Guardian Augmenter

Guardian Augmenter

Creature — Troll Wizard


Commander creatures you control get +2/+2.

Commanders you control have hexproof.

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Guardian Augmenter Discussion

1empyrean on The Scarlet Menace

6 days ago

This list looks like it could be real scary. Guardian Augmenter might be a good addition.

Any reason you aren't doing infect with Vial Smasher the Fierce?

Pikobyte on Rafiq!

1 month ago

Bastion Protector and Guardian Augmenter are your best friends here

Razum-dar on Xyris, the Wheeling Storm

2 months ago

Pikobyte those are both good cards. I was actually deciding already between Guardian Augmenter and Slippery Bogbonder . Spellskite is a great add too, I'll make sure to try them all out, and see which ones I like best and see how they do in my playgroup.

Pikobyte on Xyris, the Wheeling Storm

2 months ago

Guardian Augmenter and Spellskite are nice. Augmenter boosts Xyris for some extra draw and spellskite can even protect your earthcraft or phyrexian altar or steal auras and good spells from opponents

WhiteLippedWizard333 on Wheely Snakes

2 months ago

Pikobyte I'm going to my LGS today to pick up Xenagos, the Reveler, Minds Aglow, Mass Hysteria, Guardian Augmenter, Whirlpool Warrior, and Spellskite. I think all of these are going to be great additions to this deck for the time being until I can find another Phyrexian Altar to slot in. I have one in Resurrection Insurrection but can't justify pulling out to put into Wheely Snakes just yet, I'd like to playtest with it first. Xenagos will replace Fevered Visions. I feel like the mana advantage that Xenagos will provide outweighs the extra card draw and 2 damage. I rarely play Fevered Visions anyway, I usually get it later in a game and have no need for the forced card draw since I'm usually wheeling by t4 t5 or t6. Minds Aglow will replace Prosperity, because exactly what you said in a previous comment. Mass Hysteria will replace Temur Ascendancy. It's easier to cast, and is the same haste enabler. I only have 4 creatures that would even trigger the 2nd ability of Temur Ascendancy so its gotta go! Guardian Augmenter and Spellskite will replace Niv-Mizzet, Parun and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind. The Niv-Mizzets are hard to cast so I find more often than not, I don't cast them because I have a better option in hand that isn't going to cost nearly as much to cast. They are great when they are on the field, but I feel like protection and +2/+2 for Xyris is going to benefit me more often than the Nivs would. Lastly, I think Whirlpool Warrior is going to replace either Psychosis Crawler or Tribute to the Wild. Both are good in their own right. Psychosis crawler can be massive after a wheel or 2 and can put down some serious damage and Tribute to the wild is just fun, especially if an opponent's only artifact or enchantment is a combo or deck engine piece. Thats going to be the hardest cut decision on this round. Thank you again for your suggestions!

Pikobyte on Wheely Snakes

2 months ago

That maybeboard sure would help, but… before you put in earthcraft I would go for Phyrexian Altar. It’s cheaper money wise, way easier to tutor with blue than an enchantment and doesn’t require you to fetch for basics to make it work. Earthcraft is better under the right conditions but overall altar should be your go-to unless you already got an earthcraft and want to play it.

I can also highly recommend Xenagos, the Reveler and some good protection for your commander. Once your opponents realize that your deck doesn’t do much without Xyris other than giving them more cards, Xyris is a big target. Cards like Spellskite or Guardian Augmenter work great since you can precast them and they protect as soon as Xyris hits the field. Spellskite also can protect earthcraft and phyrexian altar, or steal auras from your opponents and enables other shenanigans.

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