Saheeli's Artistry


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Saheeli's Artistry


Choose one or both ---

  • Create a token that's a copy of target artifact

  • Create a token that's a copy of target creature, except it's an artifact in addition to its other types

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Saheeli's Artistry Discussion

ccevik on Temmet Token-ifacts

2 days ago

Hey Jumbo! I love your Temmet build! :DI tried to get to my own version and I came to the conclusion of a more shapeshifting version, so I have some recommendations.

I love to have a little Clone-creature package in my deck with the idea, to copy either my creatures and artifacts OR the best creature of my opponents. With these clones on my side, I have different targets for Fated Infatuation and Cackling Counterpart to get token-copies and populating them.For this trick, I like to conscript my opponents degenerate creatures with Bribery and Desertion. It generates a huge temposwing and you run away with every copy you generate of the stolen creature.Talking clones, I wondered how you didn't put Phyrexian Metamorph into this deck! :D It generates you new targets to make token-copies from with Cogwork Assembler, Saheeli's Artistry and even Mechanized Production

Maybe it depends on the time you recorded the video, but some of the strongest cards to add to the deck are additions from Amonkhet like Angel of Sanctions and especially Vizier of Many Faces. The Vizier is the best clone creature since Clever Impersonator because you can embalm it to get a token-copy, which you can populate gets doubled by Anointed Procession.

On behalf of value targets, I really like Wurmcoil Engine. Make two copies with Saheeli's Artistry, Cogwork Assembler and generate two 3/3 tokens constantly with Mimic Vat if Wurmcoil died. Nasty stuff right here.Another crazy thing is Frost Titan. One titan is really meh, but throwing out copies entering and attacking locks down the board easily if not handled early. Talking "throwing out copies", Blade of Selves can be tutored with Stoneforge Mystic and triggers many ETB effects at once, even though the tokens go away at the end of combat!

RUST-O on Tromokratis - Creatureless EDH

3 weeks ago

Thassa, God of the Sea would make your dude unblockable. and sry 1 every turn (technically a creature / mostly an enchantment)

Saheeli's Artistry, Rise from the Tides, Disallow, with so many artifacts.. maybe Mechanized Production??

dreamistt on

4 weeks ago

My Suggestions:

I think your mana base is a little messy.

As for ramp in itself:

  • Gilded Lotus is amazing, but it only nets you one color of mana, which can be a bummer at times.
  • I always advocate for the use of all available signets (Simic Signet, Izzet Signet and Gruul Signet in your case), since they fix your colors in the early game and help you ramp up a bit (plus, a Sol Ring + Signet starting hand can go crazy pretty fast)
  • Thought Vessel and Mind Stone are other 2-mana artifacts with some great extra utility.

Cards I don't like/I don't find useful enough:

Other suggestions (mostly more creatures to use as a toolbox):

lstpcobra on Sultai Summonings AE

1 month ago

Temur coloured summonings decks? I believe the only ones with success are Dimir coloured.

Also, your deck seems to fall flat against aggro due to only running 5 removal spells, 2 of which are sorcery and can't hit vehicles. Have you considered Fatal Push, Murder, Essence Extraction and To the Slaughter? I'm taking it your budget is stopping you from running a playset of Torrential Gearhulk? That card is nuts in a summonings deck.

Also I believe Saheeli's Artistry requires a target before you can cast it, therefor you would need a creature on the board beforehand.

Randomguy006 on Sultai Summonings AE

1 month ago

I like your take on it! The additions of Saheeli's Artistry and Rishkar's Expertise are great. I would add in more removal over disruption in the main deck though, but that depends on your local meta.


1 month ago

Cultivator's Caravan is the best mana rock in standard. It's a solid turn 3 play that allows you to play about anything in the deck on turn 4. I don't see any reason not to run is as a 2 of. The only issue is that you would have to drop something out and that would most likely be Confiscation Coup (which I would side board out for Saheeli's Artistry just for personal preference). Issue is if you drop the highest mana cost sorcery you have then you lose the effectiveness of good Ol' summonings. You still have plenty of other decent spells that will make you constructs though.

So I would play the caravan. It makes everything flow more smoothly and can't be targeted by creature removal unless you give them the opportunity to do so

Orion93 on Tez touch improv anguish

1 month ago

FitofRage aggro will beat control. You may take 1 in 5 rounds.

If you truly want to go the improvise route then try Inspiring Statuary and run Glimmer of Genius and Saheeli's Artistry and Metallurgic Summonings. Run each as a 2 of. And use Bone Saw, 2 is good. Drop to 2 Hope of Ghirapur since its not working for you.

Keep your Tezzeret. At the least he can do 2 things for you, make extra artifacts and become a huge target.

I would side board more control and kill. And maybe 2 other creatures. But keep the plan simple. You want to win with 5/5 beat down. That's all you have to go on. So make sure you can get it out there. Have the draw you need. Use metallurgical summoning to get more artifacts and then exile it for your instants and sorceries back

Shadow12721 on (Budget) Metalwork Colossus

1 month ago

I'd say yes, because the Journal would also help you with your goal of casting the Colossus for less. There are other, cheaper kill spells that you could add instead. (Looking at Fatal Push and Grasp of Darkness). Frankly, I have yet to see a reason to NOT include a Journal in any artifact deck. Also, something I forgot to mention is Saheeli's Artistry. Also, if you can manage to get a Mechanized Production, you'd be set!

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