Stormfront Riders


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret (DDF) Uncommon
Planar Chaos (PLC) Uncommon

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Stormfront Riders

Creature — Human Soldier


When Stormfront Riders enters the battlefield, return two creatures you control to their owner's hand.

Whenever Stormfront Riders or another creature is returned to your hand from play, put a 1/1 white Soldier creature token into play.

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Stormfront Riders Discussion

Philigan87 on Abzan Tokens: Tame the Wilderness

3 months ago

Hi! Thanks for adding to my deck! I hope I can offer helpful advice in return.

Since you're playing tokens and trying to stave off attacks, perhaps Glare of Subdual might help.

Other helpful enchantments for token decks are Cathars' Crusade, Intangible Virtue, Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession.

A good creature in abzan colors for token making is Ghave, Guru of Spores. His ability can easily go infinite with a combinations of Ashnod's Altar (or simmilar cards) and effects like cathar's cursade.

I see you have Stormfront Riders. Did you know if you have Cloudstone Curio in play, Stormfront Riders causes an infinite loop of tokens entering and vanishing. Add in a card like Cathars' Crusade or Parallel Lives and you get infinite counters or tokens respectively.

Hope that gives you some neat ideas. =)

ForTheOldFrame on happy decks

3 months ago

digbickmcgee: People play Magic for a variety of reasons; I think WBG is a fellow Vorthos. Personally, I'm here for knights, thallids, and magical horses; for the powerful sense of old-fashioned civilization that Magic can often convey (nonbasic lands, Trading Post, Castle, Knighthood, Worship, etc.); and for the few musketeers we've gotten so far -- along with the magical pre-8th-Edition frame and the beautiful look of Mirage block. I'm not going to hold it against anyone for having strong aesthetic preferences of their own, especially not ones that seem to have a little in common with mine.

WBG: Look at the Enchantress deck archetype; also look at tokens and Storm, if you're a little flexible on violence. (The classic finisher for the High Tide variant of Storm decks is Brain Freeze, which is probably not up your alley. Tokens tend to involve fighting with knights, soldiers, and pegasi, under the command of figures like Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa, Radiant, Archangel, and the occasional real-world general like Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"; I'm perfectly comfortable with this sort of semi-storybook violence, though it sounds like you might not be.)

Try winning the game by generating infinite mana and decking your opponent. Stroke of Genius is the traditional finisher for this, or, again, Brain Freeze in High Tide.

Nacre Talisman, Malachite Talisman, Staff of Domination, Sword of the Paruns, Argothian Elder, Priest of Titania, and Freed from the Real are in-color cards that it's very easy to build infinite-mana engines around. High-mana-output lands are the natural complement for most of these; look at Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip, Selesnya Sanctuary, Azorius Chancery, and Simic Growth Chamber. (Tolarian Academy, Gaea's Cradle, and Serra's Sanctum -- in order from strongest to weakest -- are the best infinite-mana-engine lands in the game, but they have prices to match. If using any of them nonetheless, look into Stormfront Riders and the Ice Age Talismans.)

Also, there's some white removal I think you could put up with: Swords to Plowshares, Path of Peace (look up the original art), Settle the Wreckage, Pacifism, Cessation. Look into the Circles and Runes of Protection, too.

ersatz_olorin on Zacama, Elder DinoSTORM

8 months ago

You can bounce Zacama and Stormfront Riders to your hand repeatedly if you have enough mana.

robboz2347 on robboz2347

10 months ago


thank you for your message, really appreciate the offer

this is my current deck, as see the maybe list and the descripton, i have had some help and have been working hard on trying to make this a better deck

i have only been playing 8 or so months, still very new

discord sounds nice but i an a little people shy haha

if you could take a peek at my deck and see what's what and what you think might make this better

My LGS is sorta Competitive-Casual with Competitive decks. It's weird but basically we play commander to chill out and have fun, I have recently joined in at my LGS in the last few months but they run really tough decks as they have been playing for years, one guy I met has been playing since Ice Age, though it's pretty chill environment. Not sure percentage.

