Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Common
Magic 2013 Common
Urza's Legacy Common

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Exile target enchantment.

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Erase Discussion

Jimmy_Chinchila on Selesnyan Stampede

3 weeks ago

I always thought Trostani's Summoner was a bit lackluster for the cost and not something I'm excited to draw late game like I should be with 7 cmc cards.

I also don't care for Primal Vigor as there are plenty of other doubling effects that DON'T apply to everyone at the table. Sucks when a card you have in play is helping an opponent win.

That's only 2 freed up spots but if you take that lens, of worst-case situations like top-decking late game or having a card end up dead because your opponent's deck could exploit it, you might find a few other things to dump. And while instants and sorceries seem too short-term, if they allow you to knock off an opponent or get a huge advantage it's worth more than a permanent that doesn't have a dramatic impact or requires other cards to function. A well-timed Heroic Intervention that saves your entire board is potentially more valuable to have sitting in hand waiting than a creature or enchantment you can cast whenever but really doesn't help you win. Tutoring a Doubling Season early game for example is worth more than a small token maker in the long run as it's harder to kill enchantments and as it sits, while an opponent hopes to draw Erase, it's accumulating pure value. Even removal can turn the tides and give you enough advantage that others can't catch up. I like to play at least one card to reshuffle graveyard to get added value from spent instants/sorceries.

Alkadron on

2 months ago

I... uh...

What's your plan? There's a lot going on here, and I have no idea what your goal is.

Are you trying to Combo out with Niv-Mizzet and Curiosity? Then you need more tutors and more draw-spells. (You also need tutors that are better than Rhystic Tutor - that card is terrible, and will pretty much never work in a commander game)

I see seven Walkers and several Oaths. Do you want this to be superfriends? If so, you need more walkers and more oaths. And a lot more board control (e.g., Life's Finale, Phyrexian Rebirth, Final Judgment, etc.)

I see a LOT of spot-removal, but most of it is really under-powered Angelic Edict, Erase, Unsubstantiate. What's the goal there?

Some cards just don't make any sense. Wall of Swords? This makes sense in a wall-tribal deck, but that doesn't seem to be your plan. Kulrath Knight makes sense in a counters deck, but that also doesn't seem to be your plan.

Even the mana-base is kind of.... scattered. You've got a couple signets and a talisman. In 5-color, you need to be focusing on mana-rocks that do 5-color fixing: Chromatic Lantern, Coalition Relic, even Manalith are excellent 3-drops. For 2-drops, look at Coldsteel Heart, Fellwar Stone, Star Compass. If you want Cryptolith Rite to do work for you, you need a lot more cheap, expendable creatures. Or some token-generation. Better to cut it entirely than to try to redesign the creature-base around it.

The rest just looks like a fairly random amalgamation of good-ish cards with no coherent end-goal or strategy. Figure out what you want the deck to do - how do you want it to interact with the board? How do you want it to win? Then work towards that goal.

mean_green_machine on Alesha gettin' busy

2 months ago

I like your creatures, you're abusing your commander which is good. I think the cards that are bad here are the cards you would think are bad, as you're playing you'll realize that say burn from within is bad because fireballs aren't good if you're not really ramping or decide is worse in commander than Erase and erase isn't really that great, these are knit picky things the big picture is to keep upgrading. Get a Sol Ring it's broken and everyone needs one, stock your graveyard to really abuse your commander red and black have good options, Faithless Looting like effects are great, black has Buried Alive and other things that do that Corpse Connoisseur is a good one for budget. Look up other alesha decks and keep getting better, best of luck.

SecondDeath777 on The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE

2 months ago

Forgive my spamming, but another card you may want in here is Erase. I'm sure I don't have to explain why.

LeaPlath on Heaven and Hell

2 months ago

Having maindeck cards like Erase and Solemn Offering is just bad deck design. Too often those cards would be dead.

SageOfStone on Competitive Sharuum control/combo

2 months ago

No Lim-Dul's Vault? Its better than Imperial Seal, and you're in the colors.

I would cut Erase (the Urza's Legacy one) for Fragmentize.

Sharuum is probably my favourite general to play against. Definite +1 from me.

Atony1400 on Enchantment Hate in Mardu

2 months ago

Erase hits just enchantments, Smash to Smithereens hits artifacts. I'm not sure if there's any good removal for both combined.

EDIT: Fragmentize works, but the best is green (Nature's Claim)

RaptorX72 on 9 Lives (CAT infinite life)

3 months ago

Knight of the White Orchid to get more lands for Felidar Sovereign, and maybe Erase for any tricky enchantments like Erebos, God of the Dead. Also Feat of Resistance works well with Ordeal of Heliod.

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