Gideon, Champion of Justice


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Mythic Rare

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Gideon, Champion of Justice

Planeswalker — Gideon

+1: Put a loyalty counter on Gideon, Champion of Justice for each creature target opponent controls.

0: Until end of turn, Gideon becomes an indestructible Human Soldier creature with power and toughness each equal to the number of loyalty counters on him. He's still a planeswalker. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to him this turn.

-15: Exile all other permanents.

Gideon, Champion of Justice Discussion

TheMazter13 on Army of the Living

1 month ago

The deck wants to get hit, and yet you play several creatures that block well. Cards with higher toughness than power aren't what this wants I don't think. Cards like Jareth, Leonine Titan that only block well aren't that good. This deck wants opponents to flunge, and you to flunge right back, but way stronger with all your new tokens.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is better than Gideon, Champion of Justice at doing what the deck wants. At worst, Ally of Zendikar is an anthem in a deck with lots of little soldiers. At worst, Champion of Justice is a 4/4 for 4 that does get big fast, but if he's getting big fast things aren't going well. White Weenie doesn't want blockers, so why would you want your opponent to have creatures? Also, why would you ever plus him more than maybe once? To get the ultimate that does nothing but restart the game? Unlike with Karn, Gideon is almost certainly dead after the ultimate, and it not he's at 1-2 loyalty. With no permanents, he's not getting bigger with that +1, so he's a 1/1 or a 2/2. I just think Champion of Justice thinks about the long game, but White Weenie doesn't want to get to turn 15, they want to have won by then with an absurd amount of soldiers

Cut Rebuff the Wicked for Lightning Greaves . You can never one-for-one a deck with only counterspells. If you're trying to protect Darien, then if the first spell doesn't kill him, the second one will. You do already have Swiftfoot Boots , but a second (better imo) copy doesn't hurt

Also, Anthems. Play more. You've got Elesh Norn and Captain of the Watch , but that's only +3/+3. Go further, add keywords, get Lords, go ham

~ Bad Cards ~

Ghostly Prison - You want to get attacked to make tokens


Steelshaper's Gift -> Enlightened Tutor - Tutor hits more, is instant speed, and although it puts the card on top, gets the big hitters like True Conviction

City of Brass and Grand Coliseum - This is mono-color, you don't need fixing. And certainly not at the cost of life in a deck that wants to get hit

TypicalTimmy on Gideon oathbreaker

2 months ago

Well, not to sound rude but your deck is working against itself. Your Oathbreaker gets +1 with an additional +1 for each creature your opponent controls. What you are doing here is packing your deck with boardwipes, meaning you get less and less value overall out of him.

Gideon, the Oathsworn would be a better fit for what you are attempting to accomplish here. Not only does he bolster your creatures with +1/+1 counters, he can become a 5/5 attacker for +2 which is great pressure. He's going to be very hard to kill. You also get the ultimate sweeper you are looking for, and he just pops right back into your Command Zone.

Gideon, Champion of Justice only allows you to get loyalty off of one target opponent, meaning it takes a while for him to get into gear. You may be lucky and get an opponent with 4 - 5 creatures, but there is no certainty there. With your boardwipe spells, there is even less. Even if you use his +1 first, then wipe, you are left hanging low for your next turn.

If, however, your goal is to +1 and then boardwipe literally every single turn, I guess that works. I would be careful though with that as it will draw the ire of your entire meta.

I'd say play it safe and go for Gideon, the Oathsworn . He's a tad slower to come out, but he strengthens your boardstate, is an immediate threatening presence on the battlefield, and does the exact same thing that CoJ does. Not the "exact" as he only exiles creatures, but let's be realistic; That's all that matters, anyway.

TypicalTimmy on Oathbreakers for the missing shards ...

5 months ago

Boudica, Legions of War

Legendary Planeswalker - Boudica

+2 Until end of turn, whenever a non-token creature you control attacks you create a 2/1 black Warrior creature token tapped and attacking.

-X Destroy X target lands you control. Target opponent sacrifices X lands they control.

-11 Destroy all creatures you don't control, then exile all graveyards. Each opponent loses life equal to the number of cards exiled from their graveyard in this way.


Card Theory:

  • +2 rather than +1 to keep on par with similarly costed Lord Windgrace . Token creation is seen in all three Mardu colors, but requiring to attack is a distinctly red color. Pays homage to, of all colors, Mardu Strike Leader . Felt a 2/1 token was better than a 1/1 with Vigilance as this forces your opponent into a much harder situation with regards to resolving blockers and combat damage. The idea is to keep pressure on your opponent. If you swing with 5 non-token creatures, you are creating an additional 10 points of damage with 5x 2/1s. That's a very hard thing to reconcile. However this also means you must open yourself up by attacking with everyone. And so, like with real war, it becomes a balance of decisions; How do you best utilize the information you have available for the greatest impact possible?

