Faerie Conclave

Faerie Conclave


Faerie Conclave enters the battlefield tapped.

: Gain .

: Faerie Conclave becomes a 2/1 blue Faerie creature with flying until end of turn. It's still a land. (It can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

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Faerie Conclave Discussion

zapyourtumor on Liberated From Pain

2 months ago

Since the deck is aggro-tempo, I think you can probably drop the Cryptic Commands, as they are too slow and worse than Remand here. I assume you're using Unsummon instead of Vapor Snag because you can bounce your own creatures?

I think you could fit in a singleton of Spell Snare in there, just because it's really satisfying when it works. Also, have you tried testing with 4x Aether Vial? Maybe 1x Faerie Conclave? Other potential faeries are Sower of Temptation, Faerie Impostor, Glen Elendra Archmage (a bit slow but a singleton can do some work). Maybe Chart a Course for more draw or Favorable Winds to pump your creatures. Just throwing out ideas. Looks good! Although Vendilion Clique is dope im serious

SynergyBuild on Daveslab2022

2 months ago

Secure the Wastes is a bomb, abuse it ;)

The best dual tapped manlands are really Celestial Colonnade, Lumbering Falls, and Creeping Tar Pit, abuse the heck out of them! Mishra's Workshop, Inkmoth Nexus, Blinkmoth Nexus, and Mutavault are also all amazing, so do as you wish with those! Otherwise Treetop Village, Faerie Conclave, and perhaps even Frostwalk Bastion are good enough to test ;)

Sylvarion on Bitter Hollow

3 months ago

That's not an entirely bad idea, and I've actually ended up considering that at one point. I'm considering removing Serum Visions and 1 Creeping Tar Pit, and possibly even River of Tears to add in 3 Faerie Conclave. Thoughts?

Faerie Conclave would also sync with Spellstutter Sprite I beleive.

dichia on Bitter Hollow

3 months ago

Why not Faerie Conclave instead of Creeping Tar Pit? It only gives blue mana yes, but you can probably work around that. It costs less to transform though, and it's a faerie. Scion of Oona would buff it and give it shroud. You could also transform it to avoid land destruction if used with the scion.

Daedalus19876 on Click here if I can have your name.

3 months ago

I respect the dedication that went into the faerie theming! Secluded Glen is a great land for this list, and Faerie Conclave is very flavorful if not powerful. I would also run Anguished Unmaking over Vindicate any day. The biggest thing I feel you're missing is Opposition and Attrition, both of those cards are BONKERS with Alela. Your opponents never get lands or creatures again!

With regards to your comment about introducing other wincons -- I can't think of many wincons that really fit your theme here. Alela doesn't win with infinite mana, and mana sinks don't work super well with her. I'd focus on control and stax and taxing effects that help facilitate your beatdown :)

Yuri200X on modern mono blue aggro (budget)

4 months ago

At the moment your deck looks a little bit confusing... It doesn't seem too consistent in terms of a battle plan. I've seen Mono Blue Aggro thrive in 2 ocasions: merfolk and tempo aggro.

I think you're not much interested in merfolk since this lisr is clearly not based on that tribe.

So, I think you could go for a tempo-ish route that's still somewhat budgety:

Faerie Conclave can be a 2 or 4-of... (Depending on the tempest djin mechanics) Tempest Djinn is pretty neat Cryptic Serpent is interesting, but doesn't have evasion Pteramander is a 5/5 by turn 3-5 Thing in the Ice  Flip has some disruption that doesn't bother you too much...

With that in mind you could very well run Thought Scour to mill yourself and help your own creatures Think Twice since it's instant and gives 2 draws Opt because it's an instant Remand and Vapor Snag to build that tempo...

This way you could play on your opponent's turn while you build up your game and close the game with the creatures... I think I'd go with 4 thing in the ice, 4 pteramander and 2-4 tempest djin... And probably run 20-22 lands

4 think twice 2-4 thought scour 2-4 opt

And then leave the rest for remand, mana leak and whatnot

Destroyerbirb on Jalira’s Three Card Monte

5 months ago

Balaam_ Welcome back to Magic! There are great budget and non-budget options for lands, I will list good lands below.

The best lands for this would be man lands, land that can turn into creatures, because you can sacrifice them to Jalira's ability. These include... Lumbering Falls, Mutavault, Faerie Conclave and Treetop Village.

Other good lands include... Botanical Sanctum, Flooded Grove, Hinterland Harbor and Waterlogged Grove.

Try not to add too many man lands!

People think blue is only a control colour, but blue is more than that. It is a combo colour, one that doesn't like winning through regular creatures and attacking. It gives you card advantage, and you managed to showcase that perfectly. Only counter things that could be problamatic to your gameplan! (or if that thing will kill you on the spot.)

I will write another comment on a sideboard suggestion.

cantripsandbrahms on UR Budget Spell Synergy ((feedback appreciated))

6 months ago

Daron6 I like the Faerie Conclave idea I'll add one of those, and ill def replace the homunculus w/ another copy of the scions. I like him alot, but I think ill have save him for a instant/sorcery themed commander deck (as w/ many of the cards in the maybe board). I also do think it'll be smart to add more kiln fiends but maybe one Nivix Cyclops because it doesn't die to bolt? what do u think?

sergiodelrio Daron6 I was aware of the nombo, but I thought it wouldn't matter if my bored state got wiped becuase I would just win. If thats not the case I'm def not opposed to subbing them out for another young pyromancer and a kiln fiend or something.

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