Village Messenger


Moonrise Intruder  Flip


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon

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Village Messenger

Creature — Human Werewolf


At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were cast last turn, transform Village Messenger.

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Village Messenger Discussion

Dorotheus on Inspectigator [RW Humans Frontier]

17 hours ago

bamboocha, Right now, Harsh Mentor is not good enough in any format, he doesn't punish enough, OR doesn't punish enough different things OR would need haste, he would need to do one of those to be playable, and I would rest that it just needed to be "activate a non-mana ability" otherwise there are stronger more aggressive cards.

As for Humans, with Renegade Rallier being such a strong stability card, it gives me reason to shift to Collected Company and I would likely move around some of the creatures, drop Village Messenger and lose the few spells there are in favor of Lightning Strike over Wild Slash probably.

I just don't have a way to get Collected Company, I play on mtgo. Naya, Jeskai, and Bant humans are all extremely viable, meaning that 4c is probably viable as well (which probably is just Rally combo).
Monowhite humans is also playable, and actually has known favorable match ups.

roronoa03 on Mono-Red Aggro

2 days ago


Hey dude! Thanks! I actually like Village Messenger but haven't got it yet. My original deck has Cartouche of Zeal but I think I never got to used it properly.

Some problems I encountered with this deck:

  1. Removal/Counter spells on turn 1/2/3 is auto lose. One Sweltering Suns on turn 4/5 is also auto lose.

  2. If opening hand is not good or not explosive enough, I will mulligan. But if it is still not good, should I mulligan again?

EAGLExCORe on Mono-Red Aggro

3 days ago

Hey man! I am actually working with something really similar. Went 5-0 on MTGO in friendly league, and 4-1 at my local FNM! I am stuck on my sideboarding plan as well... Well done! +1. I would highly suggest Village Messenger  Flip (over Insolent Neonate) and Cartouche of Zeal (over Fiery Temper). Take a look if you're interested: RDW

JBert on Boros Humans

4 days ago

Amonkhet brought a lot of great cards to RW Humans, Honored Crop-Captain being one of them. I've been playing the deck for a few months now and definitely have some suggestions.

4x Always Watching is simply a great anthem with fantastic synergy with Humans that can be exerted.4x Glory-Bound Initiate combos well with Always Watching so that you can swing with a 5/5 Lifelink turn after turn.

Replace Village Messenger  Flip with Town Gossipmonger  Flip, I recently made this switch and it's brought me more success than you may think. Gossipmongers can also be flipped in response to blocks if you have an Always Watching out.

Metallic Mimics don't do well when played on curve, and do a worse job of beefing your board state than Always Watching as they don't provide any bonus to previously played humans with the exception of the Lieutenants.

Devoted Crop-Mate as a 2-of works wonders, bringing back 85% of your creatures and potentially providing a pseudo combat trick if you can bring back a Lieutenant.

As far as removal is concerned, I've found Declaration in Stone to be the best for MOST creatures, as the only naturally hasty threat is Glorybringer. For all others, Repel the Abominable will help you in every matchup except the mirror. Use Fragmentize on vehicles and keep at least 3x Cast Out in the sideboard for Planeswalkers and even Liliana's Mastery

colton815 on Wolfs

1 week ago

CoCo isn't great for werewolf decks. a coco deck needs a low noncreature count, and in werewolves, there are too many noncreature spells you NEED. Moonmist, and Waxing Moon are pretty much mandatory if you ever want your werewolves to flip. Moonlight Hunt is also really good removal. Geier Reach Bandit  Flip is also a must. once its flipped, all your other werewolves can enter play flipped. Village Messenger  Flip is strictly better than Reckless Waif  Flip

Leatherankh on Burn With Me! Mono Red Deck

2 weeks ago

Since you're going creature heavy, here's a list of some from earlier sets that you should take a look at.

If you want some ideas, I have a deck on my profile called RDW 2017, take a look at it. I 3-0 my local FNM with it last week. Good luck!

Stormy101 on RW Humans (Exert... Stage Left)

2 weeks ago

OminousRex During my FNM last week i got 2 Combat Celebrant to exert at the same time with an Glory-Bound Initiate or a Hanweir Garrison and 3 combat phases is just brutal. you add Built to Smash it is guaranteed death. I also really liked Village Messenger  Flip. I couldn't tell you how many times it transforms and the menace 3/3 (i nearly always got a counter on him) hits several times in a game. I almost force them to cast 2 spells just to flip him back so they would stop getting hit by it.

Noctem on Red Suicide

2 weeks ago


Brawler is a 4/3 that forces me to discard, as opposed to the option to discard of the other cards which can actually be very very relevant. Another issue with it is that it has no real secondary benefit. Other creatures have haste, menace (which is actually very relevant in the meta right now), prowess, react to discard / cycle effects, trample, etc.. That's the reasoning I believe for not using the Brawler.

Consuming Fervor is a 4x in the main. Very cool card. Turn 1 Village Messenger  Flip, flip turn 2, Consuming Fervor x2 and swing for 8 is something I've seen my friend do on a couple of occasions. Very silly stuff against people who don't run Fatal Push.

Built to Smash's ability to give trample isn't the main focus of using the card. It's a pseudo Lightning Bolt. Because the deck has so many 1 drops, going wide is a natural consequence. So you will always have an unblocked attacker that you can buff to get that extra 3 damage in. Or, in the case of Bomat, you can save it and also get damage through. But that's just icing on the cake. Brute Strength was playtested but then dropped for Invigorated Rampage because it was a better card and can be split between two attackers. That was then dropped because it costs 2CMC instead of 1 when it comes to Built to Smash. However, playtesting will be needed to figure out if Built to Smash or Invigorated Rampage is better. All the spells played have to be immediately relevant and since we don't have the indulgence of running more non-creature spells. Each one has to serve a very focused goal. 1 mana for 3 damage is the desired baseline. Consuming Fervor, Built to Smash and Fiery Temper achieve that goal.

With cards like Insolent Neonate and Bomat Courier, card draw is actually not a problem. The games don't last long enough for card draw to become relevant and if they do, cards like those 2 then offer us card draw. Even 2-3 cards from Bomat Courier is enough and since it can be played as early as turn 1, 3 cards off it is actually a realistic possibility. Tormenting Voice is too slow. If I wanted a card that stopped creatures from blocking I would run the 3CMC minotaur as the top of the curve since it's a 3/2 with haste that does the same thing. But even that is too slow and stopping something from blocking isn't as relevant as you would think. The deck simply doesn't care as either I'll be going so wide, so fast that the opponent still takes high amounts of damage, I use creatures with menace which makes blocking difficult, I buff my creatures to force the opponent to chump or if I really need to, I can burn the blockers via Fiery Temper. Like I said, the deck doesn't really care about blockers.

I didn't post the sideboard since I wasn't sure what my friend is currently using but I believe Shock is a 4x in the side. The other 2 are too slow. This deck aims to win by turn 3 and can do it on a semi consistent basis with turn 4 being much more common.

Thanks for the upvote :)

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