Saw it Coming

Saw it Coming


Counter target spell.

Foretell (During your turn, you may pay and exile this card from your hand face down. Cast this on a later turn for this card's foretell cost.)

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Saw it Coming Discussion

Fablab on Mono-U Tempo for Standard Rotation (help!)

1 month ago

With how many instant and sorcery’s you have,Delver of Secrets  Flip will transform quite often. Saw It Coming will most likely be better then dissipate unless the meta really wants the exile and Behold the Multiverse will go nicely with saw it coming too

LandoLRodriguez on MID - Grixis Control

1 month ago

Still playing this deck (more or less), but I've made far fewer changes since Kaldheim than you have. Partly just cuz I've been pretty happy with its performance and having fun playing it, and cuz Foretell has become one of my favorite mechanics in quite some time. Saw It Coming will definitely be my go-to counterspell until it leaves standard. It feels like putting a bullet in the chamber every time I foretell it. I'm very interested in what your plans are post-rotation, cuz this one hurts. Losing Kroxa, Sharknado, and Ugin all at once sucks, those cards were responsible for ending the vast majority of games. Ashiok was always a hugely disruptive force as well. What do you think about having to replace all that closeout power? One thing I've found is that Xanathar, Guild Kingpin fits nicely into the 6 cmc slot Sharknado is vacating, although I hardly ever get to actually dig through my opponent's library with it, it either meets removal immediately or it's a scoop.

multimedia on Dragons Forever

2 months ago

Hey, good start. Overall you have good sense with the high budget you have.

Consider revisiting the manabase, you forgot Command Tower and also expand on ramp? 31 lands with only seven 0-3 CMC ramp sources is a risky amount when you need a lot of mana to cast Dragons and Ur-Dragon is nine mana. You really want a ramp source in your opening hand and consistently to get this you want more ramp. Not playing one basic land is an interesting choice, not a choice I would make, but if it's working for you than nice. I would include at least one of each basic.

The Pathways are not good lands for five colors since can only choose one color, they don't give you enough color fixing. With your high budget you can do better than the Pathways especially since a few of them cost more price than much better lands. Castle Locthwain and Westvale Abbey  Flip look out of place and are not powerful enough only able to make one black or one colorless mana in a five color deck. Some Rainbow lands are helpful when playing five colors or with Dragons:

More land ramp that can search for a Triome or Shock land:

Lore and Visits are two drops, similar to Farseek, but the land you search for can ETB untapped if you search for a Forest Shock land. Skyshroud can search for two Forest Triomes or Forest Shock lands. Adding Overgrown Tomb would help with these land ramp spells. Some good ramp sources for five colors to consider:

There's a few other nonDragon cards here that you don't need because they're not as good as other cards here:

Nyx Lotus is not a good ramp source here since it's a four drop that ETB tapped and then it doesn't make mana unless you control another colored permanent. Cover of Darkness is an expensive price card that's not doing much here because Dragons don't really need fear since they already have flying evasion.

Because you have Tiamat then you could cut some of the lesser Dragons such as Deathbringer Regent, Amareth, the Lustrous and Ramos, Dragon Engine. You have Old Gnawbone, if you add Hellkite Charger then you have an infinite attack combo that Tiamat can tutor for.

There's several expensive price cards in the maybeboard that would be good upgrades, but there's also some budget cards that would be upgrades for any of the above cards I mentioned to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

DreadKhan on Drake my Day

2 months ago

Heraldic Banner is a boss card in budget Talrand, as are Hands of Binding Hidden Strings and Stolen Identity. Ciphering is amazing in Talrand, and the cards are really budget. Dig Through Time got reprinted recently I think. Ravenform is a great solution card in mono-blue, especially if you add some tutors later, as it can exile an artifact, something blue generally can't do. There is also Resculpt, which gives a 4/4 but is an instant. Either or both are worth considering. Saw It Coming and Mystic Reflection are also worth taking a look at.

Omniscience_is_life on The Colorlessness of Color's Infinity

2 months ago

As it stands, you have 16 lands that enter tapped. You're going to want to get that number closer to 4-6, if possible.

Your mana ramp package could use some optimizing-- Sol Ring , Birds of Paradise , Noble Hierarch , Rampant Growth and Cultivate when you get some basics in (which you should)... all great options.

The next packages to get started on are card draw and interaction. Some examples of interaction: Path to Exile , Beast Within , Counterspell , Out of Time , Saw It Coming , Swords to Plowshares , Heliod's Intervention . You'll want 3-ish board wipes and 8-ish targeted removal/counterspell pieces.

For card draw, you'll want to find cards with synergy, for the most part--staples can only take you so far in this category. If your strategy continues to revolve around big creatures, cards like Garruk's Uprising will do you good. Just make sure to have 11-ish card advantage pieces, and as few weaker cantrips as you can.

Kukkakaali on Tuhmeliinit Cube

5 months ago

Version 2.5. No more oyster: - Jaya's Greeting + Young Pyromancer - Chandra's Pyreling + Risk Factor - Chandra's Spitfire + Heartfire Immolator - Spelleater Wolverine + Warlord's Fury

- Aven Eternal + Blink of an Eye - Giant Oyster + Talrand's Invocation - No Escape + Vapor Snag - Witching Well + Mistral Singer - Of One Mind + Peek

Version 2.6. Kaldheim and Strixhaven boosters: - Colossus Hammer + Access Tunnel - Camaraderie + Fall of the Impostor - Cliffhaven Kitesail + Hall of Oracles

- Kin-Tree Invocation + Binding the Old Gods - Boneyard Lurker + Infuse with Vitality - Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner + Moritte of the Frost - Incubation / Incongruity + Quandrix Cultivator - Spellheart Chimera + Prismari Command - Final Payment + Humiliate - Zealous Persecution + Killian, Ink Duelist - Kaya, Bane of the Dead + Closing Statement

- Parhelion Patrol + Glorious Protector - Oppressive Rays + Doomskar - Pouncing Lynx + Codespell Cleric - Inspiring Captain + Leonin Lightscribe

- Concentrate + Behold the Multiverse - Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor + Saw It Coming

- Fleshbag Marauder + Brackish Trudge - Blight-Breath Catoblepas + Sheoldred, Whispering One - Audacious Thief + Unwilling Ingredient - Hagra Constrictor + Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip - Blood Beckoning + Go Blank - Murder + Poison the Cup - Lazotep Reaver + Umbral Juke - Herald of the Dreadhorde + Feed the Serpent

- Inordinate Rage + Infuriate - Heightened Reflexes + Claim the Firstborn - Furious Rise + Tormentor's Helm - Syr Carah, the Bold + Breakneck Berserker - Fire Servant + Rune of Speed

- Ranger's Guile + Snakeskin Veil - Reclaim the Wastes + Big Play - Scute Mob + Dragonsguard Elite - Loathsome Chimera + Regrowth

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Jadzinado

5 months ago

Nice! I'd recommend some counterspells like Saw It Coming for the deck, mainly to help protect Jadzi. It kinda disrupts you when you're comboing off, but it'll really help you get to that point.

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