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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



If an opponent controls a Plains and you control a Swamp, you may cast Massacre without paying its mana cost.

All creatures get -2/-2 until end of turn.

azja on Yuriko: the 忍者 code | Commander

3 years ago

Hey! Your decklist looks great, it has all of the essential parts down pat (cheap/evasive creatures, powerful ninjas and lots of topdeck manipulation). You could definitely play it as-is, even if it's been a while! But I also want to mention some ideas that I have for potential cuts/additions:

  1. Bitterblossom : Earliest it can create a creature is turn 3, personally I found this too slow. I prefer to play an additional enabler instead, such as Ornithopter or Mausoleum Wanderer .

  2. Deep-Sea Kraken : Very unlikely to hard cast, and you can probably win the game before removing all its suspend counters. Instead, you could play Blinkmoth Infusion or Draco , which are equally uncastable, but deal more damage.

  3. Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni : Definitely one of the coolest ninjas, but just too slow in my opinion. Some ninjas you could replace it with are Throat Slitter , Fallen Shinobi , or Mist-Syndicate Naga .

  4. Conspiracy and Xenograft : I played these for a long time, but ended up cutting them in favour of more extra turn spells, which are more consistent for closing out the game. My favourites to play in Yuriko are Temporal Mastery which can easily be a Time Walk , and Temporal Trespass which can be cast for UUU, but deals 11 damage.

  5. Bolas's Citadel : A bit of a nonbo in Yuriko decks, which generally want to play super-efficient, high cmc spells. I don't have a direct replacement in mind, but I'll include more suggestions at the end.

  6. Massacre and Toxic Deluge : Yuriko needs creatures on the board more than most decks, so I generally don't play boardwipes that destroy creatures. I prefer to play something like Evacuation or Devastation Tide so I don't lose them permanently.

  7. Teferi's Veil : I'm kinda unsure how this synergizes with Yuriko. Could you let me know if I'm missing something? I'm not super familiar with phasing.

Miscellaneous Suggestions:

  1. Universal Automaton : A very simple, yet effective ninja

  2. Deadly Rollick and Fierce Guardianship : Free removal/counterspell as long as you control Yuriko!

  3. Scheming Symmetry : Can win the game before your opponent draws the card they tutored for. Best paired with Blinkmoth Infusion and Draco if you decide to include them.

  4. Curtains' Call and Coastal Breach : I love the undaunted mechanic in Yuriko decks. Heavy hitters that you can cast for cheap.

  5. Force of Negation : Does a reasonable Force of Will impression to get your opponents who think you're all out of answers.

  6. Mox Amber : Acts as Mox Sapphire / Mox Jet as long as you control Yuriko.

  7. Sea Gate Restoration  Flip and Agadeem's Awakening  Flip: Although their abilities are not too relevant, lands that also deal damage with Yuriko are very powerful.

Sorry this got so long, I hope all of my points made sense! Feel free to let me know what you think! Thanks again for the kind words about my primer!

zamiero on Vial and Ghost!

3 years ago

3> Ahhh I've been wanting to play with Obosh, the Preypiercer and Angrath's Marauders - glad you found a spot for them. While you're at it, you could also consider other "damage doublers" such as Wound Reflection and Fiendish Duo. I've thought about a Vial-Smasher deck with a White partner just to add Gisela, Blade of Goldnight.

3> I see you enjoy big monsters and X-spells here. Oh to be young again... but seriously, this seems like a good deck to play them in as you would be rewarded. Instants are your friend, as you can Smash Vials on everyone's turn! No Comet Storm?

3> I would be worried about Vial-Smasher getting nuked from orbit as soon as your turn passes and it's no longer indestructible. You'll find Heroic Intervention and Slippery Bogbonder will help with targeted Exile removal. You already have Destroy and Sacrifice covered I see.

