Fairgrounds Warden


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Fairgrounds Warden

Creature — Dwarf Soldier

When Fairgrounds Warden enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until Fairgrounds Warden leaves the battlefield.

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Fairgrounds Warden Discussion

razelfark on OTK on Vampires

1 week ago

Sorry I haven't responded to your question... been busy.

Highly suggest taking out march of the drowned for more creatures. The card function is only good when a creature is in your grave but you only have ten creatures in deck. The odds of it being a dead card in your hand are higher then you having a creature in your grave.

You should take out some other cards to make sure you run enough of your combo cards. You should be running Oathsworn Vampire at 4 copies not only because he is the main purpose of your combo, but he is also a decent 2 drop that can come back even if you don't have the full combo.

Cards you should just straight up replace Reaver Ambush and Vanquish the Weak. These cards should just come straight out as they are slow removal that are not very good overall. You are better off using Moment of Craving as a cheaper alternative in the main board or even go a mana more expensive for Hour of Glory because it can target any creature.

You also may want to consider taking some of the board wipe cards out and move them to sideboard (unless your local is really small creature aggro heavy). These cards more often then not will wipe your own board and you need to make sure certain cards stick to the field.

CeilingShapes has a good point about using 4 of Walk the Plank might be greedy for mainboard since merfolks are getting some love, but if you don't see the deck at your local then you should not worry about it too much.

You also might want to consider running some type of card in the sideboard at least to get rid of enchantments because you are a combo deck. The reason I say this is because if your opponent runs Ixalan's Binding then you won't be able to play your combo if one of your pieces end out under this card. You could run the card itself as a form of counter play against it to free your card that gets trapped under Binding and lock them from further copies of Binding, or you could run Demystify or similar cards in the side.

While I like a number of things you have going on in this deck I would suggest more creatures again because you can profit off casting them with the artifact in play. Again I can't stress how important that you are a combo deck so you should increase the cards required for combo, but also could add creatures that function like kill spells (example: Ravenous Chupacabra, Fairgrounds Warden) to get extra synergy with the Monument. I think this would be helpful as it can turn your sorcery based control options into creatures that provide the same function and you now have a body to go along with it.

Sorry if this was a bit wordy. Wanted to offer as much help as I could.

Skinken on G/W Aggro

2 weeks ago

Jeez, this curve is so steep... If I were you, I would do one of two things: Lower the curve, or include more lands and ramp.

If you want to play a deck that reliably gets to 5 mana, you should include ramp like Merfolk Branchwalker, Druid of the Cowl, Servant of the Conduit, Atzocan Seer etc. And like FlabbyAbs said, 24-25 lands seem like the way to go. You could also try to add some draw to get more lands into your hand.

Enter the Unknown is kinda bad without cards like Deeproot Champion, Winding Constrictor or simply a lot of small creatures. You have neither the combos or the general deck to make proper use of it, and it does not replace Attune with Aether. If you are looking a replacement, consider Commune with Dinosaurs instead.

You could make this deck way lower on curve. Use cards like Blossoming Defense to be able to rely on your Myriarch sticking. Verdurous Gearhulk and Angel of Invention are great cards, but running 8 5-drops is to much man. Seeing as myriarch is actually a buildaround, you shouldn't need any more to finish the game. GW is the best colors for protecting permanents, so you should be able to keep it alive if you need to. Watch out for board wipes though, Heroic Intervention should do the job.

Vizier of the Menagerie is awesome, but you kinda ruin it with this high of a curve. Casting a couple of minion from your deck is awesome. Include Merfolk Branchwalker for even more synergy, since it avoids lands on top of your deck. And maybe even Lifecrafter's Bestiary for grindy matchups. But Vizier+Myriarch should get the job done if you need fuel. The rest of the deck should 2-, 3-, and 1-drops, in that order of importance. Narnarm is bad without a revolt-shell, but you could try to make a revolt deck to get Renegade Rallier. Other cards i would recomend for a GW weenie deck:

Adorned Pouncer, Sacred Cat, Prowling Serpopard, Fairgrounds Warden, Appeal, Siegehorn Ceratops, Kinjalli's Sunwing, Tocatli Honor Guard, Huatli, Radiant Champion, Skymarcher Aspirant, Adanto Vanguard, Territorial Hammerskull and maybe Savage Stomp if you feel like playing some dinos.

