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Werewolf Raid - Tovolar Commander Werewolf Tribal

Commander / EDH RG (Gruul) Transform Werewolf Wolf



Tovolar EDH Werewolf tribal deck

I was modeling it off of a few other werewolf decks on Tapped Out and added my own things.

The general thought process is getting as many wolves out there as fast as possible, buff them just a bit and use extra combat stages to hit your opponents. Along with having a good amount of enchantment and artifact destruction to protect your board and keep your opponents from getting too far ahead with building their board.

I appreciate any and all feedback on this deck as I'm a novice deck-builder!

----- UPDATE : 1/7/22

With the release of Crimson Vow came some new werewolves! So I switched out some creatures and thats about it lol. Let me know what you think!!!


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