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I'm primarily a Modern player, but dabble in Commander and Legacy as well. My claims to fame are that I have almost every major modern deck at my disposal in paper, and I qualified for a Modern Pro Tour a few years back (PT Rivals of Ixalan in Bilbao, Spain 2018). I'm an active trader on this site with a large trade history, so don't hesitate to hit me up with trade offers if you see anything you like or if you have something that I want.

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Vinman- As is normally the case with determining a SB, you want to include cards that will help you against decks that you might be weak against or cards that will invalidate the SB cards your opponent brings in. For me, the most important cards in the SB are 3-4 Ravenous Traps and the additional removal. Mill is naturally good against combo and certain forms of control, but weak against aggro. That's why I have additional cheap removal in my SB for the aggro decks, but they also have uses in other situations. Feed the Swarm removes enchantments, and Bloodchief's Thirst removes planeswalkers if needed. For example, I'll swap in the thirsts for the pushes against control since I want to remove their PW wincons. Many decks now SB Gaea's Blessing or one of the eldrazi titans against us, and dredge and Uro decks want full graveyards so having instant-speed grave hate is a must. Ravenous Trap is simply the best choice since it is free for us most of the time and exiles those problem cards. Ashiok is additional gy hate that helps against Primeval Titan decks among others. I like ensnaring bridge as a way to extend the game against midrange and aggro, but it's a flex spot for sure. Lurrus is a free-roll since most decks only run the crabs and orbs as permanents, and the lifelink can help in some matches, but with the companion errata change I think it's too slow now. Still it's there if you want to use it. I hope some of that helps you determine what types off cards you want in your SB. Happy milling!

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