Oath of Teferi


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Rare

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Oath of Teferi

Legendary Enchantment

When Oath of Teferi enters the battlefield, exile another target permanent you control. Return it to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

You may activate the loyalty abilities of planeswalkers you control twice each turn rather than only once.

Latest as Commander

EDH 1 / 2

Oath of Teferi Discussion

DarthVirulence on Dovin's Grindhouse

1 day ago

Have you considered running more artifacts, Sai, Master Thopterist and The Antiquities War ?

Alternatively, you could splash black and run Phylactery Lich in tandem with Treasure Map  Flip. That would also give you some extra removal!

Also- 23 lands should be plenty! I know that you have some bigger spells but your deck looks like it's mid-range/control enough to get anything you need plus you have the map for some filter.

Lastly- I'd run one Oath of Teferi or add an extra Karn, Scion of Urza and 1-2 Teferi, Hero of Dominaria . In a deck like yours, the Oath is a win-more card meaning that when you get it, if you have the Planeswalkers down to make use of it, you're likely already going to win. As such, it's a neat one-of. But get above 8 planeswalkers, and 2 is a little more justified! But that's just my opinion!

Neat deck! It's somewhat similar to mine though I never thought of using Divine Visitation which I'll now be looking into :)

RohanDragoon on Superfriends and their Friends

6 days ago

That's a really good point about Arena Rector I hadn't really thought about it that way. I'll definitely put her into a maybeboard and watch her price.

And that's a really good point about the ultimates. I guess I do put a lot of emphasis on them for the superfriends win-cons. But, at the very least, when playing cards like Inexorable Tide and Oath of Teferi (and potentially in the future The Chain Veil and Doubling Season ) it's definitely not something I can ignore.

I'm definitely going to put Yanling in the reconsider section with Ral, but I'm a little more cautious to do so. Taking her out also gets rid of a nice way to get your allies through and, in the best case scenario, a double-striking Ormendahl, Profane Prince .

But I think for that matter I also might reconsider Sorin, Solemn Visitor . Right now the only thing he does for the deck really is his ult, and because of that I guess I rarely play him in lieu of other walkers or creatures.

IAmTheWraith on Aminatou Turbo-Stasis

1 week ago


Enlightened Tutor is already in the deck. I don't think Dovin has a spot in this iteration of the deck, but for a ~75% deck it seems fine. Also Venser, the Sojourner isn't in simply because I don't have the room for him.


I agree that it's cute, but Dovin isn't that good for a deck that I believe to be very close to top tier. I think that Oath of Teferi is good, but it is a little slow for a deck that chokes for mana as is.

Thanks to both of you for the suggestions!

DiverDown on Atraxa Superfriends Greatest Deck Ever Constructed

3 weeks ago

I agree with Skillville a bit here. I feel a little clickbaited to an extent because of the title. I would leave the "no better deck" part out of the title because if this works well for you and has proven the best results so far it doesn't mean that it is the best for everyone.

There are a few cards that are odd placements in my opinion that I don't really agree with. The first is Time Warp because it feels really out of place since it's not a turns heavy deck and yeah sure it can bump up your walker loyalty counters again, but does that really warrant the slot? I'd much rather run Oath of Teferi for the same mana cost. Worldly Tutor only hits a select number of cards, but Vampiric Tutor hits everything.

Another thing that I've been scratching my head over is that you are surprisingly creature heavy in the presence of Humility . There are some obvious cuts in your creature section that are just fluff and are completely useless when you drop a Humility , so I would suggest cutting it, or what has proven useful to me is trimming down your creature slots and replacing them with walkers that produce tokens instead which is just a much better value engine with Humility out. I think the only creature I run in my Atraxa Superfriends deck is Deepglow Skate and it's been working really well for me. I can give you some more specific suggestions in a bit when I get home if you'd like.

Metachemist on Atraxa Superfriends Greatest Deck Ever Constructed

3 weeks ago

Little surprised by the lack of Oath of Teferi but otherwise seems like a solid super friends build.

BTW the stats on your deck show it setting at 101 cards.

Last_Laugh on Narset's Avengers

1 month ago

Smoke , Oath of Teferi , and Sphere of Safety all deserve spots.

I'd also drop Gilded Lotus, Thran Dynamo, and Chromatic Lantern for cheaper mana rocks. A good rule of thumb here is cmc 2 or less, 3 is ok if it adds more than 1 mana like Worn Powerstone , Basalt Monolith , and/or Coalition Relic . Also consider Fellwar Stone , Lotus Petal , Talisman of Unity , and Pentad Prism (only 2 cmc rock that can ramp 2 colored mana).

Last thing is topdeck manipulation. Brainstorm , Soothsaying , Scroll Rack , and/or Ancestral Knowledge all help put what you want on top of your deck.

Feel free to check out my list for ideas. It's not superfriends but should still help give you a few ideas. Feedback, Upvotes, and/or Ideas on any of my decklists is appreciated. Narset, American Beauty - Retired

SynergyBuild on Aminatou: A question of ethics...

1 month ago

Oath of Teferi? Could work as a replacement that has minor application if you ever get the mana to cast it.

AntiRivet on Small Wonder - Aminatou, EDH

1 month ago

Yo Omega505!

Regarding Toothy, he's not slow in this deck. The benefit of his ability saying "Leaves the battlefield" as opposed to "dies" just makes him a powerful draw engine at any point in the game, plus he's a win condition with Felidar Guardian, Aminatou and Oath of Teferi since you can just draw your deck in one go by using +1 then -1 targeting the cat, repeat at your leisure, and then blink Toothy boom suddenly you have a seventy card hand, haha.

Hidden Stockpile offers defense in conjunction with it's ability to scry; the deck is designed to be light on creatures, so having a scry engine that only cares if something has left the battlefield and gives Aminatou protection is huge positive for the deck; plus at 2 mana it's incredibly efficient.

Thassa's not bad, but I try not to have too many cards at the same CMC as my commander. You'll notice that the only 3 drops I have are answers and mana, so things that either get said commander out or protect her. Also, there's not quite enough immediate devotion to make her a creature early on, but she can get there eventually. I'd say give her a try.

I removed those three cards for the following reasons: Total deck CMC adjustment, they're usually 'dead-in-hand' cards that are only good in their best case scenarios, and they're way too slow when it comes to the tempo of the deck.

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Oath of Teferi occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.15%

GWU (Bant): 0.07%

W/U/B (Esper): 0.14%