Bounty Agent


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Bounty Agent

Creature — Human Soldier


, Sacrifice Bounty Agent: Destroy target legendary permanent that's an artifact, creature or enchantment.

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Bounty Agent Discussion

KayneMarco on Lieutenant Kirtar control

2 weeks ago

Love the originality of using a relatively unheard of commander. I see your creature count is on the low side. I have a number of suggestions that would help with the control theme. They are:

Any or all of these cards would help defend against all sorts of play styles. Not sure what you have going for a wincon but Elesh Norn would make death by combat a lot more viable. That and she shuts down a lot of token strategies.

Yotian_Soldier on 75% Tajic - Boros Soldier Tribal

1 month ago

03 Nov Updates with ELD:

Arcane Signet > Entrapment Maneuver : Additional 2 CMC ramp

Heraldic Banner > Thought Vessel : Provides both colored mana and an anthem for the majority of our white creatures

Tome of Legends > Boros Battleshaper : Additional card draw and since we are in the aggro plan our commander is attacking most of the time putting a counter in the tome

Bounty Agent > Odric, Master Tactician : With our reasonable amount of recursion in the deck, the agent can be a good removal against our opponent's commander or other legendary artifact, creature or enchantment

Boros Garrison > Needle Spires

Emeria, The Sky Ruin > Ancient Amphitheater : another source of recursion in the late game

DrkNinja on Tajic, Legion's Edgelord [Boardwipe Aggro, Primer]

6 months ago

Lets start with your CMC. In order for an aggro deck to be fast, the mana curve for the deck needs to be incredibly low to the ground. With that in mind here are some creatures that are all sub-three CMC:

You do also need some cards to add support which you have a few of but these three are pretty hefty; Iroas, God of Victory , Purphoros, God of the Forge and Hero of Bladehold .

You are also gonna need to give your creatures haste, and one of my favorite cards does just that for next to nothing; Mass Hysteria .

Here are a few cards I also think would be really good support, or are staples in this archetype:

I know your goal isn't to nessecarily win via commander damage but these two cards I find are helpful and threaten any opponent usually... Sword of Feast and Famine and Sword of Fire and Ice

Lastly... I know you said you avoided it intentionally but... I think it was a mistake... You need more ramp. The more ramp you have the faster you can play dudes the faster you can kill someone. So Mana Crypt , Sol Ring , Boros Signet , Chrome Mox , etc. I think you should play at least 5 ramp artifacts to really help you get that overwhelming force, because on T4 you now have to live in fear of WoGs

Ok that's all... he said after posting a page long comment... Sorry. <3 If you need help with cuts anything above 4 cmc should be the first things to go with the exception of Cathar's. get your CMC as close to 2 as you can.

Hexaflexagon on I'd rather be Flying!

7 months ago

Hey stensiagamekeeper,

Thanks for your comment. Sorry for such a late reply, I was just on a plane and had to go to school the next day, so this is the only chance I've had to write to you. I see your point on a lot of four drops and I agree that I might benefit from having less four drops. I like Storrev, Devkarin Lich because he can return Planeswalkers as well as creatures and they return to the graveyard once they die, allowing me to use them again. I like the idea of Despark , but I really like the lifegain on Vraska's Contempt and the ability to kill any creature or Planeswalker against aggro. So that'll probably be staying in. But I will consider Despark in my sideboard. I really like Dryad Greenseeker , but the thing is that it only puts the land in my hand, and not on the battlefield is really important. I really like Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip and I have nothing against it, it's a really good card. I might make out a Vivien and Ripjaw for 2 Blood Fast, I'll have to think about it. I see your point on Bounty Agent , but we'll see weather or not the meta has enough reasons for it to have a spot or two in my sideboard.

Thanks again,


stensiagamekeeper on I'd rather be Flying!

7 months ago

Trainyaj, it's around 50% to have one creature but more like 80% to have one or more (assuming 24 creatures).

Hexaflexagon, that's a lot of 4 drops. Storrev, Devkarin Lich could be a Isareth the Awakener and Despark might work in place of Vraska's Contempt . Not saying they are better just your curve might thank you. Dryad Greenseeker or Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip could be a nice fit for this deck as early plays that both let you hit land drops and accrue CA. Call me crazy but Bounty Agent might even be a relevant card this season with lyra, niv, search, baby bolas, landing, feather and zombie gods.

Dead-Ra on

9 months ago

Hi iatetoomxch i really like your list. I play a similar list. So i will give you some recommendions. Because of your direct impact preference:

good but not direct impact:

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH [REDUX]

10 months ago

hkhssweiss: Huh, I've always found Mask of Memory to be one of the strongest card advantage engines in the deck in testing. Gilded Lotus is a bit slow, I'll acknowledge, but remember that it's essentially 2 mana overall (it comes in untapped and immediately can be tapped to recover a certain amount of the mana investment). And Fight to the Death probably is one of the weaker links here, but I really love the idea of flashing in Archangel Avacyn  Flip followed by Fight to the Death as a surprise (or using it to screw over the Voltron player when they're chump-blocked). And honestly, I'd rather run Grand Abolisher than Tithe Taker here, we'll see :)

DrkNinja: Would you prefer Blind Obedience , Kismet , or Loxodon Gatekeeper here, if I were to run one?

RecklessN7: Bounty Agent was one of my most recent cuts actually! I wanted to run it as commander-hate and as a way to flip Avacyn, but it kinda got overshadowed by other things. And as I was cutting most of my self-sacrificing creatures, I ended up cutting Gift of Immortality (it no longer works with most of my options). I really like the idea of this version of the deck so far though!!

Darkshadow327: Your advice has been implemented!

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Bounty Agent occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%