Genesis Chamber

Genesis Chamber


Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield, if Genesis Chamber is untapped, that creature's controller creates a 1/1 Myr artifact creature token.

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Genesis Chamber Discussion

plakjekaas on Fabricate Lord

5 days ago

Like... a personal Genesis Chamber?

Wabbajacke on We need more fuel to keep the machine running!!!

1 month ago

Thanks rb701 for youre comment!

Yeah im still struggeling with the Sideboard, i never used the most Cards except for Golem's Heart and Pitiless Plunderer. So there is a lot to do here.

I never heard of Sands of Delirium but that seems to fit perfect in here combined with Blinkmoth Urn. I will definitly try it out!

But im not sure if i just should remove Blinkmoth Urn since i never really needed it and the deck is running pretty well at the moment.

Maybe i should put somthing like Grave Pact against creature heavy decks and something like Tormod's Crypt in?

Any other ideas what to Change?

At the Moment im thinking of something like this:

1 x Tormod's Crypt Graveyard hate

1 x Grave Pact Creatures

2 x Altar of the Brood more mill

2 x Shriekhorn after the three uses, can be sacrificed to Grinding Station an with Scrap Trawler it can bring back some "0" cost Cards. Also its another target after sacrificing Ichor Wellspring

1 x Locket of Yesterdays So we only need to pay the first Myr Servitor and against mill decks

1 x Profane Memento lifegain against aggro

4 x Feed the Swarm

1 x Summoning Station

1 x Genesis Chamber

1 x Pitiless Plunderer

OttoFred on Message from Surgeon-General Yawgmoth Re: COVID-19

4 months ago

Daedalus19876 Assuming you have Zombie Infestation , Yawgmoth, Thran Physician and an undying creature on the field plus either another creature or two cards in hand, you can use your typical undying combo. So while sacrificing your undying creature and using your second sacrifice to remove the +1 counter, you'll draw 2 cards, letting you create another zombie to keep things going. This won't give you any card advantage though, but lets you cycle through your deck anyways or Blood Artist your enemies to death :D So, card draw-wise it's clearly worse than Genesis Chamber , but might get you going earlier

Daedalus19876 on Message from Surgeon-General Yawgmoth Re: COVID-19

4 months ago

Yangus93: Blight Mound is interesting enough. I might try it over Genesis Chamber ? Cunning Rhetoric doesn't overly interest me here (I don't really care about people attacking me), but it might be good in my Teysa deck (see below). Thanks for the comment, sorry it took so long to respond!

budlaorf: I'm not a HUGE fan of her in this deck -- sure, she'll get huge numbers of loyalty counters, but her ult doesn't really do anything for me. Her 0 is not something I want on a 5-drop, and her -3 is outclassed by other token production effects. But she's gonna be awesome in my Teysa superfriends deck! Which you can find here:

Multiversal Mafia: Teysa Superfriends EDH

Commander / EDH Daedalus19876


discipleofgary73 on ∙|(⤟ Gigantes Historiæ 1.3 ⤠)|∙

5 months ago

The aesthetics are chef's kiss
Maybe Genesis Chamber , Inspiring Statuary , Summoning Station , Mirrorworks , Glimmervoid , and Pia Nalaar for other aritifact-focused cards. If you end up going for lots of tokens, Anointed Procession and Requiem Angel might be fun.
Thanks for stopping by!

NicodaPico on Yedora, Lands are Friends

6 months ago

Combo lines; Commander + Life and Limb / Ambush Commander / Natural Affinity + any sac outlet like alter of dementia (this one is actually game winning) gives you infinite etb and death triggers plus infinite mana. Ways to finish the game after that include Walking Ballista / Goblin Cannon , Soul of the Harvest / Fecundity / Staff of Domination to draw your entire library, Season of Growth / Path of Discovery to scry your way to another wincon, Seed the Land , Genesis Chamber , Scute Swarm , Zendikar's Roil for infinite tokens, Baru, Fist of Krosa for infinitely huge trample creatures, Essence Warden / Retreat to Kazandu for infinite life then hit people with a Squall Line

RNR_Gaming on Urza’s Pet Dragon

6 months ago

Well, I highly suggest picking up these stax cards like Winter Orb , Static Orb , Trinisphere and Storage Matrix .

For a less competitive scene Watchdog , Genesis Chamber , Blinkmoth Urn and Howling Mine

The dragon breaks parity with all of those cards :)

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