Fell the Mighty


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare

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Fell the Mighty


Destroy all creatures with power than target creature's power.

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Fell the Mighty Discussion

StopShot on White Soldier Masterfully Tactical Deck

1 month ago

I have a few suggestions to give this deck some more oomph. For more removal I'd recommend; Path to Exile, Seal of Cleansing, Abolish, Return to Dust, Tariff, Mass Calcify, Fell the Mighty, Harsh Mercy, Cast Out, Grasp of Fate, and World Queller.

For token production I'd recommend Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Cenn's Enlistment, Luminarch Ascension, and Nomads' Assembly.

A fun thing to note about your commander is that he has first strike. To exploit this you could give him deathtouch through, Basilisk Collar, Gorgon Flail, and Gorgon's Head. If you equip any of these three to your commander and you have three additional creatures attacking you can force your opponent to block your commander with three of their biggest creatures, and since your commander has first strike and death touch the opponent's creatures end up dying while your commander lives.

Some other good value cards to run would be Pearl Medallion, Obelisk of Urd, Door of Destinies, Maze of Ith, and Brave the Sands.

Panas on Last minute Brion Stoutarm help!

1 month ago

I'll start with the questions since that's easier.

1) +x/+0 effects are not necessary. Damage multipliers could be nice since you will be playing a fair-er deck.

2) Dreadnought is worth the money for the right deck. That deck is piloted by Varolz, the Scar-Striped. I wouldn't consider it for Brion.

3) Kiki-jiki is worth it. A wonderful combo piece that can go wild in almost every deck that runs red. In your colours, he could be a secondary win condition with Restoration Angel and Zealous Conscripts (you could add more combo pieces but that would draw the deck away from what you want to do by taking too many slots).

Alright! Now on with suggestions and notable omissions:

Bloodshot Cyclops is a second Brion and I think it's necessary in every Brion deck as a backup.

Might Makes Right is an interesting repeatable threaten effect. The drawback can be negated by most giants since they tend to be larger than average.

Vicious Shadows can be another mighty red enchantment.

As a matter of fact I would include less creatures that die at end of turn. Either that or include more recursion like Karmic Guide and Sun Titan. Try to find space for Kor Cartographer and Knight of the White Orchid as some of the only land-ramp in white.

Another major issue with the deck is your Sunforger. Where are the instants it will tutor for!? You need to improve that package with a lot of other cards. My suggestions for a decent boros package are Into the Core, Boros Charm, Swords to Plowshares, Return to Dust, Wild Ricochet and Master Warcraft.

Then card draw... I'd like to see (a lot) more, you will probably like to see more as well. But in boros that may be rough, sadly...

For boardwipes you have the classics (e.g. Day of Judgment) but you may find some interest in cards like False Prophet and Bearer of the Heavens. They can be very political and can prove a very literal threat with your commander. Otherwise opt for cards that offer versatility like Tragic Arrogance and Fell the Mighty.

Lastly, i would recommend taking a look at Brion's page on EDHRec. It's by no means the golden standard to pick cards from there, but it's a decent source of inspiration.

I hope this was at least a little bit insightful for you. It's always nice to see unconventional commanders and I would have loved to see a Brion deck at my table!

JoltsOfEnergy on The Lords of Endless Strife

1 month ago

I feel like Garruk Wildspeaker and Xenagos, the Reveler would work well in this deck. Also Martial Coup and/or Fell the Mighty could be decent boardwipes for this strategy.

dreamistt on Mah Merfolk Tribal

2 months ago

Remove Spreading Seas, Always Watching ,Aquitect's Will and Burnished Hart.

Trade your Fumigate for a Dusk or Fell the Mighty or Retribution of the Meek or Solar Tide.

Drowner of Secrets + Intruder Alarm + Stonybrook Schoolmaster is a combo you could consider. Altar of the Brood also fits in.By using Merrow Reejerey to untap an Azorius Chancery you can achieve infinite mana through a Cloudstone Curio if you have 2 merfolks with cmc = 1 (or cost reducing), so you might want to consider Kefnet's Monument and Sapphire Medallion.Cloudstone Curio would also work for infinite tokens and even infinite mana if you use +Paradox Engine untaps your merfolk and mana rocks whenever you cast a spell. Spell Burst can lock everyone if you manage to generate in mana rocks/creatures, for instance.

+High Tide doubles up your mana for a turn

+Scourge of Fleets


Maybe Blustersquall, maybe Breaking Wave, maybe Faces of the Past (this one combos with Schoolmaster + Altar of Dementia/Blasting Station).

Maybe Retreat to Coralhelm + Walking Atlas + Oboro Breezecaller (infinite mana with a land that taps for 2 mana or simply infinite landfall for Altar of the Brood)

Maybe consider Blue Sun's Zenith since with infinite mana you can draw every card of your deck or force someone to deck out.

Maybe Winter Orb since your average CMC is so low and you'll have ways of untapping stuff (it'll lock everyone else out)

BS-T on GoldGhost012

2 months ago

Hi, re the Drake HavenFell the Mighty .47 Odric, Lunarch Marshal .80 Loxodon Warhammer .65 Faith's Reward .43 Insidious Will .30 just about gets us there - I've got a Renewed Faith to add in too to even things up.

