Veteran Explorer

Veteran Explorer

Creature — Human Soldier Scout

When Veteran Explorer dies, each player may search his or her library for up to two basic land cards and put them onto the battlefield. Then each player who searched his or her library this way shuffles it.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Veteran Explorer Discussion

RNR_Gaming on Beledros - Lands.Dec

1 month ago

wbcooper217 I have considered a hulk line with the standard aristocrats package but I'm not sold on it - it would definitely dilute my game plan but if there were more proactive ramp pieces that gained me more value/ramp when sacrafice I'd definitely consider it. Veteran Explorer is the only thing that comes to mind but my basic count is...well...almost non existent.

MapPsycho on Forest of Equilibrium

6 months ago

Abundance was a smart choice with Azusa as the commander. You may want more cards that get lands into your hands such as Adventurous Impulse or Thaumatic Compass  Flip. Yavimaya Elder can nab lands to your hand upon leaving the battlefield. Other good land grabbers in green are Caravan Vigil, Lay of the Land, Evolution Charm, Realms Uncharted, and Traverse the Ulvenwald. Also I always recommend Colossal Majesty in mono green for more card draw. Blighted Woodland, Fertilid, Far Wanderings and Veteran Explorer can all nab lands as well. Although instead putting them onto the battlefield, which would at least still trigger your landfall effects.

Overall this build is pretty good! Just bouncing some ideas.

LeaPlath on Can my deck be converted …

7 months ago

Legacy is more open in a sense. Basically you have a bunch of really strong set of core cards and you need to start from there. But the stuff you add is very open.

For example, you have the standard UW shell of 4 force, Daze, Brainstorm, Ponder and a shuffle effect. This gives you game against the turn 1 decks, gives a huge amount of hand sculpting and requires you to run about 20+ blue cards. This core I have used in a UW Eldrazi Stoneblade, Infect, Jeskai Combo, Delver, Threshold, UG Madness and UW Rebels. Each deck is very diffrent but they use this powerful core of cards.

Other cores to consider are things like Nicfit which is Veteran Explorer and Cabal Therapy, a core that rewards running basics and knowing what is the highest impact card to name off Cabal therapy and allows rapid ramp. There is the Stompy Core which is Sol Lands + Chalice of the Void and similar stax pieces. I have played Pirate, Angel, Soldier, Human, MUD, Eldrazi and planeswalkers stompy with that shell. Aether Vial likes Wasteland and Port. LED likes flashback spells and activated abilities. Goyf likes tarfire, fetches and hand sculpting spells etc. Sol Lands + Show and Tell.

You basically choose a core and flavour it your way. There is also brewing and some really out there decks like Mono Blue Martyr but its a harder format to try new stuff in due to cost and power level. Your brew would need to amazing and undergo rigerous testing.

xx420bigdaddy69xx on Budget Simic Group Hug Chaos

7 months ago

Ooo yes those are interesting. I hadn't thought about them

Idk what they'd replace tho

Like, I prefer Veteran Explorer since you can make use of the mana first by attacking with it and it thins the deck

Unlife on Maximum Non-Winning Fun

10 months ago

Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis has all the colors tht could be helpful to other players. Run things like Primal Vigor, Mana Flare, Rites of Flourishing, Dictate of Kruphix, Veteran Explorer, Temple Bell to help people. Then support yourself with things like Fog, Leyline of Sanctity, Runed Halo, Angel's Grace so you survive longer to keep your effects alive. Maybe some counter magic just so you can keep things like Disenchant from hitting your support elements

Futuremonk on The Circus of Value, Yarok Landfall EDH

1 year ago

This looks great. The one thing that sticks out to me is that I don't see very many board wipes -- just AEtherize unless I'm missing one.

To go with Yarok's ETB theme, I'd recommend Massacre Girl. She is also great for being able to be flickered and recurred.

It doesn't look like you have too many flyers, so Whiptongue Hydra could be good as well. Doubling its trigger doesn't really do anything, but it is still a solid creature and board wipe. Whirlwind would be a more budget-friendly alternative.

You might also want to add a few multicolor lands, but maybe that won't be a problem with all the land ramp. I'd suggest the bounce lands at least because the would both fix your colors and let you replay lands for extra landfall triggers.

You might want to consider cheaper cmc ramp as well. Cards like Veteran Explorer, Font of Fertility, and Sakura-Tribe Elder would all bring the curve down. Also, it's a great card, but I'm not sure this deck really needs or wants Sol Ring.

Bokamoso on New Veteran on the Block

1 year ago

I like the choice to play Veteran Explorer. High risk, high reward wins me over. Every suggestion Spell_Slam made is great. If your playgroup adapted to Veteran Explorer's weaknesses, you'll likely be losing a lot more games but I think the deck can be further improved.

I wonder if you have too many mana dorks. Since your commander ramps so well, having 16 one drops and 1 four drop seems skewed towards a curve that is too low. You may want to cut some of your ramp in order to better utilize the graveyard. More cards in the graveyard would make the suggestions Revive and Wildwood Rebirth more valuable. It also establishes Threshold and Spell Mastery abilities.

Consider dredge. Golgari Brownscale could be help as a blocker, gain life and fill up the graveyard.

Spells that put cards in your graveyard, like Satyr Wayfinder can be better than spells that put cards on the bottom of your library. Commune with the Gods might be a better option than Seek the Wilds unless you really need that spell to grab a land.

Dragon Fangs would be very relevant in this deck.

Voracious Typhon can add mid-game and late-game value.

If your vanilla fatties are getting chump blocked, Shinen of Life's Roar could clear a path.

Flooremoji on New Veteran on the Block

1 year ago

Llanowar Druid is a card you can include for a temporary boost.

Cool deck! Veteran Explorer was always one of my favorite PDH commanders :)

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