Rain of Filth


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga (USG) Uncommon

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Rain of Filth


Until end of turn, lands you control gain "Sacrifice this land: Add (Black) to your mana pool."

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Rain of Filth Discussion

Camel-Senpai on Gitrog Stax

1 month ago
  1. Because in the best case scenario, you get Marit Lage out on turn 3 and now have to spend at least six more turns attacking with it and being behind on at least 2 lands in a deck that depends on having lands out for Rain of Filth to win. Both of these cards are individually dead draws for the deck and seeing as I don't have any built in protection, it can easily get exiled by anyone playing white with the only benefit being that I might get to draw my deck out with Ad Nauseam in the case that I topdeck it. Realistically, spending two tutors, at least 5 mana, and denying yourself lands to get a Timmy creature out is really only going to work against twelve year olds that don't run removal.

  2. The meta I'm in isn't dependent on voltron or attacking with infinite creatures. It also doesn't protect against commanders that attack and win based on having attacked like zur,the enchanter. Gitrog also has this cool feature where you can tap your land for mana just before sacrificing it, and I see that as more valuable than people not being able to attack me for a turn or two if I don't have a Crucible of Worlds out. The free draw is fairly negligible as there are many other lands in this deck that give me a free draw as well as build up my board state or help take down an enemy's. If I wanted to stall the game out, I'd ideally just lay down a Tangle Wire and take some free turns searching for combo pieces while everyone else has to deal with the fact that there are pieces of their board state that are literally unplayable.

xeratheenigma on Turf Wars (Shattergang Lands)

1 month ago

I have a Shattergang deck quite similar to this The Cyclops and the Toad.mine focuses more on the gitrog combo and graveyard interaction.

Having played Shattergang I like having all three colored artifact lands. Some cards I've had good success with are Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest,Sylvan Safekeeper, Squandered Resources, Rain of Filth, and Worm Harvest.

Mazirek can make creatures huge with ease. The three sac outlets are great and can also allow you to generate an absurd amount of mana for cheap. With as many lands as we play worm harvest can make an army easily

elfric on Kess stormy spellslinger

4 months ago

quite an interesting budget deck here.

interesting also because there are some strange parts about it. why labman when not doomsday? i dont want to say with this you should run dd. in fact i think your deck is not equiped enough to make good use out of dd. you miss Lions Eye Diamond, dark petition and urborg, tomb of yawgmoth to get easy access to BBB mana. also your landsbase is subotimal and thus gush wouldnt be as efficient as it should be. to sum it up no dd but maybe a better card than LabMan. labman will only win for you if you exile the whole deck. now if your only way to do that is going for infinite with mind's desire as its rare to get there manually then why not run tendrils instead of labman! dramatic scepter combo in a thrasios deck is a 2 card combo but here you need an actual outlet in your hand so if mind's desire is in hand you need a card that wins. aetherflux does so allready. tendrils would fit here as a backup but wins with dramatik scepter combo too wich labman doesnt. i know you could necro away your library or wheel multiple times a turn with notion thief in play are alternate routes but you get the picture. tendrils just supports the manual stomr plan way better than labman. tendrils also got the upside of mini draining after adNaus then with kess replay adNaus and finish the table at the second wave.

why dont you play Night's Whisper, Helm of Awakening and Past in Flames? they are all really good cards. Dark Petition also urges me that you dont play it. its extra good when going for a mini mind's desire. a demonic tutor and a dark ritual. its also great with baral and i like it with intuition alot. intuition for dark petition, cabal ritual and past in flames can be a big midgame bomb. i see you pilot kess but really do you allways want to cast her?

there are several things affected by your budget wich include lands and some of the better mana-rocks. because of this your high tide package is worse. also your chain of vapor wont as often be a ritual like hurkyll's recall often is used. basically resulting in a weaker midgame-manaengine. thus i would look at other options to help boost your mana. Rain of Filth might only be good during combo turn but its atleast powerfull there.

additionally you could opt about changing some of your control into Remand and/or Unsubstantiate to increase density for abusing storm. you can bounce your mind's desire to replay it after your strom copies resolve.

keep on storming

InfinityMinusOne on Land of the Free, Home of the Br(eya)ve

4 months ago

Elfric Thanks for the comment! It honestly hadn't occurred to me that Angel's Grace / ad nauseum / Yawgmoth's Will / Windfall was a potential wincon. That definitely fits the bill for what I was looking for.

Haven't heard or seen of Rain of Filth before, and it's dirt cheap. I love it! I'll add Mana Vault and Ancient Tomb as well. Is Dramatic Reversal good enough as a standalone card to merit running? Should I add a copy of Isochron Scepter just as another wincon, or would it not merit the additional space?

elfric on Land of the Free, Home of the Br(eya)ve

4 months ago

"whether I want to incorporate another wincon (i.e. Storm feat. Aetherflux Reservoir..."

your manabase is dirty as you are on a budget. because of that High Tide isnt doable and because of that storm is not as good. for doing so you need proper mana power. something that can REALLY boost your mana form barely 5 up to 15-20 mana.

but this isnt a bad message because there already is another wincon in your deck: angels grace into ad nauseam into brainstorm (put yawgmoth's will back on library) into windfall into yawg win into windfall again. everyone should be decked while you aint dead.

now back to the manabase. there are several cheap cards that can give you some more boost. as you also dont play Gush i recommend Rain of Filth. then you can grab a Mana Vault and a Dramatic Reversal. next up you can upgrade your Reliquary Tower to an Ancient Tomb. the redundancy in good mana cards pays out more than sometimes having the tower at the right moment. especially as you also dont play necro.

Stoic Rebuttal is bad. there are lots of better counters. for example if you choose to play baral all counters at not double blue become so much better. ex: delay / arcane denial...

your list does not contain that much gas cards. impact/ hit-cards or at least tutors to get those should be a little more dense to not just durdle-control for several turns but getting nowhere...

have success with your list

Manalito on Yidris: Whack-A-Mole!

5 months ago

I don't know if running Rain of Filthinstead of Mana Geyser might be a good idea. I was also planning on doing the deck as storm but now I think this might suit my playing style a little bit more. Many thanks.

karmassassin on Maralen Competitive

6 months ago

JK, I forgot that I didn't use the "new turn" button to avoid the draw for turn. But a turn four kill is still quite exciting. Of note, I have never seen the card Rain of Filth before, and think it has some pretty sweet potential - thanks for the discovery!

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Sek'Kuar, The Meat Master

6 months ago


Thank you for the compliment! This beast has turned into my favorite deck. Rain of Filth has been in and out a few times - it works very well, but it's dead-in-hand until the turn you go off, so it got cut in favor for things that can be dropped beforehand. Reprocess would fill my hand, but only after I've comboed - and I don't plan on having a 'next turn' at that point. I cut out other draw-on-sac mechanisms as well with that in mind.

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