Urza, Academy Headmaster

Urza, Academy Headmaster

Legendary Planeswalker — Urza

+1: Head to AskUrza.com and click +1. -1: Head to AskUrza.com and click -1. -6: Head to AskUrza.com and click -6.

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Set Rarity
Unstable (UN3) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Magic Duels Legal

Urza, Academy Headmaster Discussion

DemonDragonJ on The New Teferi

4 weeks ago

I definitely think that this new Teferi is overpowered, but, unlike Jace, he, at least, has a reason to be overpowered, since he is centuries old and has experienced much during that time.

I definitely think that four mana is too low of a cost for such a powerful planeswalker; I would have had him cost five, or even six, mana, to prevent him from being too powerful.

Why is it that only he, of all the planeswalkers in this set, has a static ability? Also, why is he mono-blue, again, after having been blue-white for his past several incarnations?

Given how powerful this new Teferi is, I can only wonder if WotC could ever actually print a card of Urza as a planeswalker (not counting Urza, Academy Headmaster), since such a card might be too powerful, or, perhaps, no card could truly and properly portray Urza at the height of his powers (which is also the case with Yawgmoth).

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

2 months ago


Vronos of the Blind Eternities

Legendary Planeswalker - Vronos

+1: Chose a card in exile, you may play that card as long as it remains in exile.

-1: Gain control of target planeswalker.

-16: Search all libraries for any number of Eldrazi, put them onto the battlefield. Shuffle each library.


Because of his exploration of the Blind Eternities, I made him Eldrazi-oriented, with abilities having to do with manipulating planeswalkers and exile.

I'd like to see a Taysir of Rabiah card. I think he's the only walker to be confirmed WUBRG, as far as I know (I don't understand Urza, Academy Headmaster to be canon, but just some un-set fun.)

I believed I'm ninja'd so do the above challenge

cak01vej on Card creation challenge

4 months ago

My immediate thought was Urza Planeswalker, he has technically been printed four times (one UnCard: Urza, Academy Headmaster, a Vanguard card, the Blind Seer, and finally as Urza, Lord High Artificer), and while High Artificer is amazing, it does not depict Urza after becomming a planeswalker.

Urza Planeswalker - 3WURG

Legendary Planeswalker - Urza

0: Put a number of loyalty counters on Urza Planeswalker equal to the number of lands or permanents that share a color with him, you control.

-4: Search your library for a permanent that shares a color with Urza Planeswalker card, put in unto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

-20: You may exile all other permanents you control. If you do you win the game at the beginning of your next upkeep

Starting loyalty: 8

As before, I've made a propper version of the card here: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/urza-planeswalker-9

Next prompt is: high risk: high reward.

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

6 months ago

jasonkrivera; How do I upvote that a second time? Oh yeah, like this. +1!

Also, I think Sorin is technically a Sanguinomancer, as he can create Angels - or at least he created Avacyn. So, I think I botched it a little bit. My bad.

Rewind Time

Legendary Instant

Return all permanents that entered the battlefield this turn to the zone they came from, then return all permanents that left the battlefield back to it under their owner's control.

Shuffle each library that was affected in this way.

Teferi to Narset: "Time is measurable in far more than one linear path. There are eventualities that can, could, will, or shall never occur. But your timeline... is truly a paradox."

Given that we have both Sarkhan the Mad and Sarkhan Unbroken , he is the first Planeswalker we have that has four colors. No, I don't count Urza, Academy Headmaster .

Given this, Sarkhan's story is a great one and I encourage anyone who is curious about him to look it up. It's actually quite tragic.

What I'd like is a Sarkhan who finally finds inner peace. Please, make a mono-white Sarkhan that still cares about Dragons. Or, at the very least, a Boros Sarkhan who cares about Dragons but isn't overtly causing damage to and killing everything around him. AKA - no burn.

BMHKain on Balance requires a choice... (Choices ...

1 year ago

@LordBlackblade: Actually, that might be the best damn help you can give me since our first meeting. I'll proceed to simplify the dang thing, sans responses as part of a choice as a result. Obviously you may already know the Deck in Question, but I'll include it anyway. Oh, & it is true that if Un-Format Cards were still legal anywhere, Urza, Academy Headmaster is Trumped by Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God anyway; his Static Ability alone is basically what that Urza can do, but Urza is internet based, & a Roulette effect w/ only randomization as anything.