  • -X: Admittedly this is dangerously broken. However, all three colors show us prime examples of completely destroying lands in full. Just as a small list, there are: Armageddon , Catastrophe , Ravages of War , Obliterate , Ruination (Which lets be honest, that'll be most lands in many formats), Decree of Annihilation , Desolation Angel , Ajani Vengeant and many others such as Worldslayer and Gideon, Champion of Justice . There's also the horrendous combo in black of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Kormus Bell + Curse of Death's Hold . So yes, while blowing up potentially 6 lands your opponent controls for may seem absolutely broken, keep in mind the game has TONS of cards that do even worse things, and you are losing the same amount of lands as well - which in Mardu is one of your biggest vices in the first place.

EDIT: In order to smooth out the sheer impact of this ability, I increased her casting cost up by +. Now it takes six lands to cast her and will blow up all six lands you have if you decide to crack her off at full potential and kill her - Thus resetting the game mid-stride.

BMHKain on A War on Sparks vs ...

6 months ago

@SP3CTR3_chelts: Yeah, I even wanted to put in ol' Wrenn & Six in also as an alt for Crucible of Worlds . As for Artifact Searching, I've made a very tough decision: After all the opposition The Big 3 Baka Yarous all got, I've already removed the 2nd of these 3. Maybe their haters were right about them. I'm even contemplating removing the other two as well. Since in such a regard, you no longer need to keep searching for trash that probably won't help the whole deck at all; only those remaining 2. Considering what others said in the past, I might actually remove the other two as well. As for the CMDR change from Najeela, the Blade-Blossom back to my default Sliver Queen , My reasons stand thus:

  1. Sliver Queen is more resilient, & can make chump blockers before you block, & after any opponent declares Attackers.

  2. We have Teferi, Temporal Archmage , which all three of his abilities are great. But his Emblem, allows a Vedalken Orrery -Esque effect making potentially infinite Loyalty Abilities. I kept Chandra, Torch of Defiance in as one of her Loyalty Abilities not only gains Loyalty, but also allows Mana Ramp; but I do, realize, Jace, the Mind Sculptor , while being "The Greatest Planeswalker Card of all time" is slow, I do concur w/ this notion, but if this walker is the best since WORLDWAKE days, how the hell can one reach ultimate status before Jace can't back himself up to do a great Ult.? Back to ol' Daughter of a Dead Father that actually Survived even after Nicol Bolas "Died" (Is this true?) from having his spark forced out of him. In the right Situation, (not) Sliver Queen , she could have a Janky, but regardless infinite Spawn to strike at anyone.

  3. Don't get me wrong, Najeela is Sugoi level Awesome, but I'm fearing she might have the same flaws as Sisay, Weatherlight Captain ; though Captain Sisay is already awesome on her own. Could Sisay Numero Dos do great here as well? We already have Walkers that reach CMC7 here, but, now, the only constant is making a swarm of Walkers all w/ the same cost to search for Legends like Najeela would w/ infinite attacks. From there, though not Superfriends/Avengers CMDR Level power, Sisay #2 is a much better card than Najeela as a whole here; Once you have all 5 colors among Walkers, you might be able to search for whatever the hell you need to win. XP On the Topic of Modern Horizons, is Urza, Lord High Artificer good here as well? I don't want to add anymore cards, but ol' Urza, w/o a Spark; now means the only Walker Left in all 5 colors that can be used as a Planeswalker CMDR, is Lord Taysir of Rabiah. Regardless, This Urza is far better than the dumbass joke of a Walker from UNSTABLE; now having, basically all his abilities as Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God 's Static Ability!

Really sorry about the update. But I really want to make a High Quality Deck as well; w/ Gideon Jura Dead, & the imminent possibility that everyone wants to kill you after Gideon, Champion of Justice Literally Apocalypse 's the rest of the board (Sans your hand.). This is too risky for me to use, & as I can't find a good Gideon to use in his memory; an idiot hero who probably did more good than Gerrard Capashen brainwashed by Phyrexians as he slashed off Urza's Head, I really would like better options in that Gideons stead.

All that said, I hope you can understand my reasons behind all these changes; & that I'm trying to redeem myself to the rest of the community...

