Seismic Assault

Seismic Assault


Discard a land card: Seismic Assault deals 2 damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

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Seismic Assault Discussion

WolfWitcher518 on None

2 months ago

DeinoStinkus: was that meant to be satire? Seismic Assault decks have a lot of lands, so its not surprising you'd draw many in a row. thats what the deck is designed to do.

DeinoStinkus on None

2 months ago

Yes. I have playtested many decks by one user who creates a lot of Seismic Assault decks, and I have noticed this. It'd most obvious with Treasure Hunt.

Massacar on Molten Vortex Modern

2 months ago

Other cards to consider for your sideboard perhaps, Explosive Revelation (as a potential finisher if your hand runs dry), Swans of Bryn Argoll as a draw combo engine with Seismic Assault.

StopShot on Help me foolproof this infinite …

3 months ago

@SynergyBuild, Ah well I wanted to leave what kind of deck this would be open-ended so that if it couldn't fit well in my deck it may still serve someone else's deck better. What strikes me about this combo is you could play Ashnod's Altar for , Seasoned Pyromancer for and if you produce two tokens you can cast Nim Deathmantle practically for and still have enough resources to initiate the combo without any additional mana expenditures meaning the combo has the capability to be used with as little as mana total. I feel like this is really low to the ground and may find use in either Legacy (or Modern if Ashnod's Altar is ever printed into that format). Though I haven't played in the Legacy format so perhaps that remark is a bit of a stretch and I'm sure there's loads of reasons to doubt Ashnod's Altar will ever end up in Modern, but having this sort of open-ended conversation I think can serve a lot of good even if its for commander or a different format.

As for my deck I am running Alesha, Who Smiles at Death so . So that does happen to bar me from great suggestions such as Unlife's Thassa's Oracle/Laboratory Maniac suggestion or RambIe's Abundance suggestion. I do want to thank both for bringing everyone's attention to those cards. Also due to the constraints of my deck I want to not run creatures with power 3 or greater and I don't want to run cards with CMC 5 or greater (if I can help it). That said I do want to thank PhotogenicParasympathetic for their card suggestion of Bone Miser and RambIe's suggestion to use Garna, the Bloodflame. Even if these cards don't fit into the constraints of my deck it is wonderful that they were brought up as I feel they actually do the combo a lot of good if you can run them.

I believe the cards suggested that help me the most for my deck are RambIe's suggestion of Shadow of the Grave and most importantly dingusdingo's suggestion to use Library of Leng which I am absolutely kicking myself for, for not being able to think of it around the time I made this thread. Library of Leng as I see it practically answers holes A and B and is so incredibly cheap to cast on top of that. I'm kicking myself because before coming up with this combo I was trying to come up with a two card draw engine using the library as one of the pieces.

I also want to thank dingusdingo and enpc for better explaining how this combo is non-deterministic which better exemplifies why holes A and B are so important to fill. It's also why Library of Leng was such a critical card to be noted as it turns the combo from undeterministic to deterministic.

That all being said however Library of Leng well may bring up a very hazy rules interaction into question that I feel I must have to consult a judge on. If you go onto the Gatherer page for Library of Leng and check the card rulings below on that page it specifies: "Since the card goes directly to the library, the card is not revealed unless the spell or ability requiring the discard specifically says it is."

Because of this ruling the cards discarded aren't revealed, however Seasoned Pyromancer says you can only create tokens based on what cards were discarded. So would this interaction mean that I could discard two land cards, not reveal the fact they are two land cards due to Library of Leng's ruling and then claim the two cards I discarded were actually nonland cards just to produce the tokens? Obviously that scenario wouldn't work, but this begs the question how does this work? Remember the card ruling says the cards aren't revealed unless an effect specifically says to reveal the discarded card and no where does Seasoned Pyromancer say the discarded cards must be revealed because typically the contents of any player's graveyard is common knowledge to everyone. So this effect would only apply to cards such as Nephalia Academy, Noxious Vapors, Cabal Therapy, etc. where reveal is explicitly stated. But I might be wildly misinterpreting this effect as it could also be abusive with cards that have transmute or Seismic Assault where what you discard matters except the rulings for Library of Leng also states: "You can’t use the Library of Leng ability to place a discarded card on top of your library when you discard a card as a cost, because costs aren’t effects." Transmute and Seismic Assault use the discarded card as a cost, but Seasoned Pyromancer doesn't so is this a blind spot in the rules?