I have seen people running Jora of the Ghitu (suspend, eldrazi, mishna's workshop in this deck it's roughly worht $3,000), The Ur-Dragon, Progenitus, Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord etc.

People generally play chaos, tokens, mill, one guys runs an equipment deck with a 3 cost (two white, 1 colourless) cat not sure the name

I do get flattened constantly in multiplayer and on the rare occasion win 1v1

on the advice on someone i threw in, in place of what I removed (crown, scepter, throne of empires , coat of arms, rogue's passageway), Launch the Fleet, Decree of Justice, Boros Signet, Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion, Swords to Plowshares

according to my page my competitive vs casual is now 50/50 instead of 34compet/66cas

from my research a truly competitive aurelia solider deck is a pipe dream but i ma sure that i can make this deck a serious threat and much stronger at going toe to toe

My main issues are I find it hard to recover from board wipes, I run out of gas, great mana ramp and then I just sit there, cause I am not drawing fast enough, even with my mana draw card, my other major issue is dealing with flying, and hitting them before they hit me and win

anyway this getting really long, have a peek at my deck and description and see what you think, I have been trying really hard to make a solid deck and willing to alter whatever I need too, 2 of the cards in maybe Stormfront Riders and Cryptic Gateway allow infinite soldier spawn but not sure if that's a good idea or not, not sure on equipment tutors as this ins't a Voltron deck (I know some terms, not many but some haha)

anyway rambling again let me know

thank you

Coward_Token on Gahiji: Forever War

10 months ago

Alright, this will probably be my last batch until new (non-Un)cards get spoiled. Since the deck seems to be in a state of what I recently learned is called Pareto optimality (, in the sense that most cards fill an important role that makes it difficult to exchange them for something too different without breaking the deck, and the alternatives within the same niches tend to either miss some important feature or are too (meta-)conditional... which brings me to the cards:

Spinerock Knoll/Windbrisk Heights/Mosswort Bridge: compromises your ramp a bit for some conditional card advantage. The conditions for casting the card should pop up fairly frequently in this deck. Also has some minor synergy with Oracle of Mul Daya by letting you pseudo-scry away an inappropriate topdeck card

Nature's Will: Like giving each of your creatures a Sword of Feast and Famine, kind of. Also hates on the local counterspell/Leyline of Anticipation user. I like it because it ties together the deck's land subtheme & beatdown

(Fangren Firstborn): Curse of Predation for only your creatures that's also opponent-agnostic

(Burning Wish/Living Wish/Glittering Wish): In case the other tutors just weren't good enough and you don't mind being beaten up by your friends afterwards

Misc/weird token generators

Stormfront Riders: Potentially repeatably recast ETB dorks, letting you get a bit more mileage out them, while getting some extra tokens. As a bonus, if you let the creature itself stay on the battlefield it'll complement Teferi's Protection by providing another source of resiliency vs Cyclonic Rift

Ezuri's Predation: Another mass removal option that also happens to synergize with token gifting, but a bit unreliable because it can't kill fatties without the Beasts being boosted by other cards

(Genesis Chamber): Low cmc and ties into the group slug theme, but the deck can't abuse it too hard in its current state

(Beacon of Creation): Green Sun's distant and less successful relative

(Snake Pit): Obviously heavily meta-dependent but could be very nice in the right group

Potential Queen Ant replacements

(Night Soil): Low cmc, low activation cost and graveyard hate to boot, but meta-dependent.

Twilight Drover: More (flying) tokens per mana than the Queen. Synergizes with the token gifting and also Skullclamp. It should get counters pretty reliably throughout people's turns, but otherwise Curse of Predation and, to a greater extent, Orzhov Advokist makes it a bit more reliable. (Also tutorable with the Recruiters.)

