Domri's Ambush

Domri's Ambush


Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control. Then that creature deals damage equal to its power to target creature or planeswalker you don't control.

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Domri's Ambush Discussion

TheMeadiator on Let them fight! (Godzilla)

3 months ago

Gruul is my all-time favourite colour combo. And fight is just such good removal! I was surprised to see you didn't have many plain ol' fight spells like Titanic Brawl , Prey Upon , or Savage Smash . Domri's Ambush is great straight up damage too, no fight required - same with Thrash / Threat .

Mage Slayer is also an excellent artifact for getting damage through any blockers. Doesn't even have to connect. Just declare attacks and hit face.

Rhythm of the Wild is great protection for your creatures, and can make them come in faster or stronger.

Overwhelming Stampede is a great finisher that has won many gruul matches for me, and would work awesome with your pump spells.

Your deck is very creature heavy (I approve!) but trimming it back by a few mooks could give you room for epic moves like Dictate of the Twin Gods which in your deck would certainly be worth the risk.

Your deck obviously works the way you want it to, but I think adding just a few more non-creature spells would allow you to hit even harder with the creatures you keep. Good luck!!

Defied-27 on Ferocious Fury (Budget)

5 months ago

Hey Saccox, Domri's Ambush is a great swap for Ram Through especially against decks that run Plainswalkers! Also I feel that you could run Zhur-Taa Druid for Ilysian Caryatid if you want to lean more into the burn side of this deck. Thanks for the great suggestions!

Saccox on Ferocious Fury (Budget)

5 months ago

Hi Defied-27, Domri's Ambush for removal? and Zhur-Taa Druid for another ramp creature?

Saccox on GRUUL ENERGY!!!

6 months ago

Hi YodaVoda, Domri's Ambush for removal and Season of Growth for drawing cards?

Saccox on The zada's death touch Pezzent

8 months ago

Fantastic_Mr_King It's a ultra budget deck(10/12 $)for novice players.Thrash / Threat,Domri's Ambush and Nature's Way works with death touch ability;red spells works with zada and help for do more damage. Unfortunately zada don't work with removals :(

Please check all my ultra budget decks and tell me what you think ^^

Saccox on Grinder of Red Fell! (Gruul Version)

8 months ago

Hi Fantastic_Mr_King,Thrash / Threat or/and Domri's Ambush? Are a good budget removals ^^

Rorolith on The zada's death touch Pezzent

8 months ago

Taking out the ones that target Zada and a creature an opponent controls, you could include Giant Growth-eur 0.11-for Thrash / Threat, out Fists of Flame for a 2 mana Overwhelm in the form of Predator's Strike-eur 0.19- (Fists of flame will only ever give +2/+0 in this deck).

Out 2x Nature's Way, in Ajani's Presence for board wipe immunity that can also work without Zada. I don't mind having 4xDomri's Ambush and 2xNature's Way for some cheap removal.

Saccox on The zada's death touch Pezzent

9 months ago

Hi Rorolith,thanks for your comment.The problem with Zada, Hedron Grinder are:Domri's Ambush,Nature's Way and Thrash / Threat target only him or even the creature taking the damage? Scryb Ranger it's a good card but in this deck the cards do not exceed the average value of 0.30 euro in magiccardmarket,scryb ranger have 0.60 euro.If you want, look at my other decks too and tell me what you think ^^

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