I'll look forward to seeing where you take this deck

Atroxreaper on V2 Journey to Reanimation

2 weeks ago

well depends red would lead to a more aggressive deck, white gives you a solid finisher Angel of Invention and Fairgrounds Warden. Blue gives you two solid cards but zero evasion. Just depends on how you want to close out games.

abby315 on Legacy Aluren for EDH!

4 weeks ago

do you like FREE STUFF? (2 CMC avg Aluren combo) is my version of this deck! We have different builds - I focused on more of a toolbox creature build. But I will say that I'm running 1x Fairgrounds Warden for hate pieces and I love it; I'm also really liking Winds of Rebuke and Silence as protection cards. Winds of Rebuke especially has impressed me, for such an unassuming card. Sometimes you just need to get Spirit of the Labyrinth off the table to combo, and with all the top-of-deck tutors (Worldly Tutor, Vampiric Tutor) it has random value as well.

Also, Containment Priest. Soooo good against so many strategies.

Finally, I recommend Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies as a backup combo (into draw-deck with Thrasios and infinitely large Ballista) instead of Aetherflux Reservoir because it doesn't require Aluren to go off and goes off through ETB hate, too.

Glad other people are playing Aluren combo in EDH! It's so fun.

FlabbyAbs on Naya Myriarch

1 month ago

Nice concept. I'm struggling to find a way to utilize Myriach the best way. And the dino subtheme looks fun fun fun. But why Torch Gauntlet? I get the colorless friendly pump but there's more in Standard that can work here, imo.

The 5CC slot is clogged but Angel of Invention is made for Myriach. I haven't tried it because of the price. Also some of the deserts is a nice idea like Shefet Dunes.

I personally can't stand when I have zero removal MB. I'd like to say at least a few spot removal for those creatures that will end the game quick. Or a couple sweepers. Maybe even Fairgrounds Warden would fit.

multimedia on WB Vampire's Landing

2 months ago

Hey, Vamps can be fun, but I think this deck looks a little confused. You've labeled this deck competitive therefore I'm going to give you some competitive advice.

Taking a look at how Vamps are currently positioned in Standard I see two color ways to go: mono-white or mono-black. Due the manabase and the overwhelming amount of cards with double black casting costs I don't think Orzhov can work. For instance when you're at the point of deck building and you have to include Aether Hub in the manabase, but you're not making or can use energy in any other way then it's not worth it. There's just not enough good W/B dual lands in Standard right now for this color combo. A defining characteristic of competitive decks are they all have great manabases because this brings the consistency one needs to play at a higher level.

Right now you want white as the dominate color in the manabase because the two best one drop Vamps are white. Since white is the dominate color than black should be a splash. However it can't just be a splash if the two drop and four drop Vamps are double black. Aetherborn needs a dominate black manabase to consistency play it turn two.

Your best choice is mono-white in fact Mono-White Vampires is an actual deck that can win in Standard. It wins on MTGO. I recommend getting inspiration from it. It uses the synergy of Legion Conquistador and Oketra's Monument. White is really the best color right now for Vamps because of Legion's Landing  Flip it alone is better than anything black can offer for Vamps.

If you like Aetherborn and Seeker as both are nice Vamps then consider mono-black. I don't think it's better than white, but there's enough pieces to make it work. You can have a stable one drop, two drop, three drop and four drop Vamp curve supported by more removal options than white with Push, Contempt and Plank. Nice sideboard options in Duress, Reckoning and Scrounger.

Three of the better white cards for Vamps are Adanto Vanguard, Dusk / Dawn and Shefet Dunes. Dusk has a powerful interaction with Vamps because they're only originally two power or less. Dusk can be a blowout in midrange matchups. Vanguard is an amazing two drop Vamp it hits for a lot and can protect itself. Mono-white lets you play Dunes in the manabase which is good and can also be a blowout with the secondary token strategy. In white Cast Out and Ixalan's Binding are fine removal spells which can replace Contempt. There's also Fairgrounds Warden and Thopter Arrest for additional creature removal.

djnewellmit on

3 months ago

Nice idea, I like seeing Pummeler go into different colors. I personally prefer Cartouche of Knowledge as the flying provides better evasion and for the card draw it offers. The first strike and token from the white cartouche don't really add any value, but it does have the lower CMC.

For the sideboard, I would prefer playing Ixalan's Binding over Cast Out. You are going to be tapped out most of your early turns, so the Flash isn't going to be 100% relevant. Ixalan's Binding is also a great answer to your opponent's Cast Out, Ixalan's Binding, or even the Fairgrounds Warden that is showing up in a few God-Pharaoh's Gift decks..

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