Dovin Baan


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Mythic Rare

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Dovin Baan

Planeswalker — Dovin

+1: Until your next turn, up to one target creature gets -3/-0 and it's activated abilities can't be activated.

-1: You gain 2 life and draw a card.

-7: You get an emblem with "Your opponents can't untap more than two permanents on their untap step."

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Dovin Baan Discussion

Kalavas on Derevi's evasive manouvers remodeled

2 days ago

Dovin Baan could be taken out as well as Brainstorm, Opt, Explore, and Nissa, Steward of Elements. Card draw and selection is nice, as well as scrying, but I think these are safe to take out and replace with land.

ectro24 on Level Up

2 days ago

Because you only have 5 creatures with relevant ETB effects, I think it would be best to ditch Venser, the Sojourner and Deadeye Navigator. The level up creatures all seem pretty good to be honest, so long as you can reliably proliferate them up or otherwise get them to the higher levels to break the balance of their normally slow progression.

I would consider adding Dovin Baan. His plus is solid, if you get him out with doubling season and ult him right away the game is over. He also draws cards, which is nice.

As for goodstuff you missed, Winding Constrictor. Yeah, it works like that. Vorel of the Hull Clade also doubles level counters.

If you want jank, Lux Cannon. 'Nuff said.

Randomguy006 on The Power of FRIENDSHIP!

6 days ago

I'd suggest using Board the Weatherlight as card selection that can grab you a friend or an Oath of Teferi.

Dovin Baan and Liliana, Death's Majesty are sad that they didn't get invited to the superfriend party.

Squirrelbacon on Help With Jeskai Control

3 weeks ago

Jeskai is a weird deck to build on a budget. I've played a lot of jeskai and other / decks so I'm going to simply throw out some cards that I've used in the past or that, in theory, should work. I'll also add a little bit of analysis or information behind the logic of the cards.



Dragonlord Ojutai--> in a world where people are playing less spot removal and more BBE, having a flying card drawing hard to kill beater seems good. If you can protect him, he will run away with games and card advantage. Worst case, he is a pretty strong chump blocker to deal with creatures due to hexproof and decent stat lines.

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip--> He's no Snapcaster Mage since he's awful with counterspells, but, he does fill at least some of the shoes that snappy wears... sometimes you just need that extra lightning bolt but you can't draw it, so loot. Sometimes he flips, and you then play that lightning bolt that you drew at a later time also! He does his job and I quite enjoy him.

Geist of Saint Traft--> Punches things. Hard.

Enigma Drake--> With so many spells in the deck, playing 2 drakes seems amazing. Will almost never be less than a 3-4 with flying for 3, which is already a decent body. Then add that you can grow little dragon buddy at instant speed because you Lightning Bolted you opponent again? I'm in!



Ojutai's Command--> I've heard it been referred to as the "poor man's cryptic and it isn't that far off.... It is NOT a replacement, however, it will serve as a place holder if you wanted a few.

Condemn--> A cheaper removal spell. It's odd in a jeskai list, where plan B (or A) is to burn your opponent out, but if path is too expensive or you need extra removal Condemn does work.

Dovin Baan--> Best planeswalker ever printed. Not really, but he does need more love than he gets. Turn off creatures //Gain life, draw cards// Winter Orb? Yes please.

Mindswipe--> Bad Logic Knot with a fun upside haha!

Supreme Verdict--> minimum of 2. An eh replacement is Wrath of God. It'll do it's job.


Other than that, what ToolmasterOfBrainerd said looks good. I'm more or less giving you alternatives. Hopefully plenty of them.

For the sideboard, you'll want Rest in Peace, Stony Silence and the 4th Lightning Helix for sure. Best of luck, if you have questions on choices or want help with a list you throw together ask away!

Freezingfist on W/U Control

1 month ago

Seems like a solid control build, Aatrogic.

I'm no control expert, but I have a few comments/critiques.

Only 1 Disallow? This seems to be the best counter in standard.

I'd mainboard the Torrential Gearhulks and side/remove Dovin Baan. He can be fun in the HazoRed matchup, but beyond that, I'm not sure if he's worth running over other instant-speed control elements.

It may be worth finding sideboard space for Nezahal, Primal Tide for the control mirror.

That's all I've got. Good luck at the PPTQ!

scotchtapedsleeves on Time to only help myself (Please Help)

2 months ago

So the first thing is, your deck is too slow, mainly because of the seven planeswalkers and the low amount of creatures. This type of deck should be geared towards a high amount of creatures and spells to buff them. I also wouldn't recommend Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker as a commander for this, because he only buffs himself. If you enjoy the aggro theme with Ravos, Soultender, then I'd suggest switching Ishai with Tymna the Weaver or Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper. Sadly, blue doesn't really work with strategies relevant to spamming creatures, so Ishai is probably out of the question.

As for your planeswalkers, you should really only need 1-3 in a deck, so if you go on with replacing Ishai, then you will have to take out Dovin Baan, Jace, Unraveler of Secrets. I'd also take out Sorin, Grim Nemesis, and Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

For your creatures, I'd look to add more anthem creatures, like Ravos, Soultender's +1/+1 effect.

Good luck decking!

Thebiggalactus on

2 months ago

To my suprise Dovin Baan, and Chandra, Torch of Defiance put in the work, with Dovin saving me a few times.Dovin Baan is a pretty effective counter to a lot of the big cards in standard currently. He can give you 2 life and draws a card which helps against aggro. He effectively stops the The Scarab God in it's tracks. Vehicles get hurt by his plus 1 too as it messes with power. Then his ultimate wins the game.

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