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Gas in the Tank, I'm Gonna Spank

Commander / EDH Eldrazi GU (Simic) Ramp



Kruphix, God of Horizons Over Omnath, Locus of Mana

Although Omnath is an EDH menace, I personally believe that Kruphix has far more versatile attributes, and here are my reasons why.

  • Devotion: Some may consider the necessity of 7 or more devotion to a real inhibitor for any commander, but I consider this to be a major advantage for Kruphix, God of Horizons. When he is exclusively an enchantment, he is relatively more evasive than other commanders. Indestructibility is nothing to scoff at either. Kruphix laughs at Creature board-wipes; they're not a problem. Other players tend to ignore Kruphix due to his lack of threatening board presence (compared to other permanents or creatures) and his elusiveness to removal. In a typical 3-4 player EDH game, the removal spells that can hit Kruphix are limited, and the targeting ones are likely not worth expending on him.

  • > : Although green spells are very potent on the battlefield, it gets nasty when blue is thrown into the mix. Green can give you access to aggressive ramp, draw, and creature tutors. That is very nice in itself. Blue gives tempo control, heavy removal, counter spells, draw, and spell tutors. But when these two colors play off each other, the synergy is out of this world. Mana ramp in one hand, Card advantage in the other. This provides the player with a buffet of high CMC spells, that flip the game on its head.

Built and Played

I built this deck, and this is a 100% accurate schematic. My deductions are based solely off personal experiences playing against a myriad of decks with varying speeds and play styles. This deck has been lots of fun and I don't think there are any other changes I'd like to make. The true Achilles-heel is the winding up. A late game deck like this needs a little time. There are no counter spells, because I, as a player, loathe the use of counter spells, and that's just a personal choice. The majority of my victories end in the entire deck being played out, drawing almost my entire library, then crushing my opponents with a massive Eldrazi board state. There's a feeling when playing out all my Eldrazi that I just relish. Whenever playing a game of two-headed dragon/giant, Nekusar, the Mindrazer can be a chaotic yet indispensable ally.

Form and Function

The deck's premise is straight forward, ramp up to big bombshells of spells and creatures while stalling out your opponents with bounce and removal. Each card in this deck belongs to at least one of four categories, but many of the cards are blends of the categories.

  1. Card advantage
  2. Mana-ramp
  3. Big creatures
  4. Utility

There are many cards that hit at least two of these categories at once. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth is huge, ends games when he attacks (Annihilator is OP), and gives a huge card advantage. Ironically enough, I fetch for Kozilek, the Great Distortion more often, due to the yoked-out card advantage he provides. 12/12 menace and a countering activated ability is just the icing on the cake. Every card in this deck has a role to play. The real powerhouse that pulses at the core of this deck, usually ending the game as soon as I lay it down, is Omniscience. With enough gas in the tank, you can Fabricate a Planar Bridge and elevate into Omniscience. With a little luck the game is yours, with many epic paths to victory. There is one combo in this deck, that is in fact infinite when Omniscience is on the field. Eternal Witness combined with Evacuation or Baral's Expertise it lets me re-cast my draw-based creatures, or lets me infinitely ramp with Solemn Simulacrum and pseudo-draw with Coiling Oracle. If Psychosis Crawler is out, I can also just kill everyone from drawing my whole library. Although it may seem like a rare combo, when I'm drawing a ton of cards, I inevitably run into it.

Thanks for taking the time to look over the deck, feel free to leave a +1 if you liked what you saw!


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