Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 (M13) Rare
2012 Core Set (M12) Rare
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning (PFL) Rare
2011 Core Set (M11) Rare

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Copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Reverberate Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

6 minutes ago

Well, if you're at say 7 life in EDH and someone swings for 12 damage, when you get to the damage step, if it resolves it would be lethal.

I do see your point though, as I worded it poorly. I'm not sure how it would work, either.

Likewise, if you're at 5 life, a Lightning Bolt isn't lethal. But if they Reverberate it, then now it is.

So can you cast it when the second copy is on the stack? Or since each individually are not lethal - you must be hit with both for it to kill you, then what happens?

Way to much grey area on my card. I accept that. But in my defense, the challenge did ask for a lot of loops to be jumped through.

Oh well, I tried.

Philoctetes on Licia, the Sanguine Storm

1 day ago

Hey all!

@jonfehl thank you so much for the kind words! Dude, that Edgar Markov storm deck sounds insanely fun to play. I feel like our decks are two shades of the same color!

@jj4622 it seems our minds are always going to the same place after new sets! I’ve had Fury Storm sitting in the que on my deck building spreadsheet ever since it was spoiled! I absolutely agree with you - during a Licia/Burnt Offering sequence Fury Storm let’s us go ham salad.

I am thinking of either cutting into the cantrips, cutting Tithe Drinker, or cutting Thermo-Alchemist. None feel great, and I think Fork, Reverberate, and Bonus Round all deserve to stay. Any ideas?

As a side note, I’m considering a few other changes. I recently acquired a revised Wheel of Fortune which is 100% going in. I am also planning to cut Rain of Filth for Sacrifice, as I realize now I definitely want two Burnt Offerings. Also, I’m adding Rugged Prairie because the price came down.

Gracco on Emptiless Warrens

1 week ago

Sideboarding dilutes the combo. It is actually not good to sideboard in this deck. Thanks for the suggestions though. Autumn's Veil or Guttural Response are better than Reverberate for countering the counters in these colors and now you know they exist.

lagotripha on Mardu Dictate

1 week ago

With solid access to black mana and damage doublers already in play, you could look at Insult/Gonti's Machinations and similar 'damage doubling' synergies for combo kills rather than flat burn. Doublecast, Howl of the Horde Increasing Vengeance Pyromancer Ascension Reverberate Furnace of Rath Pyromancer's Swath Quest for Pure Flame The Flame of Keld are all interesting options.

It would work well alongside some light accelleration with Pentad Prism, Grinning Ignus, Simian Spirit Guide and mana rocks to reliably hit that 5+ mana you need.

That said, the biggest thing is making sure you have things to side in for those deflecting palms. There are a subset of decks that just don't care about it, and you need to be able to fight them. The second thing is that you need to pack something to deal with leyline, as you litreally can't fight through it except by landing your combo. White has enchantment removal- consider it for sideboard.

kamarupa on Emptiless Warrens

1 week ago

Nice deck! +1!

Sideboard spells that you might find useful: Heroic Intervention, Reverberate (to counterspell counterspells?), Fog, Naturalize, Creeping Corrosion, Elixir of Immortality, Noxious Revival.

lagotripha on Red Wizard-Aggro

1 week ago

I highly reccomend Grim Lavamancer, as it adds a lot of range to RDW.

I'd consider something like Browbeat in place of ahn-crop. I'd also much rather see a Metallic Mimic or similar instead of Ghitu Journeymage.

Doublecast is a great spell, and when run alongside Howl of the Horde or similar, you can jam a lot of lightning bolts into a single turn. The big problem is that unless you are running a combo list and spending 6-8 mana, it will always deal less damage than Lava Spike. Reverberate has some added utility in copying your opponents spells, but its not exactly reliable. If you go this route, you want Insult.

Sideboard Skullcrack or Flames of the Blood Hand. Four of. You will need them. There are better guides to RDW out there that can lead you through sideboarding, but it basically boils down to the split between lifegain hate, graveyard hate and artifact hate, as well as ways to play around Leyline of Sanctity.

zjepsen on Xantcha: Once More, With Feeling

1 week ago

Summary of first round of changes:

  1. Out: Words of Waste, Portcullis and Bottomless Pit. In: Price of Progress, Wild Ricochet and Thrilling Encore.

  2. The three cards I cut had no plan to truly benefit from them. As mentioned previously, Words of Waste felt bad to draw and I never wanted to activate it in both optimal and sub-optimal conditions. It's not a good card to draw when you're about to die. Portcullis is a semi-stax kind of card, which I originally intended to include based on the optimal situation of playing a turn 3 Xantcha into a turn 4 Portcullis, aiming to keep Xantcha as the primary threat on the table. Ultimately it just isn't impactful enough, and would be a terrible late-game draw. Finally, Bottomless Pit, meant to encourage Xantcha activations, would hurt me just as much as others.

  3. The three cards I included are all reactive. My playgroup packs solid board wipes, so there's a lot of potential value to be gained from Thrilling Encore. One of the highlights of the first game I played with the deck was targeting an opponent's Expropriate with a Reverberate. With Wild Ricochet, being able to redirect an opponent's spell in the mid to late game -- and/or copying its effect -- can serve many different purposes. Finally, Price of Progress is a way to end the game, though I will definitely need to retool my mana base so I'm not killing myself in the process.


2 weeks ago

You've already got a pretty solid concept here, what with the big extra turn spells, and evasion for narset.

What you'll want first seems to be more ramp, cards like Talisman of Progress, Gilded Lotus, Mind Stone, Fellwar Stone, anything to get Narset doing her thing as fast as you can.

The win con is a bit harder to put together on a tighter budget, but if you're ok with being a bit dirty, I'd recommend a Grafted Exoskeleton, for quick and efficient lethal's that get the most out of your limited extra turns. Cards like Open the Armory can help you get important pieces like Steel of the Godhead, or the previously mentioned exoskeleton, to ensure Narset can keep swinging, and hit hard.

The other way you can squeeze more use out of your limited extra turn cards is with spells like Reverberate, or enchantments like Swarm Intelligence.

Finally, cards like Brainstorm as rare as they are can be a big help to this deck, as you can put any big dumb spells stuck in your hand back into your deck before Narset attacks, to ensure that you can get the most effective use out of them. An Isochron Scepter could be a possible addition if you're really set on abusing tutors like Mystical Tutor, or top-deck manipulation like Brainstorm.

Anyways, that's all I got. Good luck with the deck, and all the best to you in your games.

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