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Blues Clues - Jace, the Mind Sculptor (OBK)

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Welcome to my Jace, the Mind Sculptor Oathbreaker deck with Flood of Recollection as his signature spell! You might be asking why Flood of Recollection ? Since Jace is a total package of removal, draw, mill, and so on, it is hard for your opponents to tell what he might do during the game. To not give any additional information of what my deck might do I simply went with a versatile card that could help with anything: Flood of Recollection . My opponents will have to use all my blue spells as clues to determine what might be in store for them instead of my Oathbreaker and his signature spell painting the whole picture before the game even begins.

So how do I win? Well, one fun way is to +1 Jace and then cast Tunnel Vision to mill out an opponent (in groups bring it back with our signature spell!).

Or I could make use of his +0 to get an extra turn for only 2 mana (i.e casting Temporal Mastery for it’s miracle cost), get a repeatable cast of Bribery every turn using God-Eternal Kefnet , or cheat in beefy eldrazi, Omniscience , or Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur using Djinn of Wishes .

OR I could make use of his -1 stealing a spell from an opponent using Perplexing Chimera and then bouncing it back to my hand, or let my opponent cheat in a card using Show and Tell (while I cheat in an annihilator eldrazi) only to bounce it back later with Jace, Cyclonic Rift , ...

Early turns are spent either countering/bouncing my opponents spells or ramping with cheap 2-3 mana ramp spells.

Please let me know if any suggestions you might have to make this deck better, thanks!


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