But excluding what I just mentioned there Library of Leng is probably the best answer for countering Holes A and B so far, but it's still not a 100% perfect solution. There's always the risk of running into a massive land block before drawing into it and there's also the concern of if your deck has an odd number of cards, then if its the bottom card of your library you'd need some additional effect to draw into it as drawing two cards at a time would cause you to deck out and lose the game before you could even cast it. While I'm fully aware both effects are still very unlikely they do exist and that probability is a non-zero entity even if for it being very unlikely.

One card I'm already running in my deck that may help mitigate one of those issues however is Conjurer's Bauble which I can use to guarantee the bottom card of my library won't be the Library of Leng. And if I choose not to put a card on the bottom of my library, that can trip can be used to turn a library with an odd number of cards in it into a library with an even number of cards in it. It's also helpful in the event I mill either it or Elixir of Immortality into my graveyard whether by some dredge effect or through milling caused by an opponent from earlier in the game. I thought I'd bring everyone's attention to Conjurer's Bauble as the cheap cost and can trip makes it an accessory to this combo that won't be a dead draw in the event you don't have the combo out.

Phunlife on Introducing Project Modern!

4 months ago

There are a couple points I'd like to touch on that you addressed, TypicalTimmy. I'll try to do this in as much of a civil manner as possible.

Let me address your first point about sets. You are correct in that 8th Edition - Modern Horizons is what a lot of people refer to as "traditional" Modern. We initially picked Ravnica Allegiance as an arbitrary starting point because that's the set right before War of The Spark was printed. In other words, that's the last set before shit really hit the fan. You are correct about Modern Horizons and War of The Spark not being added yet, but that's going to occur very soon at the beginning of June. Actually, according to our current roadmap, we'll be doing an addition of two sets every month for the next couple months, along with a banned and restricted announcement concerning problematic cards from each added set (cards like Mycosynth Lattice, Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis). This way, we don't have to waste time stress testing the format for cards we already know are busted out of the window.

I can't read your mind, because you didn't type it out, but I can infer that you're concerned that this format will be a time capsule, and we'll keep the sets restricted to 8th Edition - Modern Horizons for the rest of the format's existence. This, however, is not the case. As much as some of us would like to relive the days before Teferi, Time Raveler was printed, we have decided that we cannot stay grounded in time. We will eventually add all the sets leading up to Ikoria. We are just staggering their inclusions in order to give it some time to work out the kinks. Hence the monthly set updates/B&R announcements. Our current roadmap for the next couple months looks like this:

June 1st: [WAR] + [MH1] + B&R July 1st: [Core20] + [ELD] + B&R August 1st: [TBD] + [IKO] + B&R

As far as the inclusion of new sets past Ikoria: We will be giving a month's grace period from the set's release date until they are legal in Project Modern. This is so that we may do extensive testing and acknowledge any cards that need to be weeded out before the set ever gets "released" to our format.

Now to address your point about weekly tournaments. Yes, you are correct that in a bracket style tourney, there will fundamentally be a single winner and several losers. And because of that, people will want to always build the most competitive deck they can. Competitive meaning "built to win". But, that is only if we were to implement a bracket system, which we don't. We implement swiss style tournaments, which is a style in which competitors are paired using a set of rules that ensures that each competitor is paired with someone of a similar winning (or losing) record, and makes it so that each competitor play cannot face each other more than once. You can read more about swiss on Wikipedia, but we don't use a bracket system.

Using your own words, you come to the conclusion that "weekly tournaments incentivise the exact same thing you aim to go against".

