Kalonian Hydra

Kalonian Hydra

Creature — Hydra


Kalonian Hydra enters the battlefield with four +1/+1 counters on it.

Whenever Kalonian Hydra attacks, double the number of +1/+1 counters on each creature you control.

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Kalonian Hydra Discussion

Arthurshepard80 on Death and destruction

2 weeks ago

shadeslayerx22very interesting Anger I wanted to create a very offensive dek.What I love most is Kalonian Hydra + Twinflame

CherryBomb on Modern Hydra

1 month ago

zapyourtumor Thinking of swapping Kalonian Hydra for Hooded Hydra, and then running one Hydra Broodmaster, and two Kalonians

zapyourtumor on Modern Hydra

1 month ago

Ram Through > Rabid Bite

I don't see why you shouldn't go 4x Hardened Scales. Also I'd drop Llanowar Elves for a full playset of Utopia Sprawl.

Gyre Sage seems like another funny ramp option here. And I'd definitely move the Kalonian Hydra from maybeboard to mainboard it's just such a must-answer threat.

Commander_Olim on Volo's Historia Animalium [PRIMER]

1 month ago

You can honestly run any beefy dorks in their place. there are a million good hydras, (Kalonian Hydra jumps to mind) but there aren't a ton of good spiders, so I'd suggest just using a different creature type. I'm partial to Wandering Archaic  Flip, which gives you copies of your opponents spells if you have extra mana, and also has a symmetrical hand refill mode if you need it. I'm also running Berserk, but that's just a pet card and not strategy specific.

TheVectornaut on Attack of the Hydra

1 month ago

Most of my hydra experience is in simic, but I'll leave some general thoughts anyway. First, I think Elvish Archdruid isn't impactful enough with only 6 elves in the deck. I'd rather have redundancy for Arbor Elf with something like Voyaging Satyr . In addition to being able to untap forests enchanted with Overgrowth , Utopia Sprawl , and the like, it can also untap the beastly green devotion staple of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . Otherwise, Gyre Sage is an option that pairs very well with Doubling Season and Kalonian Hydra if acquired. Another bomb that works well with Season is Hydra Broodmaster since it cares about both counters and tokens. Some other possible inclusions are Ram Through instead of Pit Fight for trample synergy, Unbound Flourishing for x-cost synergy, and As Luck Would Have It because it looks like you're rolling a lot of dice.

Peoyogon on An Army of Many-Headed Problems

2 months ago

Awesome deck, as usual! :D

If you are able to find an affordable copy, Kalonian Hydra might be an effective game-ender here! It looks like it's still around $15 though, even after all those reprints :-\

I'm not sure if it fits as well in terms of flavor but Biomass Mutation would also be an interesting finisher since many of your hydras' actual base stats are really low.

If you are looking for any more repeatable draw sources, Reconnaissance Mission or Coastal Piracy might get you a lot of cards with all those hungry, trampling mouths!

But really, your deck looks amazing as-is and balances thematic flavor with powerful utility perfectly :)

cak01vej on Card creation challenge

3 months ago


Me neither, but under the constriction of it being a single word or name, there aren't many good options. Although I suppose you could go with Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu (it's the name of a hill in NZ) if you wanted to be REALLY sure nobody but you decided when that creature left the battlefield.

Anyway, here's a couple of "bears" from my favourite plane. That should fit the bill, right?

Oxidda Pack

Creature - Wolf



Razor Pack

Creature - Wolf



Ooops, ninja'd. Luckily this works for all colors.

Next: I want to see what a Hydra lord looks like. I think the closest thing we actually have is Kalonian Hydra .

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