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I never look at any deck list for ideas and brew all my decks based on personal experience and natural exposure to playgroups over kitchen table, LGS, and online play.

Become the netted; happy brewing.

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I see what you mean; +1!

March 19, 2019 12:52 a.m.

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jakeelephant006 Void Shatter is better thank you. I will swap it out. As for Cryptic... Hmmm... I'll have to find a spot for it maybe.. thanks for the suggestion!

March 18, 2019 3:30 p.m.

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SynergyBuild 007/006 refers to James Bond.

March 18, 2019 3:27 p.m.

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I think I'll try Ronom and swap it with a forest since I currently have 21 so it will be a nice round 20.

I'm not worried about rule of law effects because everyone is on the same level but once answered I dump my hand which usually devastates the board.

With MTG you can talk about infinite "what ifs" but there are equally as much "what ifs" to negate the "what if." I try to consider the what ifs but my take is "what if" this deck is too fast for everyone to keep up with?

That is the philosophy with this deck. It just explodes. I recommend looking at some of my other deck lists to get an idea for my build style.

March 16, 2019 5:10 p.m.

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Flex approves; +1!

March 15, 2019 7:18 p.m.

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dingusdingo hoooly cow. What an impressive reply! I appreciate you dissecting my deck thoroughly with valuable input. This is my baby. I used to run Rafellos before it was banned and this is the closest I can get to the feel. I've probably revised Azusa 300+ times trying every variant of 35-51 lands, lots of basic land ramp to no basic land ramp, fast mana rocks, answers to no answers, etc etc and this is my best version. It was amusing to see you post cards that this deck used to run but have since been taken out through trial and error. I'll break down each suggestion.

First, I must address that this current version ends games often by turn 4 and never beyond 6. Also, part of my strategy with this deck is I assume the other 2 opponents have answers. It opens myself up to risk but also allows me to laser focus. You mention 30 mana for Spawnsire being a lot, but it isn't a problem when it goes off turn 4. I can't remember the last time I won with C-hoof... I always aim for Spawn and hoof is an alt win con not really strived for.

By the time I have 5 mana for Mouth I'm probably doing something towards ending the game or setting up for next turn.

The purpose of Misty is to chain lands from the GY and thin the deck out. I keep lands in my hand in case that engine gets answered. I used to run more but it became redundant with more than 1 fetch out. None of those stax cards have ever stopped Asuza. i usually draw a bunch of cards and slap 3+ lands down anyway. It becomes a sort of 1v1 while the other 2 opponents suffer.

The issue I have with Azusa is having no hand by turn 3. This is why there is such an important emphasis on draw. I used to run with life's legacy, momentous fall, etc but I dont like saccing many creatures. Since I don't have too many high power creatures but T-don comes out every game I reduced it to a Greater Good since it has staying power and isn't a dead card in my hand while I'm waiting for a T-don.

I used to run howling mine but I prefer not to give my opponents any aid in this deck. I also used to run Memory Jar but I don't like discarding; I want to cast every single card I draw into. Sandstone Oracle nets me a minimum of 5 cards by turn 3 and is a chump blocker. Seer's sundial is meh... I can probably take your suggestion of using Carpet of Flowers but then I run into the scenario of... do I want X green mana from islands with no hand or a draw source... draw is what I go for.

The purpose for the 3 drop mana ramps is in case I don't get a mana intensive hand instead of casting Azusa I cast a mana ramp, which usually stabilizes my deck flow and I cast Azusa later. I took out tempt and hour but the deck really lacked without it. If I get 4 lands with tempt its GG. Every. Single. Time. Regardless of what they get.

I also used to run with Priest and Acolyte but they would almost always get field wiped or singled out before using them. Lands and ramp is more reliable. Sure, MLD is this deck's crux but depending on what draw source I have it wont impact Azusa at all. I used to run with Heroic Intervention but never had it in hand when it mattered.

This deck doesn't need much removal because it is that explosive. It is hard to explain... but if you played against it or play tested it you would get a better feel. You'd be surprised just how good a well timed T-Don wins the game. But, I usually use T-don to blow up Islands or heavy rocks. Moat, solitary, glacial chasm, w/e is all answered when the wishboard of Eldrazi get answered. All colored perms are gone, on my field now, blow up any colorless perms, and swing away.

The deck's average cmc is 3 so I am not worried about 5+ drops. I've been playing this deck for a long time and 9/10 hands are keepers, so the mulligan rate is very low.

I am not a fan of infinite; only a couple of my decks have a couple of infinites. Eldritch used to be in here but again, in this deck, it doesn't change much. Uncage the Menagerie may be a good substitute for Sundial. I'll have to try it out. This list is pretty solid so there are only 2-3 wiggle cards for play testing.

In closing, in cEDH decks this usually goes off between turn 4-6 depending on the level of interaction by the other 3. Any good cEDH game can last longer if everyone has answers, and the long game is not something you want Azusa in because the odds grow more in her favor than anyone elses. Thus is from my experience playing this at the LGS, online with players all over the world, and kitchen table MTG. I consider this my #2 deck next to turn 1 Narset. While not as fast as a turn 1 win I enjoy the consistency and ability to recover from mass answers.

I'll have to find a spot for carpet and possibly uncage. Thanks again.

March 15, 2019 7:02 p.m.

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OneManaBoi sort by price. Look at any card over $20 and see what abilities they have. go to and use their advanced search to find other cards with like abilities but are cheaper. I use to research all of my brews. The deck will function fine with replacements. Take note of my win cons, and fill in the rest with cheap substitutes. Happy brewing.

March 6, 2019 6:48 p.m.

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OneManaBoi I keep getting asked this so maybe I should. What is you budget?

March 4, 2019 6:21 p.m.

Bolas is my spirit animal. I approve.

March 3, 2019 11:32 p.m.

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ThatOneOkeyplayer blue players that can't counter spells.

March 3, 2019 6:44 p.m.






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