Sudden Substitution

Sudden Substitution


Split Second (As long as this spell is on the stack, players can't cast spells or activate abilities that aren't mana abilities.)

Exchange control of target noncreature spell and target creature. Then the spell's controller may choose new targets for it.

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Sudden Substitution Discussion

Neotrup on Does Pact of Negation / …

2 months ago

This does not work, however other pacts do. The issue is Sudden Substitution let's them change the target. Sudden Substitution will still be on the stack when their choosing a target, so they can choose it. Once Pact of Negation goes to resolve the target will be illegal as Sudden Substitution left the stack when it finished resolving, so Pact of Negation will be put into the graveyard without creating its delayed triggered ability.

Polaris on Does Pact of Negation / …

2 months ago

Pact of Negation, Sudden Substitution

Yes, this works. It's evil, but it works. Pact of Negation sets up a delayed triggered ability when it resolves, so if it resolves under another player's control they'll have to pay the cost.

However, there are a few ways around it. Once upon a time this would be a guaranteed kill on a player that didn't have blue (assuming Pact resolves, of course), but under current Commander rules, lands or creatures that can tap for mana of "any color" (i.e. Archway Commons), Treasure tokens, an effect that gives lands all types like Prismatic Omen, or an effect like Chromatic Orrery will let them pay the in the cost.

Schauzeit on Inniaz Hatebirds

5 months ago

Phantomias, thank you for your suggestions :) I don't consider cards like Steel Golem because I think Inniaz's stealing ability is back-breaking enough as it is and cards like Steel Golem don't do anything on their own. But Sudden Substitution seems like a fun include that I'll probably try out, thanks :) Sadly, Monastery Siege isn't powerful enough for a 3-mana enchantment, but I'll probably try out Jubilant Skybonder at some point for some extra protection.

Phantomias on Inniaz Hatebirds

5 months ago

Interesting Idea and nice build!

Have you thought about leaning more into that stealing- or giving-away-stuff part of Inniaz? For example what about Steel Golem ? The player to your left propably won't be happy with suddenly controlling him. Sudden Substitution could play a double role. Also Tempted by the Oriq may come in handy.

Last but not least, what about Monastery Siege ? It has a taxing part and a card draw part, so everything you like =D

d_iros on Crouching Kadena, Hidden Phage [Primer]

5 months ago

I feel like if anything is on the chopping block it's Sudden Substitution . I like it because it's a spell steal (no creatures unfortunately) and it was in the original precon I bought but I think the scenarios where you're gonna feel really good about casting it are gonna be rare. Plus there's also multiple counter spells in the form of morphs, I'm not convinced we need another one? I'm not sure.

As you can tell, the maybe board is pretty stacked with good options but I recently came upon the following combo: Aphetto Alchemist + Illusionist's Bracers to go infinite with any mana rock or with another morph - Fledgling Mawcor - for infinite damage.

Pros: There are a couple of morphs that can easily be replaced for this combo ( Hooded Hydra and Thelonite Hermit ) so we don't remove any fuel from the deck. The combo will instantly win, and involves two morphs/is on flavor.

Cons: If your playgroup doesn't like infinite combos this is an obvious no go. Additionally, something has to be cut for Illusionist's Bracers . This decklist is super tight already (perhaps Sudden Substitution can be cut as above) and Illusionist's Bracers provides literally no value or synergy in this deck other than being a combo piece. Also, we don't have any particular ways to abuse infinite mana outside of it's inherent value.

Let me know if you think I should include this combo. I'm still undecided. Would it be better just to throw in a Rhystic Study instead?

PartyJ on she loves you but gives some bad presents (help)

7 months ago


running a Zedruu deck myself and saw you are looking for (help).

Have you considered these cards:

My version of Zedruu revolves around playing lots of enchantment removal (i.e. Oblivion Ring type of removal) which can be donated away afterwards for no penalty but good Zedruu gains. See my deck for more inspiration.

Enjoy the gifting :-)


PartyJ on Zedruu Master Politician

7 months ago

Being a huge Zedruu fan myself I gave your deck a look.

You are aware that Iona, Shield of Emeria is banned in EDH?

A few interesting suggestions to consider:

See my verion for more interesting options and possible ideas.

Have fun gifting!


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