I'd love some suggestions/advice/opinions!

This deck gives our opponents token creatures and when any token creatures die, our commander gets +1/+1 counters. Since our commander, Grismold, the Dreadsower, already has trample and a way to get stronger built in, we just need to get him hexproof and indestructible. He's only three mana so we can get an early start. He's one of very few voltron commanders that can be made stronger by building a more defensive boardstate (chump blockers in this case).

Giving our opponents blockers and not having our commander get too strong too quickly helps keep us from being targeted until it's too late. This is why I didn't include cards like Hydra's Growth. It would be overkill and get us ganged up on. Cards like Night of Souls' Betrayal are also not included because they negate the group hug aspect that helps keep us from being targeted and it also blows up our own blockers. Instead, we can use boardwipes (Mandate of Abaddon, The Filigree Sylex at 0 counters to destroy only tokens, etc) when everyone has a lot of token creatures and then we swing on that same turn.

We have many more ways to make creature tokens for everyone than just Grismold. We have Genesis Chamber, Seed the Land, Infernal Genesis, etc. We can increase token generating triggers with Strionic Resonator, or double all token generation and counters via Primal Vigor.

Assault Suit allows us to get Grismold, the Dreadsower triggers on our opponents' turns too! This means generating SIXTEEN +1/+1 counters worth of token creatures every round! Possibilities like that are why I included so many cards that can give our commander hexproof and indestructible or regenerate.

Since we will have tons of token creatures around with only one toughness, cards like Skullclamp allow us to easily draw six cards for a measly 3 mana if we want to. Black Market will give us more mana than we can spend. Tutors are in the deck to get us whatever we find ourselves short on (mana, card draw, hexproof, boardwipe, etc).

Please feel free to make suggestions! It's a weird commander that's rarely used so I'm sure there are probably amazing synergies I've missed.


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