Pirate's Prize


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Pirate's Prize


Draw two cards. Create a colorless Treasure artifact token with "Tap, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

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Pirate's Prize Discussion

dotytron on Torment From the God-Pharaoh

2 hours ago

Deathgorge Scavenger i would sb and Naga Vitalist i would drop and add in two Sailor of Means if you need those slots to be creatures and Depths of Desire or Pirate's Prize for more spells

Karthin on Sanity Mill (Help Wanted)

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions, Galaad!

I'll look into Cryptic Serpent, since I think that works well with the deck. I think you're right on Glimmer of Genius, I had originally for Pirate's Prize for the fact that it can help you ramp into something else...but I just remembered it's at sorcery speed, which puts a damper on it.

I'm looking for more sideboard cards, but I'm not sure what's worth throwing in. If you have more suggestions I'd like to hear it!

munky702 on Arcane Scarab Monument

2 weeks ago

Mmmk.. Lost legacy is so hard to find. Probably need to get some online. And fatal push is so dang pricey.. But I think I have a card to trade in for that..

Should I take some creatures out and a few artifacts and have some draw effects in there? Opt, Chart A Course, Supreme Will and Pirate's Prize just to further their enhancement of getting to where I need to be?

Uriel_Everos on Pirates Revel in Riches!

2 weeks ago

Ruthless Knave seems like it would kill you because of the amount of high cmc cards.


PTT5001 on Temur Dinosaurs

2 weeks ago

multimedia thank you for your suggestion! I understand what you said about running 4 of control spells in main board and what would you suggests in taking out? probably the Savage Stomp? As to the mana base i too see that you are right because i have way too many green symbols in may mana base and the canals would reduce them a bit and make my early plays probably more consistent!As to Pirate's Prize maybe i'll give it a run or two to see how it works around!Since you suggested running the 4x Commune with Dinosaurs would you take out the 4x Aether Hub? because i will not have the plus energy they give...

multimedia on Temur Dinosaurs

2 weeks ago

Hey, this is an interesting take on Dinos. I like the addition of blue to combat board wipes.

Consider Vizier of Many Faces? It can copy a Dino such as Alpha, Ripjaw even Tyrant. When it dies as long as it wasn't exiled you can get it back with embalm making a copy of something else. It can also copy a creature from your opponent such as The Scarab God which looks hard to answer here.

I would pick between playing Negate or Pierce and play which ever one you choose as a 4 of. It can be split between main and sideboard what you're currently doing with 2x of both. I suggest this because the main reason you're playing blue is to have this board wipe or removal protection 2x of either is not consistently enough to matter in matchups when you need it.

Looking at the manabase I suggest adding 3x Spirebluff Canal in place of 2x Botanical and Territory. I suggest this because of Huntmaster and Abrade giving you more opportunities to cast either turn two. This change will also give you more red sources, an equal amount of 15x of both green and red sources and one additional blue source.

Consider choosing between playing either Attune or Commune? Each are better as 4 ofs because they give you a turn one play. I don't think you need both. Attune is pretty bad as only a 2 of. Commune is fine as a 2 of although better as 4 because it's good mid and late game where as Attune is not. Commune can find a land or a Dino giving it in my opinion the upper hand. The only thing Attune is doing that Commune can't is helping to power Hub.

Consider more of a sideboard plan vs Control and board wipes? I suggest giving Pirate's Prize a playtest vs control since you're playing blue. Let me explain, two of the ways that Control beats you is with draw card advantage and a board wipe. By adding blue you've included good ways to stop a board wipe, but can also include ways to get more card advantage. Another way Control beats you is 1 for 1 your Dinos with counterspells or removal other than Tyrant since realistically even with Huntmaster or Driver you're only playing one big Dino a turn until the late game. The problem is if you're moving into the late game vs control you've lost.

Prize does two things first it gives you some draw, but it also gives you ramp in the form of a treasure. This treasure can be ramp that doesn't die to a board wipe or creature removal or makes it more possible to play a Dino while also holding up counter magic for the turn because the treasure can make blue mana. Essence Scatter is very good vs this deck and it's a staple for control. Scatter can't counter a Prize.

Unicornsareevil on Mechanized Riches

3 weeks ago

Titanco unfortunately the deck doesnt have room for exile removal because it needs as much Destroy spells as possible so they trigger Revel in Riches. Putting a card in to defeat one of the amonkhet gods seems a bit meta specific and since no one at my LGS bothers running them there is no need. Its also worth noting that a board wipe like Bontu's Last Reckoning will likely turn off Bontu, Oketra and Rhonas. Thanks for the input though and if your looking to make a similar deck and need a way to combat the goods then Vraska's Contempt would replace Marionette Master or Pirate's Prize

ScrubNation on U/B Treasure Control

3 weeks ago

The issue with Pirate's Prize is that it only makes 1 treasure for a 4 drop. With Captain Lannery Storm I can have 2 treasure and glimmer turn 4 or draw 2 or cycle for 1 and use a spell at the same time. I just see more options on glimmer or illumination in comparison to pirate's prize

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