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Prepare for Trouble, And Make It Double

Oathbreaker Multiplayer UR (Izzet)


Before anyone judges...

This is a super conceptual deck idea I've strung together out of cards I own. You'll notice it's mostly cards from the 2017 Wizard precon.

This Oathbreaker deck shows off Will Kenrith and Rowan Kenrith because... Well... Because I wanted it to. Yes, Ral is probably a better choice but he's not 2 seperate walkers, now, is he? Either one can be summoned to deal to the particular board state. Got some aggressive opponents? Go with Will. Got some space on the board? Go with Rowan. There are some proliferate cards added to really ramp up to our ultimates. Both their emblems are killer and just having one could swing the fight your way. I've found that summoning Will first is often the safest.

I highly advice using these planeswalkers as "bribes" for multiplayer politics. 1v1 Duels can prove to be challenging with the low amount of creatures that we have in this deck but some playtesting has shown that it can sometimes hold its own against 1 opponent.

Their signature spells were chosen for their synergy with their respective walker's +2. Blustersquall can protect Will further after he powers down threats and with it being an instant we can recast it as long as the mana is there and works well with Rowan's - 2. Disrupt Decorum is perfect to cast after Rowan's +2. After forcing a player to attack, her spell can assure that YOU won't be the target of attacks. And again, if the mana holds, casting this two turns in a row can almost guarantee that Rowan will use her +8.

The main goal here, since we run a low amount of creatures, is to cast Comet Storm for the highest amount of mana as possible. You'll see some counter spells here (specifically Counterflux) to make sure that you pull off going for the kill. If countering doesn't help then we also have cards that'll help copy the spell. Ideally this would be Will's -8 but Narset's Reversal has won me more games than I thought. (Nothing beats the feeling of taking an opponent's mana-ramped Torment of Hailfire for yourself.)

Anger of the Gods + Polymorphist's Jest makes for a flavorful 1 player-sided board wipe.

I believe this deck is leaning more to a casual play but with time and help from the Tappedout community, I know we can create something wonderful together! :)

Happy brewing!


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