Let me differentiate something for you that I think you might be confused about. We're not aiming to go against people playing with powerful cards. We want that to happen. That is how a meta in Magic develops. X beats Y, Y, beats Z, and Z beats X. In reality it's a lot more complex than those three options, but all in all, we're trying to make sure that for every Y deck that X beats, there is a Z deck that can beat X. We don't really care so much about power level as much as balance. We're aiming to have a stable meta that can get shaken up every once in a while, not every set.

The specific reason that I mentioned being able to play with your tier 4 strategy again is because of the absolutely ridiculous power level of the current Modern. Not too many years ago, maybe in 2017/2018, Modern used to be a format in which you could play your borderline casual Treasure Hunt/Seismic Assault deck at FNM and have decent success. Such is no longer the case. Even if you were to play a tier 3 deck like Mono U Tron today, you're gonna get destroyed. Project Modern is going to focus on regulating the environment of the format so that lower level strategies such as Mono U Tron can adapt to the meta and find competitive success.

In 2020, I think the last thing that players, specifically Modern players, want is a gigantic meta shake up. Modern, for a long time, has been recognized as the format where you are able to buy a deck, play it for a little bit, and set it aside for an extended period of time without fear of your deck being outdated. For example, let's say you theoretically had a spouse that typically prevented you from going out on Friday nights and playing FNM. Let's say this theoretical spouse leaves town for a work trip, and you're suddenly alone, bored on a Friday night. You could merely grab your Modern deck, make zero adjustments to it (or make a couple sideboard adjustments) and go back to your locals and play at FNM. This is no longer the case. There are meta shake ups on the regular, and there's now a good chance that your Modern deck you bought 4 years ago is useless. A lot of Modern players, me included, are really really tired of this. In order to stay even somewhat relevant in the meta, you need to buy new cards pretty much every new set in order to improve your deck or buy a whole new one. Modern's become a lot like Standard in that regard.

Now let's go back to your suggestion. Making Ultimate Masters, Commander 2014, Battlebond, Unstable, Conspiracy, and Commander Anthologies would be an absolute shake up. And while I personally think that would be spicy, and it would be enjoyable for a while, I do not think such a format would be sustainable for the long term. Additionally, most Modern players want to play Modern with Modern's card pool, not Legacy's. I think your proposition is an interesting idea for a whole new format; but you would have to garner a lot of interest to make it a real thing. Having said that, I don't think it's something Modern players would enjoy. Source: I am a Modern player. It's pretty evident from your comments that you aren't a Modern player, or haven't played Modern in a long time. So please, before you type a comment that is only going to embarrass yourself, I recommend you do some research beforehand.

CodeKain on It's a Small World

4 months ago

Wow, the deck looks nice! Though, to perform the Gitrog loop you need something to shuffle the graveyard back into the library, like Kozilek, Butcher of Truth or Gaea's Blessing, otherwise you are going to mill yourself without dealing enough damage to kill everyone. You may also consider Borborygmos Enraged, works just like Seismic Assault, but you can Tooth and Nail him into play alongside The Gitrog Monster for an instant win.

If you have Cavalier of Flame on the field, you can one-shot everyone with an Obliterate and a sufficient amount of lands into play, which doesn't seem like a nuisance for you. Of course you will draw a lot of hate because of this card, maybe it's preferable not to include it, but it's an option.

Overall, really cool list!

mistborn314 on Illuna Seismic Bear Hunt

5 months ago

rewwer, after watching the video I don't think Creeping Renaissance is worth it. This decks plays like a polymorph deck which are all-in glass cannons. Even though there are plenty of good cards that would fit into the land-heavy shell, any additional cards risk breaking the chain. Additionally, the deck already runs Cavalier of Flame which seems better than Creeping Renaissance, and you would only want one cards--tops--that could fizzle Treasure Hunt. I'd sooner run a shuffle effect than Creeping Renaissance, that way one could re-Cascade back into a countered Treasure Hunt or destroyed Seismic Assault.

Hynx on Siesmic Treasure Hunt

9 months ago

Reliquary Tower in case you draw another Treasure Hunt over Seismic Assault that way you dont have to discard all those lands

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