3> I see some cost-reduced and commander-free spells in there, but you have a limited suite. While doing research for my thoughts on Vial-Smasher, I found the following might be helpful - list is just copy/paste, so it will include some White and/or Blue cards:

3> I see some cost-reduced and commander-free spells in there, but you have a limited suite. While doing research for my thoughts on Vial-Smasher, I found the following might be helpful - list is just copy/paste, so it will include some White and/or Blue cards:

eEsnowalkerEe on Jhoira bout to get schooled by a history buff

3 years ago

massacre great suggestions, thanks a bunch! Totally adding these to the top of my wishlist. So many mtg cards i have no idea about, love learning about new ones. :) cheers

RNR_Gaming on Upgraded Aminatou

4 years ago

Just some cheap suggestions

Narset, Parter of Veils


Chain of Vapor

djroguelike on Maverick

4 years ago

2-2 na Versus dia 14/1/20:

0-1 Fractius (1-2): Nunca tinha jogado contra o deck, não sabia bem o que ele fazia. O deck tem muitos lords, e aparentemente a ideia é colocar um ou dois deles em campo, algum tipo de evasão (voar foi o que me matou) e ganhar dessa forma. No jogo 1 eu fui trocando pontos de vida, e consegui achar uma linha de vitória no último turno com Scryb Ranger, permitindo que eu ativasse a atacasse com KotR no mesmo turno; quase errei sacrificando uma floresta e não tendo outra para ativar a fada, mas deu no limite. O jogo foi curto mesmo com o oponente mulligando para 4.

Nos outros dois jogos fui com mãos péssimas e apanhei. Em uma delas fui só com um terreno e um dork, não comprei o segundo e não fiz quase nada. Na outra tinha Canopy e Ancient Tomb, e contra um deck aggro você não quer causar dano a si mesmo e ajudá-lo a ganhar a partida. Dava para ter ganhado jogando melhorzinho.

1-1 Izzet Delver (2-0): Finalmente venci Delver uma vez na vida! Não fiz nada de errado, mas dei sorte porque o oponente comprou mal nas duas partidas. G2 Thalia + Wasteland salvaram.

1-2 Pox (0-2): Perdi de Pox depois de duas vitórias seguidas contra o deck. Jogo 1 tive pouco para fazer. Tomei IoK e Hymn no turno 1, perdi dois terrenos e não fiz nada. Mulliguei uma mão com 6 terrenos e uma criatura que talvez desse para jogar.

Pox exige algumas disciplinas para vencer: não jogar criatura de custo 1 solitárias no campo, buscar básicas, deixar uma fetch aberta para buscar Dryad Arbor e fugir de um édito. Após o terror dos primeiros turnos, alguns dos seus topdecks são mais impactantes.

O jogo dois foi mais disputado. Consegui tirar uma de cada Liliana do campo, e fiquei sofrendo para conseguir 3 manas para castar minhas criaturas. Quando consegui, por um turno, baixei um Sanctum Prelate e escolhi 2, quando deveria ter escolhido 3 para travar os planeswalkers. Ele desceu Ashiok, exilou meu cemitério, nerfou meu KotR e eu perdi para um Massacre . Jogo difícil.

2-2 D&T (2-0): Última partida contra o Xu, e tive mais sorte que ele. Jogo 1 KotR ganhou sozinho, e ele não comprou nenhum removal. Ficamos indo e voltando num board state complexo, em que ele tinha Batterskull e Stoneforge Mystic , podendo devolvê-lo para mão e castá-lo em instant speed. Tive a chance de destruí-lo, mas preferi destruir um Vial, e o jogo demorou mais por causa disso. Um Jitte ativo praticamente invalida um Vial, porque é fácil matar as criaturas pequenas que entram no campo.

Jogo dois ele comprou muito mal, eu fui descendo criaturas, e quando o Jitte conectou a primeira vez ele concedeu.