Ulasht, the Hate Seed: More immediate alternative to Twilight Drover. A decent chunk of the deck will give it initial counters via color (although only Dragon Broodmother generates multiple gruul tokens for double counters) and it can use the same two cards as the Drover to refill its ammo. The damage ability provides some backup point removal which is hard to have too much of, and as a very cute bonus it synergizes with Hornet Nest by letting you ping it at the end of each turn for an extra value token, assuming the Nest isn't already damaged. (Even cuter is the fact that toughness-boosting cards like Mirari's Wake & Mirror Entity will increase the maximum amount of value tokens you can get per turn.) (Also tutorable with the Recruiters.)

(Sigarda, Heron's Grace): Again, meta-dependent. Aside from yourself and its own tokens, it gives hexproof to eight cards in the current deck. Even with Knight of the Reliquary sacrificing lands, I dunno if you put enough cards in your graveyard that you don't want to recur later to make this worthwhile. (Although it should be noted that the graveyard cards don't have to be creatures.) Body-wise I'd say 1 less power for flying is a good deal

(Also, I know it's a pet card of mine, but Elemental Mastery from my last post also has the bonus of letting Mother of Runes give pseudo-wide resiliency by virtue of the clown car effect.)

Izu_Korasu on Soulja Boy

1 year ago

why Bushi Tenderfoot/Dryad Militant? tenderfoot seems too hard to flip under most situations, and militant seems to just lessen the impact of the human tribal cards in the deck (for an ability that doesnt really do much unless your playing against Past in Flames)

seems like Soldier of the Pantheon, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Veteran Armorsmith and Loyal Sentry have a place in the deck (sb/mb) and could be suitable replacements.

also while its pure shenanigans, Stormfront Riders may be worth a look.

BlackWitch on Of Hate-and-a-laugh Tales

1 year ago


The fact which makes me unable to think about Eldrazi Conscription as an equipment is that, IF Eldrazi Conscription won't be countered, it still will be the primary target for your opponent. It's almost impossible to keep something that terrifying safe on board. Believe me. I play Kaalia of the Vast. Of course it is also different situation since my opponent knows that I will finally try to cast her, so he keeps all his counter spells and damn removals especially for this occasion, while your opponent doesn't even know you have something like THAT in your deck. YET it is also extremely easy to get rid of an aura card.

If You won't leave that extra mana for protection while casting Eldrazi Conscription, either way someone will destroy this aura itself with enchantment removal, or worse, will just simply get rid of the creature, before or after Eldrazi Conscription hits the board. Either way your aura gets buried too. That is why, for me this is spell for 10-11 CMC, which is just too much, even for what it does. But if You can afford it and You love it that much, this is still OP card.

When it comes for Oblation. Recently I've been playing with my quite good friend. During our games, he used oblation 3 times I guess. One time I got my winning card with this additional draw Oblation gave me, and the other time I re-draw the removed card (plus an extra one thanks to Oblation). So I will say it again. This card is useless to me. There are better option for removal Path to Exile, Council's Judgment, and for draw Survival Cache, Truce or Acrobatic Maneuver. Especially the last one if you want to blink your creatures.

Creatures with flying like Dust Elemental, Eiganjo Free-Riders, Stormfront Riders, Galepowder Mage are also good cards if you want to re use some ETB effects from Stoneforge Mystic, Armory Automaton, Knight of the White Orchid, Relic Seeker or Sun Titan. Although if You want to go this way, I would add some more creatures with ETB.

Does mana from Thran Turbine disappear after the upkeep ? If yes, than this card is not as good as I thought, but still might be useful.

I like scry lands. If I would play mono coloured deck, I would miss them. I really underestimated them before, therefore I recommend them now.

Scrying Sheets is a nice land for Your snow covered collection.

Rhadamanthus on Prison Term and Stormfront Riders: ...

1 year ago

Neotrup's answer is the most accurate. Stormfront Riders' ability doesn't target, so your opponent will get to make the decision about what to return after you make your decision for Prison Term.

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