decks with Dynavolt Tower in them. Might be too slow for this deck though, but I will consider it. Thanks! Check out this slightly different brew, Triple D!.

Pinkie_Satanas, I think Chandra, Flamecaller might be too expesnive, hence come out too late to be effective with the 3/1 Elementals. I would assume the opponent would be able to block them by that point, and since creature attack is not the focus of this deck, the Elementals could end up being duds. I do like her last -X ability, but it might be too late. For the same cost I think Chandra, Pyrogenius would be better because she can basically do direct damage each turn. Thanks for the suggestions!

Pinkie_Satanas on Burn All Day, Burn All Night

5 days ago

Have you considered Collective Defiance and Chandra, Flamecaller? Both are burn spell (chandra more or less, she burns via elementals), can kill creatures and can refill your hand. They could take some tormenting voice or cathartic reunion slots, as in burn you generally want to have as much burn spells as posible, and as filter carts are great to keep you going, they don't do any damage at all, and having too many move your strategy from burn to control. If you insist on keeping like 6 of them in, why not 2 Bedlam Reveler main deck? You probably will be filling your graveyard with spells pretty quickly, and then again, the reveler is a good way to refill you hand while being able to do some damage.

What i have been trying to say, you gotta be more agressive than this to be considered burn.

BioProfDude on Tower Symphony of Destruction

5 days ago

Also, Chandra, Flamecaller would be good as she can create some offense with those 3/1 elementals for her +1 ability. That can be very useful.

DukeofLizards on Purphoros Infestation

1 week ago

Chandra, Flamecaller is fine, but it is a bit higher on the mana curve. I prefer Chandra, Torch of Defiance for card advantage and ramp, and Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh  Flip because it triggers Purphoros. An argument can be made for Chandra, Pyromaster as well for card advantage reasons.

BioProfDude on D to Direct, D to Damage!

2 weeks ago

I think that Chandra, Flamecaller might actually be either better or at least a good addition. The +1 ability to create offense each turn is really useful in a deck like this.

Cool deck! Good luck!

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