Seismic Assault


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Rare
Eighth Edition Rare
Seventh Edition Rare
Exodus Rare

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Seismic Assault


Discard a land card: Seismic Assault deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

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Seismic Assault Discussion

Stephencliffe on Molten Assault

3 weeks ago

I'll be honest with you, because it's currently 2:50 in the morning and I feel like being candid. Also, apologies in advance if I sound like a total dick. I promise I'm mostly a nice person, but again, 2:50.

The deck isn't great. Here's why.

Firstly, there is no versatility. Naya burn, the buniest of all burn decks (feel the burn), still has room to run cards that interact with the opponent. This deck doesn't do that. Yeah, you can bolt creatures, but once you do that you've basically accepted defeat, as you really do need to burn face the whole game to have any chance of winning with this deck. Trust me, I'm a semi-okay magic player.

Also, wtf bro (or bra, depending on your gender)? Why are you not running Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon? You have a mono-red deck, play those cards. I know you're going budget, but still. If your opponents just can't cast spells, you basically win.

If I were you, I would ditch the idea of 33 lands and Seismic Assault for something a bit more consistent and powerful. I know you don't want to sell a kidney to pay for this deck, so here are some viable budget options for a mono-red burn deck. Goblin Grenade Monastery Swiftspear Reckless Abandon Thunderous Wrath (only one) Massive Raid Eidolon of the Great Revel Reckless Bushwhacker Goblin Bushwhacker Stoke the Flames Goblin Piledriver (I have a thing for goblins). Some of these cards are great, some are meh, all are red, so hey, there's that.

I hope I was at least semi-helpful, and intelligent sounding, and to the point. Have fun with the deck, or don't, you live your life.

escesare on Swan Lands

1 month ago


Splashing white seems like a very powerful variant because Leyline of Sanctity is excellent against our worst enemy, Thoughtseize. Not to mention white can still cast Swans, neat! However our lists have very different goals. Yours is all-in combo, so the Leyline will help a lot, and of course it makes sense to include four-of Seismic Assault.

My list is combo/control, making it much more resilient against other control and midrange decks. Molten Vortex is excellent against aggro, though I can certainly see the value of four-of Assault; it's not clear to me which is better. I can't seem to find an example right now, but I have actually seen tournament finishes of Seismic Swans with less than 4 copies of Assault.

DangerHazardMTG on Make Swans Great Again (41 land Swans)

1 month ago

Why isnt Laboratory Maniac mainboard? It seemes like with the deck, you can just keep drawing lands and discarding them to Seismic Assault targeting the swans, so you draw even more cards, including lands. Rinse and repeat that process and draw yourself out, so when maniac is in play you just win the game.

sylvannos on Budget R/G Assault Loam Project: ...

1 month ago

Golgari Brownscale will shit all over decks that try to race your life total.

For your draw step, dredge back Golgari Brownscale -> main phase, cast Faithless Looting -> dredge back Golgari Brownscale -> discard Golgari Brownscale -> flashback Faithless Looting -> dredge back Golgari Brownscale -> discard Golgari Brownscale

You just gained 6 life, dredge up 6 cards, and you still have the ability to gain life in turns down the road. God forbid if you have 2+ Golgari Brownscales and proceed to gain 4 to 10 life each turn from Magmatic Insights, Goblin Lore, Cathartic Reunion, or Tormenting Voice.

Not to mention, you can just cast the stupid thing.

Guerrilla Tactics is good against a field of Liliana of the Veil. However, it's really narrow in that regard so playing Obstinate Baloth is going to be better.

Ray of Revelation is also a nice piece of tech because of the value of casting it after you've pitched it to something, similar to plays done with Ancient Grudge.

Really the strongest play against Boggles is Smallpox. But since you're on a budget, adding another color isn't feasible. Pyroclasm is going to be the next best thing, but you also have to worry about their creature getting out of range before you can immediately nuke their guy.

I think in your situation, it's Pyroclasm on turn 2 or be forced to race. That's about all you can do once they have a creature with 3+ toughness.

Lastly, do you have any Conflagrates available? The card is pretty stupid. I found it to be the strongest thing for when you don't have Seismic Assault out. Mostly, it enables all of your graveyard stuff.

Daedalus19876 on Hazoret Amonkhet Burn

1 month ago

59 lands??? I know they work with Lightning Storm, Land's Edge, and Seismic Assault, but...

I'm also building her, if you want to exchange some ideas :) I went a bit less land-focussed and played a lot more burn (partly to play with Repercussion, which should be in this list).

The Trial of Zeal: Hazoret EDH

Commander / EDH Daedalus19876


Polupus on Splendid Valakut

1 month ago

I don't agree with the comment above at all.

I don't think fetchlands will help here. This deck needs mountains in the grave, not just any ol land to combo.

Shard Volley is great here for that reason.

Seismic Assault and Flame Jab are also useful.

It's not very budget, but I would cut Stinkweed Imp for Life from the Loam and run some Ghost Quarter as a plan b.

nonjon on Loamfall

1 month ago

Hmm... with all the cycling lands, I'm thinking about adding Crucible of Worlds and maybe a sacrifice outlet. Or maybe a Molten Vortex/Seismic Assault kind of effect for eventuality with a constant stream of loamed lands.

aguilamagica on Lands? We don't need no stinkin lands! (New Gruul)

1 month ago

Looks great! One more thought: You probably really only need one Seismic Assault. Having both in hand means nothing and you won't have much land left in your deck to discard anyway. Maybe Gruul Guildmage or Hammer of Purphoros to sac them instead.

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