Saheeli's Artistry


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Saheeli's Artistry


Choose one or both ---

  • Create a token that's a copy of target artifact

  • Create a token that's a copy of target creature, except it's an artifact in addition to its other types

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Saheeli's Artistry Discussion

TheRedGoat on Metal Thieves

1 week ago

So, how seriously are you wanting to be combo oriented? I ask because I can think of a ton of infinite combos that would fit great in your build, but if you're only wanting the few then it isn't worth it.

Also the question may arise of how much blue are you really wanting? Cause I can name several ideas for infinite mana that don't require blue at all or even you lands as much.

For now I'll just leave you with the quiet knowledge of Shrewd Negotiation, Saheeli's Artistry, and Whir of Invention.

mattitude on Breya Token Abuser

3 weeks ago

Here are some generally good cards for artifact recursion, artifact synergies, Breya synergies, or goodstuff cards that would fit well in the deck.

Illusionist's Bracers: Get double the effects from Breya! Kinda clunky, but very powerful once you get this online.

Skullclamp: Card draw engine that happens to fit perfectly with thopters. Honestly a must have.

Trading Post: Another MUST HAVE in any sort of artifact deck. Can go in any deck really, but is especially useful in Breya.

Goblin Welder: Another Daretti, but can use it at instant speed. Essential for any heavy artifact / artifact recursion deck.

Solemn Simulacrum: Artifact and ramp. Also loves to be sacrificed to things.

Baleful Strix: Just an all around good card. Also an artifact

Trinket Mage: A nifty utility creature that can grab lots of useful artifacts for you like any of your artifact lands (if you're stuck on mana), Sol Ring, Skullclamp, Relic of Progenitus, etc.

Spell Swindle: Makes lots of artifacts for you to abuse!

Revel in Riches / Deadeye Plunderers / Treasure Map  Flip: Continuing the treasure theme, use it to draw cards or outright win the game.

Marionette Master: Makes artifacts or abuses opponents while you happily sacrifice your artifacts. Helps you actually win the game.

Fabricate: A tutor for artifacts, sometimes better than Diabolic Tutor.

Supreme Verdict: Good card in general

Nevinyrral's Disk: Good artifact wrath card. And pretty good in general

Ichor Wellspring: An innocuous artifact that can draw you lots of cards if you abuse it correctly. Loves to be sacrificed to Breya!

Panharmonicon: Good in general, kinda goes in every EDH deck.

Krark-Clan Ironworks: Great artifact sacrifice outlet

All the artifact Signets: For example Azorius Signet. These tend to be better mana rocks than your standard mana rock since they fix your colors and are very cheap.

Thopter Spy Network: Makes tokens to sacrifice and draws cards. A perfect engine for Breya.

Saheeli's Artistry: Makes copies of the best things on the battlefield for you. They're also artifacts!

Bident of Thassa: An artifact that draws you cards

S1ydevi1 on Rutron of the Fomori

1 month ago

Good call. I dont really want to remove any lands to add this and I dont mind bringing down my curve... Saheeli's Artistry is a bit spendy, and doesnt necessarily assist the Ruhan plan all that much. I think Ill swap those.

Argy on UB primal amulet control

2 months ago

What is happening with this deck is that Opponent Creatures are being stalled, but still slowly overtake this before it can get its plan together.

That's largely due to two factors:

  1. There are a LOT of high CMC cards, so they don't get a chance to be played, as the game is over by that stage.

  2. The cards return things to hand, rather than flat out destroy them. That slows down the Opponent, but not enough.

IMO something like this would work better:


3x Baral's Expertise
1x Island
4x Saheeli's Artistry
1x Swamp


2x Evolving Wilds - Sac to trigger Revolt on Fatal Push, so it hits more stuff. Maybe play a third, and take out one more basic land, if it doesn't slow the mana base down too much
1x Fatal Push
3x Vraska's Contempt
3x Walk the Plank

I played Hostage Taker for a while, but stopped due to the fact that there are so many Abrade and Lightning Strike in the current meta.

Contraband Kingpin might work better.

If you make changes tag me in these Comments, and I'll take another look.

landofMordor on Simic commander for Spirit Tribal

3 months ago

Ideally, of course, it'd be a Simic Spirit...since those don't exist, I might suggest Rashmi. She is INSANE value with minor deckbuilding concessions like Future Sight or Descendant of Soramaro (very in-theme here). And you can use instant-speed Arcane stuff to double the value on your opponent's turn.

As a random side note, last weekend my brother untapped with Rashmi and Future Sight up, and I had exactly one turn to avert disaster helming Oloro. In desperation, I played Enigma Sphinx...only to turn up Saheeli's Artistry...I was totally channeling the heart of the cards, I think.

Hc_Clan on Look at this stuff, Isn't it Neat? (Thada Adel)

3 months ago

Hey ShreddyBass! Thank you for your feedback! Yes, sorry, I guess it was budget but I've done some upgrades since first posting the deck -- I'll make sure to change that or add budget alternatives in the description. I would recommend if you're playing against precons take out some of the removal and control in exchange for cheap draw spells. You could also do merfolk or clone (shapeshifter) tribal if that interests you! Many merfolk give evasion bonuses (which could help our commander be more effective) and clones sort of 'mimic' our opponents power level which always makes the game more fun.

Here is what I would do if I wanted to do clone tribal on a budget, for example:

Out:Back to Basics, All Is Dust, Bribery, Caged Sun, Cyclonic Rift, Memnarch, Reliquary Tower, Rhystic Study, Sapphire Medallion, Sculpting Steel, Thassa, God of the Sea, Vedalken Shackles, Wurmcoil Engine

In:Stunt Double, Clone, Vizier of Many Faces, Body Double, Saheeli's Artistry

Combined with some ETB effects: Crystal Shard - bounce your own creatures!, Diluvian Primordial, Mulldrifter, Solemn Simulacrum, Archaeomancer

And some goodstuffs:Capsize, Fact or Fiction, Streambed Aquitects, Tideshaper Mystic

NV_1980 on Most Underplayed Commander!

4 months ago

Cool deck; though with a budget constraint that's slightly higher, I think it can be improved upon. Cards I'd add, would be some additional steal-creatures like Empress Galina, Memnarch and Roil Elemental. I think cards like Control Magic and Mind Control should also be in here (and Treachery, if you can get one).

Next I'd add some cheaper (in terms of CMC), more effective card draw options like Ponder, Preordain and Rhystic Study.

Also, I'd try make this deck even more reactionary than it already is by adding cards like Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Leyline of Anticipation and/or Vedalken Orrery. Make people afraid to attack you by stealing attackers from them (or your allies).

Last, but not least, I think Blade of Selves would look absolutely brutal on Keiga.

Cards I'd remove to make room for all of this: mostly cards that are either less powerful than some of the ones I just mentioned OR cards that do the same thing but have a higher CMC. Some examples: Saheeli's Artistry, Tempt with Reflections, Vesuvan Shapeshifter, Vizier of Many Faces, Curse of Verbosity and Mulldrifter.

Happy gaming!

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