Creature — Elemental Incarnation

Guile can't be blocked except by three or more creatures.

If a spell or ability you control would counter a spell, instead exile that spell and you may play that card without paying its mana cost.

When Guile is put into a graveyard from anywhere, shuffle it into its owner's library.

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Guile Discussion

1empyrean on Inniaz's Deasil Designs EDH

1 month ago

Inniaz doesn't target, which allows me to steal thing with hexproof and shroud.

Earlier versions of the deck ran the usual counter spells, but I don't really like to play that way. Dovescape and Guile with a bunch of counter spells might work, but I'm still trying things out, seeing what works, and how people treat Inniaz as a threat. If I do decide later to run counters, I have access to all the best ones except for Mana Drain, which I see no point in getting at the moment.

Also, I'm currently focusing too much on removing creatures, and I need to fix that. Originally, my idea was to give away creatures and stealing noncreatures, but the deck changed over time and bouncing and destroying noncreatures would help me deal with quite a lot of things.

Vash13 on Top of the Elemental Food Chain

2 months ago

I find it really wierd you have no elementals (almost none) in this deck, the whole point of omnath is to flood out whith elementals, on that note some cards that do some serious work with omnath include Animar, Soul of Elements, Chandra's Spitfire, Fire Urchin, Forgotten Ancient, Guile, Lavakin Brawler, Scampering Scorcher, and especially Risen Reef is a power house, these are just a few that are good across the board then depending on your theme you can add others to make it truly insane, omnath can get out of control fairly quickly.

omega1563 on Azami's Wizard Gang

8 months ago

Planned Changes:

Torekai92 on Taigam, Pillow Fort Master

8 months ago

KayneMarco you're definitely right. I built this deck based on things I had currently. Guile is in my Maybeboard currently. I want to pick up for the reason you mentioned lol. Sounds like it would be a blast if it gets to go off.

KayneMarco on Taigam, Pillow Fort Master

8 months ago

Actually surprised I don’t see Guile in the 99. Combined with dovescape you’ld get all your opponents tokens being created by dovescape.

Azeworai on Baral's Happy Fun Time ($300)

11 months ago

May I recommend one of either Lullmage Mentor or Guile ? They tend to be potent.

Matso on Murder Suicide

1 year ago

Thank you for your comments king-saproling! Glad you like the deck.

I like the substitution strategy for getting around resolving my original spell while still letting Hive Mind create copies for my opponents: if I kill myself too often I'll revisit these cards. I'm trying to stay away from sorcery speed tricks so that if I wheel with Hive Mind up I can cast spells between each resolution. The repeated no turn concept with Snap is hilarious, however I actively avoid putting infinite combos in my decks. Cephalid Shrine and Guile is another neat combo, but narrow and hard to fit in.

Thanks again!

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