Alright. No more distractions, Time to revise what I actually DID start myself this time.

BMHKain on Balance requires a choice... (Choices ...

1 year ago

Okay. This will sound like I'm still a fool about this, but I believe the only true way to end this is through cooperation, & what is considered better as choices. W/ a truly uncleanable slate, I'd rather you don't choose for me (That happened to me once before, & it ended poorly, moreso than most.); but rather, suggest between either multiple or the fate of one thing(s), & I'll work from there. Concise enough, right? I mean, most CONTRA games have one simple goal to advance (& yes, I'm not just referring to the original on the NES.); Run, & Shoot. You can't go any further for that if you wish for further simplicity.

Alright, I'll shut it about the Contra Games; it's time to decide various card's Fates... Oh, & here's the Decklist in case you do care; don't worry, I'll clean the Planeswalker Amount up after all is set & done.

1000% Spark Storm (EDH Superfriends Primer)

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


& Yes, I know it's not a Primer; I tried to do that, but as of WAR, there was too much content to handle, & abandoned the project entirely. Thus, a renaming is in order soon enough...

Q1. While both are good in their own, which duo do you believe is the better duo for this, & the other, more cut worthy?
1. Aminatou, the Fateshifter and/or Spark Double 2. Planebound Accomplice + Cloudstone Curio combo

Q2. Urza, Lord High Artificer is OP all over. There's already a threat of him being banned. He can convert any untapped Artifice you have like Mox Sapphire ; a card that's already banned, & he can make ALOT of Mox all at once, & can reset your library on the fly.

But, is he really worth it in Superfriends? He is a God among machines, that'll be dethroned quicker than Leovold, Emissary of Trest when he got banned.

Q3. What draw card should I even use in the first place?

A: Mystic Remora & Rhystic Study only; it seems so few are giving Search for Azcanta  Flip a chance. But no Phyrexian Arena nor Sylvan Library ? I myself would like to know why...

Q4. Many seem to be against Oath of Gideon these days. I already have stuff that might be better than it. Is such an Oath broken based on recent events?

Q5. W/ Kytheon now dead, & the possibility of removing his Oath, I feel that I want to put a Planeswalker in that has the Gideon Type that is also good W/ Superfriends; or the least bad in this case. That, & I wonder if there will ever be a thing of Nissa being compatable to Superfriends as well. Both are possible but just in case...

The community seems in favor that there is no place for Kytheon in Superfriends/Avengers. What about Nissa? B: Do you think Nissa deserves a place in Superfriends, & if so, Which Iteration?

Q6. Nexus of Fate was left on its own after Liliana Vess is cut. What to do about such a notion?

Nexus of Fate is left on its own. Don't worry about them walkers though. I'll handle that.

Q8. Apparently Bigger DOESN'T mean better in this archetype. The Hydra gets killed by the Walkers that stayed back in Ravnica.

Q9. W/ Q1 as a part of this charade, this is going to make Thran Temporal Gateway far less relevant. Do you believe I should keep this still?

Q10. Three Walkers have been hated on by all, but me: Saheeli, Sublime Artificer , Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast , & Rowan Kenrith . All these three cards I like alot, but nobody else does. Let's start w/ Rowan as she's obviously going to get hated the most. This deck already has Crawlspace (Which reduces her forced number of Attacking enemy creatures to 2.), Meekstone (Which locksdown those w/ 3 or more Power that do attack, rendered untapped their next turn.).

Should I keep Rowan Kenrith , or should I amp up the level of defense for Rowan, & from there, my Walkers as a whole, & if so, what would you reccomend?

Saheeli, Sublime Artificer is next. Just having a Static ability to make Durdles for every noncreature you cast is awesome. What's not awesome? Most of my targets are Rocks, & I'd like some good targets, & even an End the Turn effect to keep the fruits of Saheeli's nature.

Should I keep Saheeli, Sublime Artificer , & if so, can you think of any good targets for her; & a decent End the Turn effect? The best I can find are Sundial of the Infinite , & Time Stop ; I already have a Sorcery Speed Timetwister , & I don't want to lose.

