Lady Kaya, Ghost Assassin gracefully taking the roll of Oathbreaker, with Exsanguinate as her Signature Spell.

This deck is fairly straightforward.

Mostly you want a couple of "Opponent loses life / You gain life" type effects, or "Sanguine" effects. We are not running Sanguine Bond however, because it's too slow, and by that point I'd prefer to drop Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet , Teysa Karlov , Athreos, God of Passage , or try to get Kaya herself online if there is enough protection in place. It's a nice multiplier, but too pricey in mana cost and entirely win-more. We don't need it. Also, Sangromancer sort of does this on a body, so there's that.

We are running MINIMAL artifacts, and land. We have the typical Black land multipliers, and skipped Shizo since we aren't running enough Legendary creatures for it to take the slot of a basic Swamp (which we still need some of if we ever get a chance to use Lake of the Dead or Cabal Coffers with our Signature Spell to go for the win. The artifacts we ARE using besides the usual Signet, are Lightning Greaves , and Skullclamp which we will be feeding with 1/1 snakes that Ophiomancer or Bloodghast over and over again for card draw. We also have Dark Confidant , because we have enough sac outlets and life gain to not worry about him killing us by mistake. Just tons of draw.

The idea here is to troll our opponent early game by making them discard and edict away their own creatures, while keeping a couple of our own better, more synergistic creatures to swing in with and threaten their Oathbreaker. We have some additional removal for that, but it's likely better kept for emergencies. We should be doing Sanguine life swaps here, and with most competetive opponents, they'll likely chip a few life away of their own just mana fixing and thinning their library.

This is great. Oathbreaker only starts with 20 life, so before we know it, we drop Kaya,either remove trouble for a turn or repeat an ETB of our own, or we minus 1 her and do a sanguine life swap. By now we should easily be able to use some mana doubling the following turn to drop Exsanguinate to win. Even if we are a few life short, we have sac outlets galore, and can likely just kill off our own creatures to get the last few damage in.

We also have some reanimate spells to get back our best threats, or steal their best previously removed threats from their grave. I went a bit light on Discard, purposely as I want to keep the path clear. We have the important spells like Inquisition of Kozilek , Thoughtseize , and Hymn to Tourach (plus some more ways to force discard). I have a knack for always leaving myself too open early on, so I have an old favorite of mine in here, card:Nyx-Fleece Lamb. It's just pesk and probably needs to be removed in this format, but you can easily replace it with a Tidehollow Sculler if you'd prefer to be more controlling.

I feel that Vampire Hexmage is an auto-include for any Oathbreaker deck with black in it, since it can kill your opponents Oathbreaker (or any Planeswalker). So with that being said, I've also included Dark Depths as one of the lands, so we can resolve it instantly, and hopefully attach the Greaves to win on the spot.

I considered some other combos, or maybe using Entomb and Bridge from Below for some effect... but it just took away from what looks to be a really well rounded and synergistic sanguine life-trade and direct life loss build.


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