Sylvan Safekeeper


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) Rare
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare
Judgment (JUD) Rare

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Sylvan Safekeeper

Creature — Human Wizard

Sacrifice a land: Target creature you control gains shroud until end of turn. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

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Sylvan Safekeeper Discussion

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 week ago

When Ancestral Statue first came out I took out Earthcraft, because the Statue did in one card what I needed three cards to do (bounce creature + earthcraft + basic land). I didn't miss it that much and only put Earthcraft back in as I started trimming other fat from the deck. The non-creature combo cards don't actually show up that much for me because they are outside the usual tutor chains that Animar uses. There has been the odd time that Earthcraft has given me the mana to play solitaire for a turn and combo out, but the times I naturally draw into it are few and far between. I rarely see Cloudstone Curio too, although I don't think that I would ever take that out. In fact, if you are trimming cards, perhaps it's worth looking at Trophy Mage to help make the Curio more accessible?

Rishkar didn't impress me when I gave it a test run. Whenever I cast it, I usually wished it was something else. The ramp it offers is nice but I found Animar didn't really need that mana. I suppose it helped when Animar died and I needed to rebuild him quick, but he always felt lackluster if Animar already had at least two counters. With two counters Animar is usually set to threaten a win the following turn, and at that point I was usually looking to cast a creature that let me draw more cards or tutor for something.

I also don't run Hardened Scales for the same reason. Unless you are trying to rebuild Animar after it died, I found that the extra counters didn't help speed up Animar's clock that much. Since Animar doesn't need that many counters to combo off I found that the counters from Hardened Scales quickly became redundant. Most of the time, just having a 1-drop creature to play instead of Hardened Scales got me to where I needed to be. In terms of ramp options, if I had to choose between the Scales or Bond Beetle I would probably take the Beetle 4 times out of 5.

Kozi is a little harder for me to cut because I've found being able to get cards off him to be really helpful on a number of occasions. I can understand the argument for cutting him, but I've always liked having him as a possible target for Fierce Empath during those times where I'm trying to basically storm off and I want the cards more than I want Ulamog. In theory, a creature like Soul of the Harvest could fill that role, but I've been in situations where not having to pay the double green let me leave up a Tropical Island to cast a card like Peregrine Drake if I drew into it.

The deck doesn't lose anything vital if Kozi is taken out but I think it would lose a useful option, so I would base the decision on your own situational experiences. It's one of those cards where its value is at least moderately affected by play-style.

Why can't you use Sylvan Safekeeper to protect Ancestral Statue with the bounce trigger on the stack? The bounce trigger doesn't target, so it should be fine to give the statue Shroud then let the trigger resolve. The only bounce creature that doesn't work for is Man-O'-War.

GSZ is meh because your search options probably mean you are using it as a reactionary card instead of a progressive one, but I would give it higher points if Sylvan Safekeeper and Dryad Arbor are also in the deck. Without the Safekeeper I think that something like Brainstorm would be better for digging for combo pieces.

JuQ on Ezuri, Claw of Progress

2 weeks ago

Hi there! Ezuri, Claw of Progress is one of my favorite decks. My take on him is a super low CMC deck, heavy on card draw with a bunch of reactions to save Ezuri and counter board wipe spells. Maybe you'd like to have a look Ezuri Turbo Tribal.

There are some budget cards specially good for this deck
Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip In a +1/+1 counters deck this card will most likely flip the turn cast it if you want.
Life's Legacy Amazing! sac one of your tokens with a bunch of counters on it and refill your hand for just two mana.
Give / Take The 'Take' half is similar card to the previous, you don't sacrifice the creature and still draw a lot of cards for a low cost. Most of the time you can forget about the 'Give', but still an option if needed.
Notorious Throng Create a bunch of flyers to boost Ezuri's experience even more. If you happen to have dealt damage with a rogue you will get an extra turn. Ezuri is BFF with the rogues, many of them are small creatures with evasion and sometimes badass abilities like the Cold-Eyed Selkie you run or Blighted Agent if you don't object to infect.
Pongify for a second Rapid Hybridization and Reality Shift because is the best blue removal.
Den Protector A second Eternal Witness with built-in evasion.
Whirler Rogue for just four mana you get three experience levels, two flying tokens and make creatures unblockable, definitely a must.
Sylvan Safekeeper and Wirewood Symbiote one mana drops to save Ezuri. The best part is when you have them on the Battlefield people won't even try to throw anything at Ezuri.
Looter il-Kor and Lu Xun, Scholar General Two mostly fully unblocable creatures that allow you to loot though your deck and draw cards.
Simic Charm multi purpose reaction, this card will get you out of most bad situations.
Fungal Sprouting If you play it with just Ezuri on the battlefield to get three saprolings is okay-ish, that's the amount of value the game expects you to get from a four mana uncommon sorcery. But in any other scenario this card will easily double or triple your experience.

Happy brewing!

xeratheenigma on Turf Wars (Shattergang Lands)

2 weeks ago

I have a Shattergang deck quite similar to this The Cyclops and the Toad.mine focuses more on the gitrog combo and graveyard interaction.

Having played Shattergang I like having all three colored artifact lands. Some cards I've had good success with are Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest,Sylvan Safekeeper, Squandered Resources, Rain of Filth, and Worm Harvest.

