Ram Through

Ram Through


Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don't control. If the creature you control has trample, excess damage is dealt to that creature's controller instead.

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Ram Through Discussion

plakjekaas on Crazy Damage Story

1 week ago

I've cast Exponential Growth on a Nyxbloom Ancient for X=43, killing a player in combat and using Ram Through to kill another. Though I can't say the table really bothered to calculate 5*(2^43) and just assumed it was lethal '^^

(It's 43,980,465,111,040 and our assumption was right, for who's wondering :P)

Zoller on Lonesome Rider 20$

1 month ago

MagicSteve6 Thank you for the comment! Im so glad that there's people still interested in the deck. Answering your question, I sadly haven't played mtg in a while, but I've been looking at some new cards that can really synergize well with the deck. Fortifying Draught is interesting, since its cost is so low, you can combine it with a Chaplain's Blessing for just two mana, and turn your 4/4 trampler into a 11/11 at instant speed. Also cards like Lucky Offering, Sanctify and Light of Hope can deal with artifacts and enchantments while gaining you the life necesary to transform the Lone Rider  Flip.

Finally, I really like Ram Through as a janky removal, because you can kill an annoying creature while hitting your opponent with a bit of damage and gaining a bunch of life.

mrweaselman on Stompy Boys

1 month ago

Budget based, 1x more Ghalta, Primal Hunger is pretty good.

Enrage works pretty well with dinosaurs. Marauding Raptor triggers Ranging Raptors, Silverclad Ferocidons and Raptor Hatchling. Running 2 of the larger ones and 4 of the smaller ones are pretty good, and they cost one less. Ripjaw Raptor is also decent, but more expensive.

Charging Monstrosaur, Relentless Raptor are only here bc they're dinosaurs. They don't really synergize that well with the rest of your deck. Sky Terror seems more of a sideboard card or replace in sb with flying defense. Either run Colossal Majesty or Sarkhan's Unsealing for 2-3, both seem kind of overkill and a bad late game draw. Huatli, Warrior Poet seems ok, but another dinosaur would probably be better. Or 2-3 Domri, Anarch of Bolas if you want a planeswalker. Signal the Clans can be taken out for more Cultivate and Commune with Dinosaurs.

The rest, just take what you find to be the best cards, generally 2-4 drops, and run 3-4, cut down the one ofs. More Lava Coils and general removal, Ram Through a personal favorite.

Let me know if you want me to comment on mana base after you make changes.

TheoryCrafter on Infect

2 months ago

Have you considered Ram Through? Combined with a Rancor enchanted Ichorclaw Myr you can do serious post-combat damage. Happy Hunting!

michaelqdoherty on U/G Bogles

4 months ago

Favor of the Overbeing? Adding Ram Through could work well with Ophidian Eye and Sigil of Sleep.

Jellyfisch42 on

6 months ago

Looks like a promising deck but I think it runs too many lands. Fynn, the Fangbearer is budget freindly at least when i checked it last. Titanic growth seems pretty useless in a deathtouch tribal and just spamming a lot of small creatures seems better than actually saving creatures. Also what is vespa asp doing in the deck. Foulmire Knight is nice card draw. Vengeful Pharaoh is good deterrent for attack. Probably better than in this situation and slightly cheaper just under $5. Ram Through acts as a murder in a deathtouch tribal. I do like the drain apsect though, it really works with blightfang and a budget Vraska seems like an auto include in any Golgari (I do love a good Vraska planeswalker.)

SaberTech on Yikes! Humans!

6 months ago

Glad to help :)

I haven't tried making a human tribal deck, but recent sets have definitely give players some interesting new options to work with so it was a bit fun to see if I could find some budget options to suggest. There's probably a lot more, I was mostly going off of cards that jumped to mind.

I think that you'll see a noticeable improvement in the deck if you work in some more removal though. A lot of decks these days leverage particular cards to make big plays so being able to efficiently interrupt those plays will help improve your win-rate overall. Something like Sundering Growth, for instance, might fit better than similar alternatives since Populate could help you squeeze a little more value out of the card. Oh, and the new Cathar Commando is a card worth picking up multiple copies off to use in decks, especially this one because you can potentially get multiple uses out of it thanks to Sun Titan.

You'll probably want at least 2 more instant-speed creature removal spells as well. Path to Exile would be a good one, but that's pricey for just a piece of removal if you are sticking to a budget. Something like Seal Away or Stasis Snare are less good but might be worth looking at since they are also cards that Sun Titan can get back if they go to the graveyard. Green has some options like Ram Through but they require you to have big enough creatures on the board to be worthwhile, which is a bit iffy for your deck because a lot of your creatures start off smaller. Beast Within is a popular option because it can hit anything but it can be a little pricy depending on what printing you get. It's a card worth shopping around for though because it's always worth having a few copies in your collection as staple commander cards.

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