Tenho dúvida em 4 slots no deck, ainda: desta vez joguei com Noble Hierarch #4, Thalia Gorda, Knight of Autumn e Maze of Ith, mas tenho dúvida entre essas cartas, Collector Ouphe, Garruk Relentless, Palace Jailer, Ramunap Excavator, Tireless Tracker, outra Floresta e até Aven Mindcensor . Ou quem sabe splashar preto e jogar com 2 Abrupt Decay e 2 Plague Engineer . Não sei se vou jogar na outra terça, mas vou pedir ajuda para a galera para decidir qual deck usar no 1k.

MonoCommander on

4 years ago

Hi, i do play a discard deck too, and i can give you some advice from experience, Cards like Megrim or Liliana's caress are underperforming if you're not playing with wheels, since you're opponent are quickly going to play topdecking. I prefer cards like Quest for the Nihil Stone , Shrieking Affliction and Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage dealing a lot more damage if you are consistent with discard effect.

I really think targeted discard effect are kinda clunky, like Pilfering Imp you already gonna make everyone discard so fast that card selection isn't that important, and you'd better have some removal instead.

Also, i really think you should include some ramp into the deck, that allow you to play your hand and not suffer too much from the symetric discard effects and play your high curve spells early on (else you just gonna discard them) in the same way, i really like to include "free" spells like Snuff Out or Massacre . Ramping or Mana efficiency is really a key in multiplayer EDH and you're going to suffer a lot if you can't play faster.

I really like to play with "not in hand" card like Experimental Frenzy or Theater of Horrors that let's you play with cards even if everyone has no hand.

I'm not a fan of Sanguine Bond exquisite blood combo in this type of decks, because the cards alone are pretty bad, but one card i'm really not enjoying on discard lists is living death. your deck is fill with some week creatures and you're never gonna get more value then your opponents with a living death. Targeted Reanimator spell can be good, like Reanimate , opponent discarding an ulamog turn 1 cause he's never gonna play him ? just take it for 1.

As a suggestion i think you missed out Anje's Ravager a really sweet card in this type of deck and Asylum Visitor

Thoose are just thought on how i like my discard commander decks, take what you need and what you think is fitting your playstyle !

GhostChieftain on Would like help for selecting …

4 years ago

Massacre is low key one of the best board wipes vs my cEDH deck. It doesn't kill your anje, you cast it for free(fairly often), you clear up all dorks and hatebears, and best of all it is a budget card.

Blood Moon and Contamination both shut down 3+ colored decks.

Pithing Needle , Damping Sphere , Cursed Totem and Nihil Spellbomb are all good for karn if you can't play lattice (not enough mana or lattice has already been countered ect.) They each also stop a different strat than one another.

I disagree with a few of your choices simply based off the fact that some of the ones you chose to stop relevant things my deck does, don't fully stop my deck andare usually too high of mana cost to be relevant in time. The one I am comparing to again is cEDH, so take my suggestions knowing the speed of your current meta and decide if my points are relevant in your playgroup.

Ob Nixilis, Unshackled - I will willingly pay 30 life to tutor my combo for the win.

Painful Quandary - is a high mana cost to try and stop combo imo. Many combos can go off before this hits board, through only casting a couple spells, or using this cards discard as an outlet for reanimation. My deck happens to do all of these things.

In Garruk's Wake - is an absurdly high mana cost for a board wipe. Sure, your stuff lives, but at what cost sometimes? It is better to have a cheap way to nuke the board when you absolutely need such as Blasphemous Act , Toxic Deluge , or Massacre .

Whip of Erebos - I don't hate this card by any means, I just feel like the sideboard should be more for toolboxing to prevent another player's win con than for something like lifegain. This is 100% a meta call though, because if your group is very aggro this makes more sense to me.

Hopefully this helps in some way and is not just a wall of text.

Hissp on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

5 years ago

Bazzul can you convert your Demonlord Belzenlok deck to tappedout?

Love the deck idea!!

Is there any reason not to run all the man-lands (so you can block 1/1s) as well as utility cards such as Massacre and Shriekmaw (which are in your Maybeboard) as well as Contagion , Nemesis Trap , Outbreak , Ravenous Trap , Price of Fame , Damnation , Bane of the Living , Haunted Cadaver , or Boompile ?

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