Now, If you don't mind, I am trying to rebuild my memory from what I tried to rebuild my CHAOS deck from. Just understand though, that not all such cards are truly that good. Some may be worse than others. & now I'm finishing this debate between me & the rest of this site; unlike John-117, & Thel 'Vadam (Master Chief, & The Arbiter) which one development plan was for these two to Finish the Fight together in Halo 2. Since that was canned, & Halo 5: Guardians isn't even being spoken of as even Halo fans hate that game; but what about Halo 6? Will it end the franchise for good? & what about Beyond Good & Evil 2? If the hype is real, why isn't UBISOFT developing itat even the slowest rate of progressing speed; Slower than even DUKE NUKEM: FOREVER? Fun fact! DUKE NUKEM: FOREVER isn't the worst game in the franchise; maybe you should look back in your efforts back in the GBA days; FOREVER is at least playable, the DUKE NUKEM game for GBA is so glitched, made by an atrocious developer, & is agreed that game is just; the definition of unplayable... Same for all the rest of the trash they made.

Over & out.

SP3CTR3_chelts on A War on Sparks vs ...

6 months ago

Wow really nobody responded to this thread when i was on holiday! that is suprising Giving serious amounts of judement to strangers. maybe make a new thread and forum post when you make your next set of changes maybe the large amount of messages is off putting to weaker people :P

Here are my two pence on each of your questions i will reply later in the week about more cuts and wraths :)

What other Walkers from War of the Spark should be chopped?

In General i do not think WAR plansewalkers are great for super friends due to the lack of up-ticking abilities the ones you have seem a great fit though! the only ones lacking an up-tick are ashock, narset and saheeli. Ashock and narset are great FU cards to other EDH players and I believe fit nicely. Saheeli, Sublime Artificer i don't see as much of a reason behind.

I do not think you truly understand Gideon, Champion of Justice s power he exiles all other permanents including lands. It does not matter if they hate you they cant do anything :D

With the amount of fetches you currently have yes i would remove Crucible of Worlds if you were to ever put more in put it back in ( Ramunap Excavator works similarly)

I put in Sundial of the Infinite for End Step effects; allowing for stuff that should be gone EOT, to stay. Do you think this should be cut?

this does not work as well as you think as you still have a clear up stage with sundile. so yes I would remove it.

Is Chromatic Lantern really better than Prismatic Omen ? Then why do I have Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter for a huge amount of mana for every one +1/+1 Counter on a creature each (One each; no higher.)?

Its only better because it is a mana rock as well or if you are running bespoke effects like Prismatic Geoscope . either/both are good. you dont run enough creatures or counter synergy to run Jiang in my opinion.

What do you think is the better CMDR: Najeela, the Blade-Blossom , or Niv-Mizzet Reborn ? Both already seem really badass on their own.

Najela can be a win con on her own but niv is an independant draw engine , personaly for this deck i would run Niv however both work.

Flux Channeler , Evolution Sage (Combine her w/ Crucible of Worlds .), even Ignite the Beacon seem really good here; but what are your thoughts on them?

Dependons on how many tutors you want, ignite the becon is great especially at instant speed! both others are great as well as you will notmally have non creature spells or lands to play.

I didn't think Dream Halls is good here. Your thoughts on this? It seems to be a staple here in Niv-Mizzet Reborn , but what about Najeela, the Blade-Blossom ? I'd like to

yes i do not think it is great in this deck due to it super charging your opponents as well

Also, SP3CTR3_chelts, I still need some alts for Aminatou, the Fateshifter in the situation I don't have enough Blink/Flicker in play. Do you think Ashiok, Dream Render sucks as well?

I'm looking into flicker affects but your choices are not numerous. I always like to run at least one peice of GY hate in each deck so he fits but if you are short on spaces remove him.

Rowan Kenrith is da bomb doubling all planes walker affects are huge!!!! as they are activated abilities.

Ill have a look at some more wraths and cards to cut soon but i am running out of time :)

BMHKain on

7 months ago

BUMP! BUMP! B-(Ran over by a Bullet Train in Nippon.)

You probably are wondering what I want for this... Well, eat this:

I still need some alts for Aminatou, the Fateshifter + Felidar Guardian in the situation I don't have enough Blink/Flicker in play. Do you think Ashiok, Dream Render sucks as well? I can think of two Gideon's better than Gideon, Champion of Justice : Gideon of the Trials , & Gideon Blackblade . Do you think either is good; & if so, what would you recommend over Champion of Justice? I'd like to keep Crucible of Worlds for my Landbase (Cycle Duals, & Tap Fetches.); your opinion? Everyone hates Rowan Kenrith , & Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast for their huge drawbacks. Should I keep Saheeli, Sublime Artificer for the fact she can do the former 2's ideas, but better? I have Sundial of the Infinite for EOT effects. Should this be cut as well? What other Walkers/Wraths to Add/Cut? What's better between Chromatic Lantern , & Prismatic Omen ? & is Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter good here? We also have Ajani, the Greathearted here to back him up. Flux Channeler , Evolution Sage , & Ignite the Beacon / Call the Gatewatch are all awesome here; but what are your thoughts? Also, maybe your help could be good here again, DrkNinja? I'm in one hell of a bind...

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Gideon, Champion of Justice occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%