Genesis Chamber

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Genesis Chamber


Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield, if Genesis Chamber is untapped, that creature's controller creates a 1/1 Myr artifact creature token.

Andramalech on Sheoldred's Dream Drainer

1 day ago

Hello! After checking this out, might you consider:

I really appreciate your inclusion of Mikokoro, Center of the Sea. It's one of my favorite lands.

Please continue to adapt and change and grow! This deck has so much potential. I did want to comment that a lot of what CoarselyRefined holds weight and Massacar also made great points.

One of the greatest bits about this site is how many different perspectives and playstyles are available through the community of users.

Good luck in your building!

KBK7101 on

1 month ago

This deck looks like it runs really well if your opponents have creatures... but what if they don't? Maybe think about adding in some cards that give your opponents creatures for you to kill. Cards like Forbidden Orchard, Clackbridge Troll and Genesis Chamber just to name a few. With cards like these, you'll almost never run out of targets for your removal!

TheOfficialCreator on Cards similar to Mirror of …

1 month ago

I'm kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but Conjurer's Closet and Genesis Chamber are pretty decent ways to get more triggers. Genesis in particular could be a little of what you're looking for.

Strangelove on Shirei token

5 months ago

Hey Lucas_honorio_ !

Shirei was also my first commander deck. Its a really fun commander. Although she's a glass cannon, looping 1/1s is still my favorite. Here's my last budget build: Shirei/ Budget; and another that has a bunch of cards: Shirei/ Soft Stax [EDH].

You already have a lot of fun interactions, but you're gonna want consistency. I would play more draw and ramp, try to play almost exclusively low cmc, and only keep the best effects that are focused on your strategy. So -1 Open the Graves, -1 Genesis Chamber, etc... (you don't need tokens as much as you need sacrifice outlets and draw).

You want all your draw and ramp BEFORE Shirei hits the board. It'll help smooth the early game. Look for cards like Village Rites, Deadly Dispute, Plumb the Forbidden... pure gas to set up your wincon (Shirei).

My top includes are Sultai Emissary, Skullport Merchant, Fume Spitter, Mindless Automaton, Thoughtpicker Witch, Dusk Legion Zealot, and Carrion Feeder.

Pro tip: Expect to play some archenemy. This is a deck that's "taking turns" on everyone's end step and is very easy to disrupt by forcing out Shirei.

btw you can list shirei as your commander like so:

1x Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker *CMDR*

DrukenReaps on Cards that put creature token …

6 months ago

Interesting choice going without , just a preference for Teysa?

The Hunted above are great options.

Plague of Vermin won't force opponents to take tokens but if they don't and you grab say 20, that'll be brutal. Since you gain life it should be a good card for you no matter the outcome.

Acorn Catapult, Warren Weirding, Tombstone Stairwell exist, I guess.

Gallows at Willow Hill seems neat. You'll need to make sure you have a decent number of humans to make it work consistently. With 19 creatures I'd say if ~10 are human strongly consider it.

Genesis Chamber and Infernal Genesis should do good work.

Profet93 on The Black Machine

6 months ago

Yawgmoth's will - Not adding because of $?

Syphon mind - It's card draw without the lifeloss, it should fit within your parameters

I mentioned those 2 but was unsure what you think about them....

To add, Genesis Chamber might work for you.

Infernal Darkness - Works as a contamination that doesn't stop coffers/stronghold. Easy to maintain for a turn, or 2. At best, it skips their turns. At worst, it's counterspell bait. Not needed in this build but worth mentioning depending on your set-up

Regarding cuts....

Mind Stone > Charcoal diamond - You are mono colored with enough basics to be good on colors. The additional potential for draw as well as tempo gain seem to outweigh the diamond's benefits of producing color

Forcefield - Unsure if this is even worth cutting. How has your experience been with it? I am unsure of how the rules work, but if an opponent attacks your PW commander, can you use forcefield to make your commander only take 1? I know they had an update a few years back but an unclear....

Planar Bridge > Planar Portal/Ring 3 wish - Might as well pay 2 more for the card to go to the field, unless you're specifically looking for a non-permanent card. Even then, black has the best tutors so this is redundant and unnecessary unless I'm missing something. I personally wouldn't run bridge,portal or rings 3 wish as they are too costly.

Soldevi Digger - I don't see it's purpose, what am I missing?

Lux Cannon - I understand its to remove artifacts and enchantments that black has trouble targeting. But how often does this stay around for the 3-4 turns necessary to actually remove one thing, and even then, is it worth it? Would you not be better served with something along the lines of Ugin, the Ineffable? It does cost more, but it provides such a host of benefits. Makes 20% of your deck cost less, exile rather than destroy, provides card draw, token production. Seems to help you in all ways you need for just a bit more mana. Feed the Swarm is worth noting to help as well. I understand you don't like lifeloss but worth mentioning given the low CMC.

Witchbane Orb - Meta call? Why do YOU need hexproof?

Karn + Lili - Karn is a more expensive version of ugin ineffable that can hit hands and work as alt-wincon. But is that really needed/worth it? Lili is an expensive (CMC based) imperial seal, it's discard is weak, ult unlikely and unreliable.

Conspiracy - What is the purpose/combo here? I feel it's looking me in the face but I can't see it

Haunted Crossroads - With all of black's powerful recursion, why run this?

I would cut 1 land, probably a swamp or rogue's passage. With your ramp, avg cmc and tutors, I feel the slot would be better used fueling your game plan. I hate cutting lands, rarely run less than 37 myself. 39 I've found to be a bit much, would love to hear your thoughts on everything :)

KBK7101 on Sarulf, Realm Eater - EDH

6 months ago

I don't think that Braids is as bad as most people seem to think she is. I think her ban is mainly due to the fact that people could play her as a commander on turn two with Sol Ring or something and then basically no one else can play the game because they might have to start sacrificing lands. As long as she's played past like turn three or four, I'd have no problems with it!

You might want to look into cards that give creatures to your opponents so they have something to sacrifice, though. Cards like Genesis Chamber, Grismold, the Dreadsower and stuff like that.Hardened Scales, The Ozolith and Inspiring Call are definitely worth looking into, as well!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Eloise Aristocrats/Token generation

7 months ago

I see. Looking at Eloise, artifact creature tokens seems to be what you'd be going with. So how about Genesis Chamber?

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