Deploy to the Front


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare

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Deploy to the Front


Put X 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens onto the battlefield, where X is the number of creatures on the battlefield.

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Deploy to the Front Discussion

Philigan87 on Trostani mK.II

6 days ago

Nice to see Trostani! The lifegain build is more effective than people imagine, so I'm glad you're making the most of it.

If you're playing around lifegain, might I suggest Alhammarret's Archive for double on your gains? Soul Warden and Essence Warden would also go really well here, as they will also gain life for your opponent's creatures as well as yours.

Also, have you considered Glare of Subdual? It can shut down attackers pretty effectively.

Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip is another good (and cheap) creature for Trostani builds.

Deploy to the Front and Devout Invocation might be sorceries to consider, as they can get pretty out of control.

If you really want to go mental with mana too Earthcraft and Cryptolith Rite can really play into your many creatures, (especially combined with your Mirari's wake.)

You might also want to consider Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and Khalni Garden for your lands.

So glad to see an earnest Trostani deck though, not enough people use her anymore!

Razulghul on Born for War

1 month ago

Hey, I'd suggest the following:

Cut: Deploy to the Front, Oathsworn Giant, Tajic, Blade of the Legion, Temple of the False God, Assemble the Legion, Relentless Assault, Launch the Fleet.

These are all pretty lackluster or too slow in my experience.

Add: 2-3x Mountain(maybe Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx/High Market/Kor Haven), Lightmine Field, Repercussion, Mind's Eye, Scroll Rack and Starstorm.

Your probably going to be hurting on draws, Mind's Eye and Scroll Rack(w/Land Tax) really help. The lands id say should be at 34 minimum, the other stuff just synergies with your commander.

Hope it helps!

darmpark on Human/Angel (WIP)

1 month ago

If token generation is what you want, some things you might like are: Martial Coup, Deploy to the Front, Darien, King of Kjeldor, Court Street Denizen, Frontline Medic, Angelic Accord, Path of Bravery, and Moonsilver Spear.

Token generation is primarily a white thing. If that's really what you want, you might have an easier time in mono-white.

Randomsome1 on Yavimaya Resurgence

1 month ago

darmpark Thank you, great suggestions. Illusionist's Bracers and Rings of Brighthearth are interesting cards. Unfortunately, I don't think I am running any non-mana activated abilities. I thought about Thromok the Insatiable and Ulasht, the Hate Seed when I first brewed this deck. The more I play the more I am understanding how much removal is in my meta so throwing all/most of my eggs in one basket is risky. If I fixed the slowness of my deck and can consistently have a small army on the board, then I will definitely consider them. Chancellor of the Forge and Deploy to the Front are great and I will play around with them a little. This deck seems very fragile when it comes to ratios so I have to see if that is too much token doubling and not enough token generators. Darien, King of Kjeldor is interesting and reminds me of Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, which was in here. I took him out for consistency. Once this deck gets the speed and consistancy I want, I will see what can be cut and replaced with some big beatsticks. Thank you again!!

darmpark on Yavimaya Resurgence

1 month ago

I have a few ideas of things you might want. I haven't seen anyone mention things like Illusionist's Bracers or Rings of Brighthearth, but maybe those aren't quite worth it just for Rith and Rhys. I'm also not seeing an Anointed Procession, which should be a definite add if you're not on a budget. Thromok the Insatiable has the potential to get HUGE in this deck. Ulasht, the Hate Seed can be huge OR make tokens depending on what you need once you play him. Darien, King of Kjeldor makes tokens while also dissuading people from hitting you. Chancellor of the Forge could also be good once you get your board going as can Deploy to the Front.

You've got a good base going, and I hope these suggestions help.

Joumba on Beyond the Veil

1 month ago

Counters and life good sir! Counters and life! +1 Good of you to display such pieces of high quality magic art!

Are you not waiting for the advent of the gracious Archangel of Thune ? She rocks hard. So does Divinity of Pride. You want lifegain for that good old ghost. I see your playing the sacrifice game like you would with Teysa, Orzhov Scion, but your commander is more lifegain oriented I believe. Of course, you do you. But just saying.

If you are more interested in the token/sacrifice gimmick, maybe a Twilight Drover or a Springjack Shepherd could be of help? Also Secure the Wastes and Deploy to the Front. Oh! and I looooove Deathbringer Liege for the mechanics, but also for the art...

Have a nice day/night!

ThallionDarkshine on Trostani weird tokens

1 month ago

Deploy to the Front and Hallowed Spiritkeeper feel like they might not have enough of an impact to justify their inclusion. I really like Angelic Accord and Crested Sunmare as token producers, since once they get going, you don't need to put in any mana to produce a decent-sized token every turn. Adorned Pouncer is also pretty good, since it eternalizes as a 4/4 double-striker, which is a nice token to populate. In addition, its initial state works well with the anthem effects.

Next, there are some lands you should consider running. Krosan Verge is one of the best lands, since it can both fix your mana and ramp you. Canopy Vista and Scattered Groves are both cheap lands with basic land types to be fetched by Krosan Verge or Farseek.

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