Mazirek can make creatures huge with ease. The three sac outlets are great and can also allow you to generate an absurd amount of mana for cheap. With as many lands as we play worm harvest can make an army easily

Pallino on Landsfall

3 weeks ago

Also Sylvan Safekeeper, i love that card

JuQ on Zendikar Rising

1 month ago

You can make a card appear in different categories by putting two tags on the same line this way:
1x Birds of Paradise #Flyers #Ramp

Avoid Fate is a charming card but at the end of the day any other instant that gives Hexproof or Shroud is better because will also work against sorceries and abilities. My favorites: Sylvan Safekeeper, Blossoming Defense, Heroic Intervention and Vines of Vastwood. On the other hand Sheltering Word may be good in your deck with huge creatures.

Your land count is low, does Into the Wilds worth it? Looks like it would be better in your deck Path of Discovery

Vorrac Battlehorns do you really want that bad to be blocked by only one creature? I consider an upgrade to it Loxodon Warhammer, O-Naginata, Horned Helm (instant attaching, yay!) or Chariot of Victory

Greater Good and Life's Legacy are also staples for your kind of deck for card draw.

Homeward Path is another staple, you dont want your guys controlled or reanimated.

Sprouting Phytohydra is another creature I like but you don't seem to be able to capitalize on it in your deck. You already have many big guys on the ground to block whatever they send you. I know it's a deck of hydras but this guy underperforms.

Don't flyers give you a hard time? In my meta I would be kill with flyers with this deck almost every time. With all your mana production Silklash Spider is an auto include, Whirlwind is more efficient but one use only, World Breaker is a decent body with reach with built in disruption and recursion, you may also want to include a single Wastes so you can ramp it if you happen to need the diamond mana, but you dont seem to run land ramp. Speaking about land ramp, do you know Traverse the Outlands?

Tutors are awesome but there is a thing such as too many tutors. The only really crucial creatures to tutor into the Battlefield from the Library are Vorinclex and the Ulvenwald Hydra. Hydras dont like to be cheated into the battlefield because most of them have X in their cost and when you cheat them to the battlefield they enter as 0/0 and die. Therefore, a tribal tutor such as Kindred Summons works poorly with this tribe. If you check a top mono green commander deck such as Daruid: Seton-Storm you will see he only runs like 8 tutors and that's a pure mana production deck, all his druids tap for at leas one green mana because of his commander..Id try to go for more card draw and recursion instead. Seasons Past is quite nice.

Seedborn Muse, Nature's Will, Patron of the Orochi or Bear Umbra for Rude Awakening.

Everflowing Chalice and Yisan, the Wanderer Bard are not as sexy when you can't manipulate their counters.

Song of the Dryads and Beast Within are the best thing you can get as removal in mono green.

SaberTech on Ancestral Animar

1 month ago

Going back to your comment about Siren Stormtamer being the weakest card in the list, wouldn't Sylvan Safekeeper be a better card for that slot? It also only costs 1 mana to cast, serves the same purpose, doesn't require a mana to activate, and you are likely only going to need it on the turn you are trying to combo off for the win, so sacrificing your tapped lands isn't likely to be that big of an issue. It is also able to protect multiple cards in a turn.

The only issue I could see is if the Safekeeper giving shroud to a creature interfered with a combo, which could be an issue if you are comboing with Cloudstone Curio, but 3 out of your 4 combo bounce creatures don't need to target themselves to return to your hand so I think that in most of your combo situations it shouldn't be a problem.

thegigibeast on Wort Hermit Storm

1 month ago

So, Surrak, the Hunt Callerwould be a better haste enabler for HD than Hellraiser Goblin? It could be grabbed out of Natural Order at least, adding another line to the combo... and if we are grabbing it this way, it means we have enough power since the spells needs to be conspired...

The reason I was not including it at first was for the Hulk line... I mean, the pile would look like HD (2) + Dryad Arbor (0) + Mana Dork (1), so we still have 3 mana to play with... I needed the goblin (3) to give haste to everything since it would allow me to go off with no more mana than what is required to start the combo, but if we use one of the tutor to sacrifice Hulk, then we can afford to grab an additional creature, which could be Sylvan Safekeeper for protection.

Surrak would not allow me to start from anywhere, same thing for Lightning Mauler, and that was the reason they were not included... I will playtest without them, and then I will playtest them once we can "stabilize" this brew.

Does it sounds good sonnet666?

sonnet666 on Wort Hermit Storm

1 month ago

thegigibeast, Actually, in terms of wincons for Past in Flames, I think the Dualcaster Mage combo has more going for it than Aetherflux Reservoir.

Sure AR costs 1 less than Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame, but AR has some problems in this deck. Mainly that conspired or copied spells don't count toward its total, and also that unlike Storm decks, we probably won't have cast more than 3 spells in for the turn before casting it. We don't want to have to load up on too many instants and sorceries to be sure to kill the table.

Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame on the other hand doesn't require any mana over 5, always kills the table if we have combat, and also only needs to Regrowth one card.

Also, thegigibeast, I would not discount Surrak, the Hunt Caller as a haste enabler for HD, as you can always remedy going off post-combat by flashbacking Seize the Day.

Lightning Mauler can be another haste enabler for HD if you need one more CMC in your Hulk pile, and since your current Hulk pile is 5 CMC I would definitely include Sylvan Safekeeper in the deck.

Start: , HD in play.

If you have additional creatures in play you can also sac HD to Infernal Plunge and save a step. You can also cast more rituals for extra mana to flashback Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, Autumn's Veil, or Guttural Response, or to flashback Seize the Day if you're doing this post-combat.

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