Hello all!

I'm primarily a Modern player, but dabble in Commander and Legacy as well. My claims to fame are that I have almost every major modern deck at my disposal in paper, and I qualified for a Modern Pro Tour a few years back (PT Rivals of Ixalan in Bilbao, Spain 2018). I'm an active trader on this site with a large trade history, so don't hesitate to hit me up with trade offers if you see anything you like or if you have something that I want.

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That works for me. I don't have a ton of trades built up on the site but the people I've traded with would all (hopefully) say I'm reliable. Whatever you want to propose up for the Scourge, I'm in

December 1, 2020 1:38 p.m.

FSims81 says... #2

I am still looking for the Spinners and the Triomes on my want list but I wasn't looking to trade necessarily. Just wanted to do a nice thing for the Holidays. It's not all 4 Scourge, but it'll get you closer

November 30, 2020 2:33 p.m.

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I understand the sentiment behind your offer. I just figured we could treat it like a mutual exchanging of gifts if you'd like, since it is the season after all. :) Plus using the trade function on this site is an easy way to exchange addresses and such.

December 1, 2020 12:08 p.m.

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Hey, I saw your message in the trade forum about the Scourge. Are you still looking for Destiny Spinners and the triome lands? We could probably set up a trade if you still need them.

November 30, 2020 1:26 p.m.

Ponza runs Chandra as a 1-2-of often, mostly if they aren't also running Wrenn and Six in the same list from what I've seen. Other 4-5 drops have made Chandra less common in Ponza as of late, namely Questing Beast and Elder Gargaroth in addition to Glorybringers. I still like having a copy in my ponza list, just to have an out to things like a MD Ensnaring Bridge. But honestly the biggest draw to a RG arbor elf/ blood moon deck is the ability to run whatever you want in those colors, so go ahead and play what you want!

November 19, 2020 2:16 p.m.

freddy3334- I (and others I'm assuming) still look at the notifications here when they pop up, but traffic has slowed down over the last year or so.

Also, I'm in search of 4x Scourge of the Skyclaves in case anyone has them. I'll look at your want lists for matches since I recently cleaned out my binder haves.

November 19, 2020 2:04 p.m.


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