Baru, Fist of Krosa


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight (FUT) Rare

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Baru, Fist of Krosa

Legendary Creature — Human Druid

Whenever a Forest enters the battlefield, green creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain trample until end of turn.

Grandeur - Discard another card named Baru, Fist of Krosa: Put an X/X green Wurm creature token into play, where X is the number of lands you control.

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Baru, Fist of Krosa Discussion

Chandrian on Gitrog

2 weeks ago

Hello, I saw your post on reddit (am only lurking there) and checked out your deck.

It looks pretty nice :)

I would suggest cutting Winds of Qal Sisma and Merciless Resolve as they seem your least impactfull cards (I don't think you need to prevent combat damage and you seem to have plenty of card advantage already, even then there's better ones than the Resolve).

A card I would suggest is Baru, Fist of Krosa as it works great when you return your cards from your graveyard. And maybe Reprocess could replace Merciless Resolve?

Squandered Resources is also great with the frog.

Feel free to check out my take on the froggo (it's also pretty casual): my take on Gitrog

Beedlejuice on lay down the land

1 month ago

possible additions could be World Shaper or Bear Umbra. Baru, Fist of Krosa would give your commander trample and +x/+x depending on how many forests you can play per turn. Nissa, Voice of Zendikar gives you draw power and life gain. Rishkar's Expertise is some more decent draw power with your commander out. You have a decent amount of cards that interact with lands entering but not a lot of ways to keep your hand full of lands to abuse the cards. Hunter's Insight will let you draw if your commander hits

Chandrian on The Gitrog Makes Landfall

3 months ago

I just finished my own list for a landfall Gitrog deck (altough I didn't want to take the dredge or infinite combo way). Some cards I might suggest:

  • Sword of the Animist to ensure landfall triggers
  • Reprocess allows you to draw a lot of cards by saccing lands, while also bringing them back if you have World Shaper or Splendid Reclamation at the ready
  • Baru, Fist of Krosa can pump your team pretty heavily when recurring your lands from the graveyard and also gives trample (this only works for your green creatures, note that opponents playing forests also pump your team)
  • I would suggest Evolving Wilds and/or Terramorphic Expanse because you get 2 landfall triggers out of it, plus you also get to draw when Gitrog is in play
  • Squandered Resources is an awesome cards for a deck like this, however it is maybe out of your budget

If you want I can post my list (or you can find it through my profile)

WarlordWiggles on Reki, the History of Kamigawa

5 months ago

Things missing from this deck:Nylea, God of the Hunt: Not actually missing, I just don't have the card in hand yet to add into the list. I'd likely replace the non-creature mana accelerant (Overgrowth) to fit her in.

Staff of Domination: Missing because it creates infinite combos with Karametra's Acolyte. This deck isn't meant to have infinite loops, though there may be some unintentional loops I don't know about yet, and this one is incredibly abusive. I play decks with those types of loops against groups that are prepared.

Things that could potentially be added:Paradox Engine: Another way to create the kind of loop that Staff of Domination and Karametra's Acolyte are, it also is incredibly powerful with the way the deck actually plays.

Verdeloth the Ancient: Combos well with Nissa, Voice of Zendikar and Rishkar, Peema Renegade as a light mana engine. Also works well with Cryptolith Rite and plays into a more token based version of the deck.

Avenger of Zendikar: Same deal as verdeloth, but also triggers for double the power from Baru, Fist of Krosa as well.

Desert Twister: Could replace Krosan Grip if needed, but Split Second is a power mechanic.

Thrun, the Last Troll: If this deck takes a turn towards more Voltron type play then this is your troll. Great to just hook stuff up on and smash face.

Planar Bridge: Potentially very powerful but it directly puts the card in play it does not cast the card. This means there's no triggered replacement with Reki.

Cultivate and the like: Intentionally missing because most of our mana accelerants are creature based and we want to put Reki into play as fast as possible. Great if going the Baru/Avenger of Zendikar plan.

Rzepkanut on Starting Commander for beginner

5 months ago

Someone that rewards ramping like Omnath, Locus of Rage or Baru, Fist of Krosa. Ramping is one of the simplest forms of card and board advantage. Having extra resources to play cards makes easier and more interesting games for beginners too. Tokens are fun. Building up big powerful boards is fun too. Tutors are not easy to teach to beginners, so i would using avoid too many. Basically ramp decks are my suggestion.

miracleHat on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

6 months ago

@Mmelton: You can take a tier 3 grim-grin, corpse born or tier 3 Nekusar, the Mindrazer and put up a fight in the higher tiers (not tier 1, but there is a chance of winning against tier 1.5 decks).

A Tier 4 deck cannot beat a tier 2.5+ deck: Queen Marchesa (tier 2.5) vs Angus Mackenzie (tier 4) vs Baru, Fist of Krosa (tier 4) vs [insert another tier 4 deck here], the queen machesa deck should win.

Tier 5 cannot beat any non tier 4 tier 4.5 deck. Gwafa will not be winning in a pod that has azusa, doran, and kaalia (which are all considered here as tier 3). Kazuul, Cliff Tyrant won't win in a game facing daxos meletis, daxos the returned, and ezuri (all of which are tier 3).

If you want to create a seperate list solely for casual games, then do so.

Pinrohn on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

10 months ago

I think Baru, Fist of Krosa should be reevaluated, here is my deck list,

Baru Mono Green EDH

Commander / EDH Pinrohn


My deck is limited based on the cards I can afford but I feel like Baru has just as much consistency as many of the other Tier 3 mono green commanders.

dotytron on Saprolings infini combo

11 months ago

i like the combo, but i think other landfall would be more helpful than a lot of the creatures

a really good one would be Baru, Fist of Krosa

Bramblesnap would help use them all etb for a beater right away

Tireless Trackerfor infinite draw/huge beater,

Retreat to Kazandu infinite life/huge beater,

Timber Protector help protect everything,\

Embodiment of Insight would help cash in immediately with bigger threats

i would take out Wall of Tanglecord,Overgrown Battlement,Predator Ooze and Tukatongue Thallid

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