Winding Way

Winding Way


Choose creature or land. Reveal the top four cards of your library. Put all cards of the chosen type into your hand and the rest into your graveyard.

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Winding Way Discussion

ClockworkSwordfish on King Kiora

2 months ago

I can't help but think you're a little short on ways to fill up the graveyard. The Looter and Kiora are pretty slow, in terms of rate of cards discarded and in mana cost, respectively. You might appreciate the speed of something like Winding Way or Careful Study.

Degaine on Gleaming the CLUEb

4 months ago

Winding Way is better than taigams scheming. You can get always smfn from it (but it is not going to be great tho) or creature alternative - Satyr Wayfinder. Golgari Brownscale maybe?

Degaine on GW Modular

4 months ago

not enough creatures to make Winding Way playable enough. Most of the time you are going to hit 1 or even 0.

Travel Preparations could be cool, Pollenbright Druid is just a lord or enabler, same as Bloom Hulk. Maybe Basri's Acolyte or Aquastrand Spider?

Ainok Survivalist could be nice sb card.

Gattison on Gruul Sandwiches...

4 months ago

Well, wow... this deck. One of the first pauper decks I ever built, and basically forgotten about until now. Thanks for your interest everybody, you've all inspired me to finally take a second/third/fourth/whatever look at it. I hope you all like the outcome! Let me know your honest thoughts! =D

Mechanon: Sorry for the late response, but I'm glad you like what you see, and I hope you like the new version just as much.

Cheerful_Zucchini: Great advice, all around. As for Hooting Mandrills and Winding Way, well... can you believe I'm out of spare copies, lol! For now I'm using Seek the Wilds and one each of Goblin War Party and Gnaw to the Bone as placeholders. I also researched all the 1-drop tramplers in pauper again, and these still currently look like the best ones... that I also actually own in my collection.

Balaam__: LOL, I feel like Prison Mike thinks he likes this, but if he ever actually experienced it, like with most things, he would just revert to baby-talk.

Goblinking81: I had not before, but it's not a bad idea. Being an artifact creature is actually good because it doesn't require a specific color on Turn 1. If my two new pet-cards (Goblin War Drums and Gnaw to the Bone) don't work out, I'll try that next. I could see that as a good two-of in this deck. Thanks a lot!

morbidmovies on GB Pack Elves

5 months ago

Katzmania I feel like Whisperer only fits Mono G. I've tried Elvish Visionary but find myself going back to Dwynen's Elite in that spot. I won't go back to Lead the Stampede main but I've considered adding Winding Way in the side to refill post-wipe. With the increased amount of 3CMC creatures, GB should be at 17 lands minimum but I totally agree it could use Nurturing Peatland. The lands are tuned for Quirion having 12 forests so I'd have to cut some Gilt-Leaf Palace. Thanks!

ScionLocke on Kathril, Aspect of Nightmares

5 months ago

just keying in for a moment, Winding Way is a strict upgrade to Mulch.

Cheerful_Zucchini on Gruul Sandwiches...

5 months ago

You don't need so much bloodrush. Bring bloodrush down to like 6-10 cards and cut scryb sprites, they aren't doing you any good. Your evasion coming from trample is definitely better than flying. I don't see why fling is in here thrice... seems like more of a backup plan to me. Hooting Mandrills should definitely be here as well as Winding Way as a 4-off. I don't know if you're running the best possible creatures but it looks alright. Overall I like the idea but 15 bloodrush creatures is a lot. Cool brew :)

cheffireball on Balls to the Walls

6 months ago

Portcullis Vine is ok if your flooding, Saruli Caretaker and Tinder Wall can ramp, Tuktuk Rubblefort gives your walls haste to tap for mana faster, Winding Way and Lead the Stampede are great draw effects in green if your mostly creatures and last but not least Freed from the Real gives you infinite mana if you control a creature that taps for more than 1 blue (Axebane Guardian comes to mind).

I would cut Wall of Tanglecord and some of the burn spells. Walls that just block are really bad vs decks with board clears or non-combat wincons. And more than 1-2 burn spells are unnecessary for your deck to win. If you do add Winding Way or a similar card, consider Valakut Invoker or just big beaters like Boarding Party .

There is a popular pauper deck called "walls combo" that this deck is very similar to. Walls combo can go off turn 3-4 very consistently while also having a lot of defenders. Check it out:

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