Artifact Creature — Frog

Affinity for artifacts (This spell costs {1} less to cast for each artifact you control.)

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Frogmite Discussion

rb701 on artifact aggro

4 months ago

i don't quite understand what you're trying to achieve here. it's like a race-horse that's fast in every direction but straight. my first attempt in using this, by turn 6 i was able to force out the Colossus. the second and third attempt, a sitting duck

i would start with switching the lands for artifact land. Darksteel Citadel was the sixth artifact land made, and was originally the only modern-legal for some time; to my understanding, they just made a bunch more that are colored and indestructible. the Forgemaster is good, but paints a glaring target on itself for the potential of a combo, you need something to distract or protect. Frogmite can come in quickly, Welding Jar to restore, or gear like Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots to protect it. i would also switch out the Manalith for the Darksteel Ingot; same cost, but cant be destroyed. the Pyramid becomes an easy target for at least 4 colors for removal and can stunt your resource development; simply trade that out for cheat creatures (such as Myr Enforcer) or more protection (Voyager Staff could be fun here). finally, Everflowing Chalice is only good if you have the resources to build it up AND the infrastructure to keep it for more than a turn, which you do not. that card could be better served with another creature that can do lots of damage, be quite the deterrent, and demands an answer - Lodestone Myr. it's not a perfect creature, of course, but the likelihood of a natural or cheat play of Colossus in modern against anything greater than a "kitchen table" deck is not good

hope this helps

Snogglesworth on birthing pod but for artifacts

5 months ago

I might end up adding Frogmite or something idk. The problem with Sojourner's Companion is it can only tutor for a cmc 8 card. There are very few options at that point and I don't really want to run Sundering Titan in my deck for the sake of my playgroup.

otttism on Thrasta and Erayo's brunch

6 months ago

lagotripha Apologies for taking some time to respond to your comment. Thank you for all that you suggested. I decided to change things up a little to help stall and set up for an explosive turn.

I took your suggestion of adding Erayo, Soratami Ascendant  Flip. I used them to replace the Fog 's and one of the Frogmite . With it having a mana value of (2) it fits well with the Manamorphose and I can see it being flipped early on. Because of this blue addition I also changed up the lands a bit for supplementation.

Your suggestions helped me to think of the deck in a different light and have allowed me to take things in a more stable direction, thank you.

zamiero on Vial and Ghost!

1 year ago

3> Ahhh I've been wanting to play with Obosh, the Preypiercer and Angrath's Marauders - glad you found a spot for them. While you're at it, you could also consider other "damage doublers" such as Wound Reflection and Fiendish Duo. I've thought about a Vial-Smasher deck with a White partner just to add Gisela, Blade of Goldnight.

3> I see you enjoy big monsters and X-spells here. Oh to be young again... but seriously, this seems like a good deck to play them in as you would be rewarded. Instants are your friend, as you can Smash Vials on everyone's turn! No Comet Storm?

3> I would be worried about Vial-Smasher getting nuked from orbit as soon as your turn passes and it's no longer indestructible. You'll find Heroic Intervention and Slippery Bogbonder will help with targeted Exile removal. You already have Destroy and Sacrifice covered I see.

3> I see some cost-reduced and commander-free spells in there, but you have a limited suite. While doing research for my thoughts on Vial-Smasher, I found the following might be helpful - list is just copy/paste, so it will include some White and/or Blue cards:

3> I see some cost-reduced and commander-free spells in there, but you have a limited suite. While doing research for my thoughts on Vial-Smasher, I found the following might be helpful - list is just copy/paste, so it will include some White and/or Blue cards:

fatalzintomyum on Pauper "Battle Box"

1 year ago

This looks so fun! This has actually made my day, and i'll do anything I can to help. I was just thinking about how wizard's support of pauper has been lackluster at best, and i was thinking all sorts of crazy things, like pauper only sets. This though could be an actual pauper product that I could imagine happening. in other formats like Modern, legacy, or even standard, it is very difficult to do this, for such a kit, even one with just a couple of decks, would be hundreds or thousands of dollars, which is just totally unattainable. However, in pauper, 3 decks, perhaps powered down ones, could be sold for 100 dollars or less. Thinking that you might have an emphasis on multiplayer, here is my advice.

TLDR: This is a great idea.

Delver-It would be a hard call to try and have a box like this without delver, but for multiplayer it might have to be adulterated a bit. the counter package might want to be dialed down a tad, but cards like Thorn of the Black Rose and also more card draw might be in order in order for it to compete in a multiplayer setting.

Tron-I think tron would do well in a slower multiplayer game. Of course it is a decently customization deck, so perhaps a version with a really big payoff would be good. I think

affinity-probably my favorite affinity of any format, this is also probably the most applicable to multi player play. Compared to other pauper decks, the deck has some pretty big creatures, even ones such as Somber Hoverguard, which happens to be a personal favorite. I think that with a bit more card draw the deck might be a real force, one that comes out of the gates quickly but has enough big creatures to remain in the game. because of this, you might actually want to power down this archetype a tad bit, perhaps putting Frogmite over an indisputably better multiplayer card like Myr Enforcer Of course, only testing will tell.

Land destruction-This might be more applicable as more of a ramp deck, because land destruction will kill tron in a multiplayer game and die to everything else, but Entourage of Trest and some of the new cards from commander legends (the cascade one that I cannot remember) can really make a sort of dreadmaw stompy deck that would be really fun.

Mono-green aggro-I can imagine games where this archetype would kill everybody quickly, leveraging the damage dealt by other decks to kill each player, until the remaining player(s) are left facing a pretty big board with no way to deal with it. I can imagine other games where a couple of creatures are not enough and the green deck is not able to kill quickly enough to race the more powerful strategies of other decks, consider Lead the Stampede as a way to get back into games.

finally...Bloodbriar- this feels like the epitome of the sort of pauper decks you are looking for in the longer games. it grinds like crazy, and I think that its massive creatures with wreak havoc if carefully placed among flying removal spells. This archetyp eis not one i have had much experience with, but after testplaying I can put the fatalzintomyum seal on how disgusting it would be in this playstyle.

TLDR:You don't gain much if you didn't read this, I guess

I will continue to follow this thread with quite a bit of interest, and there might be some more very long comments incoming.

time_master on Darksteel Relic on a Budget

1 year ago

One thing I would definitely add is Frogmite. He is cheap to buy, and costs very little in an artifact deck. He doesn't bounce anything like the Kor Skyfisher, but still is a nice addition.

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