Zoetic Cavern

Zoetic Cavern


: Add to your mana pool.

Morph (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for . Turn it face up at any time for its morph cost.)

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Zoetic Cavern Discussion

Nayru_Incarnate on The Only-Lands Challenge

1 week ago

sergiodelrio Yeah, Zoetic Cavern is not going to win you the game. Better than what I had in that slot, and really running Rath's Edge at all is pretty much useless, so removing one of those is no problem either

Nayru_Incarnate on The Only-Lands Challenge

1 week ago

I think if someone is able to pull off a blood moon or an Armageddon it’s pretty much game. Either card has few responses in the realm of lands, Zoetic Cavern is the only one I could find in a brief realm of looking as well

sergiodelrio on The Only-Lands Challenge

1 week ago

The only way to somewhat circumvent a blood moon I could come up with under the current rules is Zoetic Cavern

Ocelot44 on Ruhan Shenanigans

6 months ago

I really enjoy what you've built here! Ruhan was one of the first commanders I ever built, and I love him so much. I just recently realized how good Burning Anger is with Ruhan because it lets you choose where his damage is going if you don't care about commander damage. It also works extremely well if he has vigilance due to something like Brave the Sands or Haunted Cloak .

Also come on, if you're playing Willbender, you GOTTA play Zoetic Cavern ! :p

chirz2792 on What's Your Favorite Deck?

1 year ago

My favorite is either Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer or Ephara, God of the Polis. I like ephara because it's more consistent and benefits off of some cards that aren't good like Zoetic Cavern. I like Brudiclad because it's fun to have hundreds of copies of Goblin Rabblemaster or Utvara Hellkite.

Arcaneful on Budget Winota

1 year ago

Immediately I see that some good token instants and sorceries aren't here that may help.

Krenko's Command

Dragon Fodder

Hordeling Outburst

Raise the Alarm

Heroic Reinforcements

Are all solid non human tokens that are cheap to get out.

I love the man land idea, so why not add in Zoetic Cavern? And Odric, Master Tactician is a great wincon for a deck like this.

Bazzul on One card combo Demonlord Belzenlok

1 year ago

Sorry to everyone for the long absence I'll reply some of the comments you made :)

Lord0fHam Deadly Rollick is def a card I want to test but I haven't been able to play much. The advantage of the card is that it doesn't cost life, which is a valuable resource for the deck, however we only have the commander up for a very very small fraction of the time because he is sacrifice fodder for Dread Return.

Scott-Spain thank you for the catch! Added to the maybeboard.

BloodyScout I think it's very meta dependent (Koskun Falls), worth adding to the maybeboard for sure. I am not a fan of Head Games but I did add a discard section in the maybeboard and it fits perfectly the theme.

diogo1943 Zoetic Cavern acts as ramp if you couple it with Gemstone Caverns, Ancient Tomb or Peat Bog. For example suppose your opening hand has 5 swamps, Zoetic Cavern and Ancient Tomb. Turn 1: play swamp. Turn 2: play Ancient Tomb and pay 3 mana to play Zoetic Cavern as a morph creature. Turn 3: play a swamp and pay 2 mana to turn your Zoetic Cavern into a land. Turn 4: play a swamp, now you have enough mana for Belz :)

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