Finally, Daretti himself. Sure, his constructs can't attack due to Defender, but listen wisely; you can also sac your Constructs, & Saheeli's Servos as ammo to destroy enemy Artifice & even enemy creatures. You just need one aftifact, & those durdles are very good at that. His Ult. can make 3 copies of an artifact you control. But what if I told you it doesn't matter whose Graveyard you're copying Artifacts, nor even who controls them. Yep. You can simply search your opponent's yard & make three big things all at once. Go ahead. Take their Blightsteel Colossus , & Winfect. Steal their Rocks for yourself! There is only little that Daretti can't do w/ all this.

After that, Should I keep Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast ? & I apologize for the descriptions for the three; I wanted to show a basic synopsis for them.

Q11. As I have more Creatures, Topdecking, & a decent array of lands, I also want to know if another Walker in particular is more priveledged to be in there now; Vivien Reid . Based on her abilities (Spot Removal, prep-topdeck, & an awesome Emblem.), do you think she should be added?

Q12. W/O 10/10/10, how would you redesign this deck's Landbase w/ the following link? Note that the first 5 slots are taken by default via the Cycle Duals (from Amonkhet.), & that it has Crucible of Worlds .

Budget cedh mana base

Commander / EDH* timmyt1000


Q13. Having mana in all 5 Colors is great, but sometimes, not having all the mana types might not be worth it all.

Based on this, What should I keep?

A: Chromatic Lantern

B: Prismatic Omen

C: Both of the former.

D: Neither.

E: Keep Omen, & suggest a new, much better rock to add on the deck's competitive nature.

Well, that's all the questions I have for now. I hope this Q&A thing can help w/ the whole deck revising. & after I got my answrs, I'll take it from here. Thank you again for all this. :)

NimbusNobody on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Tevesh Szat, the Doom Of Fools

Legendary Planeswalker - Tev

+1 Tevesh Szat deals 3 damage to any target.

0 Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

-9 Destroy all creatures target opponent controls.


This was actually super fun!

Do another one of the Nine Titans that doesn't have a card in Magic. (That's Bo Levar, Daria, Commodore Guff, Kristina of the Woods, Taysir of Rabiah, and Parcher if you count him. You can also do Urza if you don't think that Urza, Academy Headmaster is sufficient to qualify him as having a card.)

BMHKain on I'd like to know if ...

1 year ago

@SynergyBuild: So, I suppose such a deck in question is fine enough? I was asking to be sure. For the last part of my previous comment, I'm currently trying to make a Primer for Superfriends; though what I have so far for walkers (I'm still at the start of all this, but the description is very unorganized, & some descriptions for some of the Walkers in question seem too much in a style not even most MTG players would've recognized anyway; this will be fixed though, when, I dunno…) is only the start of ~>140 (Plus the Heroes of the Realm Walkers & whether or not they deserve to be brought to the public... But Urza, Academy Headmaster ; what does http://www.askurza.com have to do w/ Loyalty? Aw well... I just hope the random results mean something powerful for him in an Unformat...). That said, does categorizing them require, say, Accorions? Ordered/Unordered Lists? After I get my answer on this, I should be all set... But, yeah. Thanks.

Oh, & I wasn't referring to Kess; more likely than not, she would have a better chance of winning, so Tier 1 cEDH Commanders are out, mostly; though just exiling such tutoring, from what I'm reading, Walkers wouldn't do much, & even stuff like Kess (Kas, in my book.), actually seems tame? Intriguing... (Spock: ... (Eyebrow Raised.) Chess.) Well, I was merely trying to find the Colors; biggest weakness for CMDRs, & how at least one can best anything Orzhov can even do. Now I think about it, I need to put in Oblivion Stone in the primer in the future Wrath section; how such a deck would work, when one is able to use such a deck, makes it stronger than most of its kin even. Back to Orzhov though, if the color's biggest opponents like CMDRs, & even Kess aren't strong enough, maybe we should wind it down a little from cEDH Ragequiting to a little less competitive, but still among the lines of Semi-Competitive, perhaps; though I'm confounded something like this can potentially anti-meta a cEDH Tier 1. I hope this post isn't too much for you though... & to think; I just found a forum post of mine about Philosophies... Maybe I might be able to make a Custom Planeswalker that's based, all while resembling that of a human; even though that being's philosophies is different from all conventional human life. Great... now I'm going to have to plan to do 2 Card Creation Challenges to myself now... OxO'

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