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Aminatou stax control

Oathbreaker* WUB (Esper)


Aminatou Stax in Oathbreaker!

I'm writing this based on the assumption that you know what Oathbreaker is. If not, here you go:

The website: https://weirdcards.org/oathbreaker

In this deck, you win by stalling until turn 4 with disruption, removal and boardwipes, casting Aminatou, and then generating a lock with a cumulative upkeep card and Aminatou's -1 downtick to reset the cost every turn. Cast Enlightened Tutor to get the lock cards you need to slow down your opponent down, and then you keep them tapped down with cards like Stasis.

But Aminatou runs out of Loyalty!

Thats where youre wrong kiddo! Theres 2 ways to make these locks last forever.

Felidar Guardian is the much more durdly, slower, less beneficial and non-tutorable version of this combo: Aminatou -1 on Felidar to flicker Aminatou to reset counters, re-enters, downtick on the permanent as you please. Solemnity is the easiest piece to assemble, though, since it totally shuts down any Cumulative Upkeep cost required, and is tutorable with our Signature Spell, Enlightened Tutor.

Guardian and Stasis

Guardian is double duty in the deck, as this cool cat combos with Stasis and our commander. We swing in with a cat each turn, flicker Kitty and then Aminatou, then flicker a blue-producing land to pay for Stasis.

So we can lock the game out, but surely our main finisher isn't just a 1/4?

Haha, nope.

Bitterblossom creates a small army each turn. Hidden Stockpile acts as our second Bitterblossom, but that doesn't lose us life, that works wonders in this deck as we want to be flickering things every turn.

Throw in a control package with a couple of counters, removal, tutors and wraths and you have a decent, functional deck.


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