I did just have the thought that I'm in the UK and didn't know if you were as well, or happy mailing anyway?

deepon on ( $25 Budget!!! ) Doran the explorer

2 months ago

Ohh Ready/Willing would be a nice play if you pay the mana cost of each spell. Fell the Mighty is good as long as your creatures aren't too beefy in the power department.

fyrewire on Doran Hatebear

2 months ago

Hey logician: Wow - thanks for the detailed feedback. Some really interesting suggestions and insightful advice here!

Aven Mindcensor is a really good suggestion - that effect is amazing. It'd be one of the few cards in the deck that gets worse when Doran is out, but it's not like I'm playing it for the body anyway. Definitely going to fit this in somewhere.

The land is a little on the low side (especially since one of them, Hall of the Bandit Lord, is more a spell than a mana source). I actually just cut down from 35 after playing a few games with it, so this might go back up after more playtesting. The main reason this is low right now is related to the lack of end-game that you pointed out - there's not a ton of cards to ramp up to besides Elesh Norn.

You're absolutely right about the meta being more on the casual side. I'm not opposed to combos, and they would help in the late game, but I'm not going to introduce them unless the meta forces me to.

Council's Judgment is a interesting card (and also a fun political card, which I like) - will try to fit this in, as more removal is always good. Assault Formation I've already tried and found pretty underwhelming - there aren't a ton of defenders in the deck worth using it on (really only Tree of Perdition) and I'm fine with letting them just be big blockers and attack with other creatures/Doran.

You're absolutely correct on the creatures - they are mostly chosen so they are immune to power-based boardwipe/lockdown, though there are exceptions for obviously good cards. Luckily most hatebears are small enough to be unaffected.

Tutors can definitely be improved, yes. At some point I'll probably add a Demonic Tutor, maybe just replacing the Steelshaper's Gift. The repeatable tutor is a good idea, especially to grab the best hatebear for a specific situation. Do you have a suggestion between Fauna Shaman or Birthing Pod (or should I just grab both)?

The endgame point is quite apt - it definitely doesn't have anything it's building towards, so it can/does get out-curved by late-game decks. At later turns I'm usually just reactive (removal, board wipes) and hoping that's enough to stop a late-game opponent from going off - which isn't ideal. It is an issue that I need to address. Short of combos, I am considering adding some MLD instead (somewhat degenerate as well, but slightly less so and already done by a few players) to try and bring the game back to the early/mid game - let me know what you think of this. It would probably replace an existing board wipe, maybe swapping out one of Retribution of the Meek or Fell the Mighty for a Catastrophe

Thanks again for looking the deck over! Really appreciate it.

-Logician on Doran Hatebear

2 months ago

Hey fyrewire. I like me some hatebear lists and I thought I'd give you a few pointers for your deck!

You definitely have some nice pieces of a cardboard in this pile. This is clearly not a list thrown together with random cards in your collection. I sense purpose in every slot. Well done! You're working with quite a few decent cards that shut off your opponents' strategies, which is pretty cool. I noticed though that you're missing Aven Mindcensor. It turns off your opponents' tutors and fetch lands, and I would regard it has one of the most powerful hatebears in the format.

I like the mana you're working with here. 33 lands and a total of 44 cards that are dedicated to mana. That is sufficient, but I will add that it is on the low-end of the spectrum. I like running up to about 47 to 48 cards dedicated to mana. You have more experience piloting your deck than I do, so if 44 works for you, then awesome!

Overall, this appears to be a very grindy deck. On the games you win, you really earned it. There's nothing sneaky going on here, no infinite combos that I can see. I'm getting the picture that you play in a pretty casual meta without combos. If that's wrong and you do want to add combos, I'll be happy to make some good suggestions.

Your removal package seems pretty sweet. I'm bit surprised to not see Council's Judgment, but maybe you'd prefer the instant speed Anguished Unmaking. I'd honestly recommend both.

Perhaps you've already tried Assault Formation and it didn't work out so well, but it seems like a pretty sweet card allowing you to attack with your defenders.

It looks like your creature package is difficult to make cuts from because it's all part of this plan for you to have a team of creatures that doesn't die to your own Fell the Mighty or Retribution of the Meek, and you just want to have a giant trampling commander (hopefully being the only attacker allowed due to Ensnaring Bridge). You're taking steps to protecting Doran and getting him as well as other valueable cards back from the graveyard, as well as holding down you opponents' boardstates in hopes they won't get out of control.

I'd say your biggest weakness is that, in the late game, you might be playing a bit too fairly. I'm envisioning this great set up, and then boom. Your opponent casts a Planar Cleansing or something. You've got a strong grindy mid-game, and then your cards just don't seem to consistently push into an even stronger late game (maybe a little stronger, but not always strong enough). So on turn 8+, sometimes you're still playing a midrange deck. Opposing control decks with big top-ends are likely able to out-curve you in the late game making it difficult to beat them in really long games, though you'd probably put up a good fight. None of this would be a problem if your deck could win in the mid-game, but it merely controls the mid-game and tries to grind out a win in the late game. That said, you do have a few great cards to compete in really long games, like Elspeth, Elesh Norn, Sun Titan, Tower Defense, Phyrexian Arena etc. And you have a few tutors as well. It'd be really nice to see a card that tutors more than once, like Survival of the Fittest, Fauna Shaman, or Birthing Pod. A Yisan, the Wanderer Bard would be nice too. Just something like that can give you a much clearly direction from turns 4 onward. You can start to more confidantly rely on your plans for not just next turn, but the following turn as well. This isn't a weakness that's easily remedied without turning to combos. You have a themed deck with a strong mid-game. You don't want to change that.

I enjoyed checking out your list. Best of luck.

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