Saheeli Rai


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Mythic Rare

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Saheeli Rai

Planeswalker — Saheeli

+1: Scry 1. Saheeli Rai deals 1 damage to each opponent.

-2: Create a token that's a copy of target artifact or creature you control, except it's an artifact in addition to its other types. That token gains haste. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step.

-7: Search your library for up to three artifact cards with different names, put them onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

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Saheeli Rai Discussion

Catalog9000 on Blue Creature Cloner?

3 days ago

Here's a list of what I could find.

djnewellmit on Re-growing Pummeler

4 days ago

I had brewed up an Izzet Pummeler brew a while back, Izzet Pummeler where Tetsuko could be more useful. I would move the 4x Whirler Virtuoso to the sideboard, and replace with 3x Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and 1x Saheeli Rai.

generalrenard on Opinions on Brawl

5 days ago

The best solution I have heard proposed for brawl would be a thing called “set identy”. Essentially, you can use your brawl decks for as long as you want, but you can only use the cards that were out during the standard rotation, either from first release or just before it rotates out.

Pros: This would solve the problems for both an extended format and a rotating format; the biggest turn off for extended players in a rotating format is that they won’t be able to play with their cards forever. This would allow that, but still gives a limited card pool that standard is known for.

Cons: After the set rotates out, old decks will live on in stagnation. There would be no more room for creativity in deck building for that old deck using Saheeli Rai after it rotates. You would never be able to add new cards from new expansions, only the set amount of cards. Instead of having a standard EDH format, we would have a block constructed format and we all see how well that did.

Furthermore, I think that trying to create a format that balances out the style of deck building of extended and rotating is inherently impossible. If brawl was extende, then in five years it will be another EDH but with 60 cards, just like frontier will be another modern when we return to return to ravnica, assuming the shocklands get reprinted. We would see the rise of baby-Jace decks in frontier, only eternal in nature.

If brawl remains rotating, it will always have a high fatality rate on players after rotation. People get turned off at not being able to play their cards, that is why i started in modern. All decks will also go through a transitory period when they lose two sets of cards, but only get one back for a few months.

I personally cannot speak about gameplay, as I have never played the format, but i do enjoy the idea of a less expensive EDH where I don’t have to commit the controversy of playing with proxy decks. I also think that brawl was greatly shaken up by the separate banlist, and that we will see if it dies come rotation.

mavryk on Artifact

1 week ago

Interesting build for sure. Metalwork Colossus could definitely fit in here, and could potentially be a freecast with your artifacts out. Also Foundry Inspector would be a great addition to this. Glint-Nest Crane could replace Cathartic Reunion. Saheeli Rai could also be very good in this deck, and Karn, Scion of Urza is also a must-have for this deck. Great deck either ways.

mtgApprentice21 on Jhoira artifacts

2 weeks ago

Sculpting Steel, Karn, Silver Golem, Darksteel Forge, Steel Hellkite, Mycosynth Lattice, Hellkite Igniter (or as my friend and I call him "Rocket-powered turbo dragon), and Hellkite Tyrant might help too, I just realized, and Great Furnace as well.

You're not running enough Planeswalkers either. Try Teferi, Temporal Archmage, Saheeli Rai, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Daretti, Scrap Savant, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor (he's gone down in price tremendously since he was reprinted and allowed back in modern). They're all really great.

Don't worry about losing some combos, you'll gain a lot of other ones too. If you need more search and utility, try Junk Diver and Kuldotha Forgemaster.

Stormforge_Mystic on 4C Saheeli Evolution

2 weeks ago

swagfrog Chandra, Torch of Defiance has been in testing for quite a while in sideboard and i very rarely board her in. No i'm not cutting Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker because this deck needs way to go around things like Meddling Mage (Humans are super popular) and it's way to go off with Eldritch Evolution as it doesn't find Saheeli Rai.

I myself love Chandra and want to play her so i might test her in main deck just as value card. Scavenging Ooze Might be card to cut and put it in the sideboard. I still have to think what to cut in sideboard then. Maybe 4th Path to Exile is one card that i could cut from board.

generalrenard on Super Friendly Friends? Take 2

3 weeks ago

Why a 5-color superfriends deck? I would figure that the best commander for superfriends is Atraxa, Praetors' Voice because you get to proliferate every turn. Is red that important? On that same note, when you run Saheeli Rai, Felidar Guardian is obligatory as a quick way to end the game, but if you don't want to run infinite combos, that's okay.

Also, there are two enchantments that you need to be running: Doubling Season and Inexorable Tide. Both give your Superfriends even more superpowers. If you want to run a tokens strategy as a win-condition, Parallel Lives would be a good addition.

Loreshadow on Jaya's Magical Shotgun (Wizard Control)

3 weeks ago

I have some questions about Elite Arcanist and duping spells right now, but there is an insane amount of spell duping available in standard right now. It's just about finding the right mana cheats and frankly card draw and tempo stalls. I don't think it really falls on a single Burn spell so much in this case after reviewing the new stuff. It definitely can, but it is also so much easier just to blend the many spell multipliers and just go with a few cheap burns and looped combos cast in a single turn.

Torrential Gearhulk + Release to the Wind + Saheeli Rai + Saheeli's Artistry + Siren's Ruse + Flood of Recollection + Karn's Temporal Sundering + Insult / Injury + Swarm Intelligence + The Mirari Conjecture + Tilonalli's Skinshifter, etc., etc., etc....

And that's just with Izzet. Too many artifact creature/spell based duping to list. That's a lot of duping at once. I'll probably be experimenting with Living Lore + Torrential Gearhulk combos quite a bit if I ever get away from Elite Arcanist + Naban, Dean of Iteration. Fun stuff man! I can barely keep from rejoining Standard, lol.

Though there's a whole lot of Exile This Card from the Temporal and Mana Cheating cards. Guess the devs got smarter. :p

Anyways, as for this deck.

Saheeli Rai - No mana duping of creatures.

Torrential Gearhulk - Can be duped by Saheeli for free when your mana is all untapped to trigger a Release to the Wind, Cooperate, through hulk or cast an Insult on its own.

Release to the Wind can also reset your planeswalkers' loyalty counts.

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