, Sacrifice a creature: Destroy target nonblack creature.

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Attrition Discussion

Epicurus on Mazirek's Nut Sac

1 week ago

Done. Bone Shards in for Mutual Destruction , and subbed in Attrition for Stronghold Assassin . Seems like a legit upgrade to me. Thanks, Head CoIIector! Do you have a suggestion for what to cut for Flesh Allergy ?

Head CoIIector on Mazirek's Nut Sac

1 week ago

I don't think Mutual Destruction is a bad choice here, but seeing as the only synergy it has is Dictate of Erebos , you could probably do better. Bone Shards is more versatile, Attrition can have more uses, or Flesh Allergy can actually kill someone with enough death triggers. just food for thought.

1empyrean on Tayam's Constellation EDH

3 weeks ago

Fauna Shaman lost out to Fiend Artisan and I never went back and changed things up to try and fit it in. Its worth a reevaluation, for sure.

Survival of the Fittest is a card I regret not picking up a long time ago. My Earthcraft and Serra's Sanctum were cards I got when they were much less expensive. But yeah, it would be great.

Martyr's Cause and Attrition were considered but I wanted to make as much room for various other things as I could and, when I broke it down, neither of these cards fit into my game plan the way I envisioned the deck playing out. As far as single target removal goes, I know I don't have all that much, but the protection aspect of the deck has been fairly reliable and I haven't felt the need for more. I'm really liking Out of Time for both removal and protection because Tayam is sneaky.

Daedalus19876 on Tayam's Constellation EDH

3 weeks ago

Have you considered Fauna Shaman to search for your enchantment creatures, then reanimate the thing you discarded? Or Survival of the Fittest , if you own one, but it's unreasonably pricy now...

Attrition and Martyr's Cause are two more fantastic enchantments which might work well in a grindy deck like this :)

dpolatchek01 on Mr Bones' Wild Ride

3 weeks ago

Yeah looking at your decklists I can see why you like this one so much. You're a true savage haha. Also I didn't mention before but Attrition would make them quit magic forever and I love it

brianizbrewtal on Mr Bones' Wild Ride

3 weeks ago

Bro this deck is cool af. You 100% need to play this against your group! Maybe take it as a compliment that they're afraid. They just need to up their game. Some other additions could be Apprentice Necromancer , Bone Dancer , Attrition (switch this with Murder and watch the tears roll). Just some ideas as your deck seems great already!

VampRamped on Edgar's Value Engine: Vicious Vamps (Tuned EDH)

3 months ago

A very nice Deck that you have here looks like a good Edgar Markov aristocrat list. I would only make a few suggestions.

Before I get to cards that I would add that would be both very good and fun for the deck here are my removal suggestions.

First, Bloodcrazed Paladin I don't think is a very good card. It's not good at all to play on the curve for two mana so the only time your going to play it is after a board wipe or after combat where many creatures died. In the first case if you left open the mana for him you may as well play a Boros Charm effect to save your board rather than just get one big vampire. The second case seems very niche and probably doesn't justify playing the card over something with much more utility.

Second, Bloodlord of Vaasgoth is a card that can have scenarios where it works out good it is most of the time just too clunky of a card to work out. The issue is unlike other lords Bloodlord of Vaasgoth doesn't immediately pump your creatures now but rather those in the future. Additionally, he is also expensive mana wise so it's difficult to immediately utilize the bloodthirst effect immediately. What normally happened in my experience with the card and what I imagine usually happens is that your opponents just counter or remove the card before it gets back to your turn when you can start taking advantage of it again. On top of all that it does not serve the aristocrat's strategy that much overall since it does not buff any of your tokens but only the main vampire bodies.

Lastly, I would recommend removing Tithe Drinker or Blind Obedience not because I have any issue with them but rather I just think my third recommendation for the deck is better than either card.

Also as an aside, I don't have any specific recommendations because I think a lot of removal preferences are just that preferences. But in my experience, Edgar Markov struggles much more with enchantments than artifacts just because of pillow fort cards and Humility to name a few I would potentially consider running more removal spells that hit enchantments.

My first Recommendation over Bloodcrazed Paladin is Bloodghast the card is a lot of fun and incredibly powerful in aristocrats. with fetchlands in your deck you can get up to two free sacrifice triggers every turn that you can use with Skullclamp , Attrition , Mana Echoes , Altars, etc. Additionally, your playing entomb which can use go and find Bloodghast and start getting free value off of it.

Instead of Bloodlord of Vaasgoth I would play Bloodline Keeper  Flip. It is very easy to get the transform because of Edgar Markov and provides a powerful static lord effect that will even buff your tokens. Additionally, the card creates 2/2 vampire tokens which are already great for your aristocrat's strategy.

Lastly, I would just recommend playing Legion Lieutenant over one of the two I mentioned just because lord effects are especially good in aristocrats and I think will get you a lot more value than the exhorts from the other two cards.

Well, thats all for my suggestions feel free to check out my Edgar Markov deck here A Vampire Storm *Primer*, if you're looking for inspiration for your deck and/or give your own thoughts on my list.

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