Idol of Oblivion

Idol of Oblivion


: Draw a card. Activate this ability only if you created a token this turn.

, , Sacrifice Idol of Oblivion: Create a 10/10 colourless Eldrazi creature token.

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Idol of Oblivion Discussion

KBK7101 on Breena, School of Counters

1 week ago

Tenured Inkcaster from Strixhaven might be worth a look. You might also want some more card draw from Mentor of the Meek or Idol of Oblivion or something like that. Looks pretty good overall, though!

themeeps on Something Borrowed

2 weeks ago

DankMagicianD It got cut in early testing to try out Idol of Oblivion , it'll probably find it's way back in before long.

ZEMOtheSinner on ∙|(⤟ Gigantes Historiæ 1.1 ⤠)|∙

1 month ago

Hallo Spell_Slam! Thank you for your comment!
This is still a prototype for the deck and some cards you mentioned are continuously going in and out from the list. I do not always use the live edit tool to switch cards from main to maybe and often, when i take out a card, i forget to add it back again at the maybeboard. Daretti, Gamble and the Dynamo are among them and they're on the radar for sure.
When i added Path to Exile , i considered that this deck perhaps prefers to give away lands rather than life, since it wins through combat damage. I tested Dispatch , but the risk is that it will become useless if I am too far behind for some reason.
I'm not totally sold on Scrap Trawler either, as maybe i prefer having things in my graveyard more than i want to have them in my hand.
Idol of Oblivion has worked really well in all my tests, i'm inclined to think i'll keep it, but i agree on the Bauble and the Phoenix though. They're in only until I decide what to replace them with (the Dynamo, probably). Thank you for your suggestions, that was very kind of you!

BransBranflakes, thank you for stopping by!
3 Drinks are better than 3 cards for sure, and with Anointed Procession and/or Illusionist's Bracers on the field, that makes for 5-7 drinks. Now you just have to figure out how to make the opponent pay for them too!
I thank you for the degenerative suggestions, but i'm trying to keep up with my group's meta and to be a good boy (a little). GoOoOOolems!

Hallo again discipleofgary73!
Inspiring Statuary is intresting, but i play very few non-artifact spells in this deck and they're already relatively cheap. Glimmervoid and Summoning Station were noted though!

RambIe on Non-Creature Naya Card Draw?

1 month ago

i have never seen an atla deck that cares about draw or only runs 10 creatures im very curious to what your building, do you have any links?

as TriusMalarky already suggested Skullclamp would be best value
and as Omniscience_is_life suggested Idol of Oblivion would be a solid second
i would suggest Greater Good the ability to sac a 10+ fatty to it seems pretty good,
not to mention if that fatty is a blightsteel you can just sac an egg to get him back
Fecundity is also worth considering
but this is all just based on the commander im not really sure what your deck is doing

PadreRasta on School of Hard Rocks

2 months ago

Awesome deck! Suggestions: Idol of Oblivion and Trading Post for some cheap card draw.

FrantaFire on Before the Mending: Brudiclad EDH

3 months ago


Thanks for taking the time to look at my list.

I've heavily debated on Desolation Twin for a long time but the fact that it says cast is the main stay-away. A majority of the time, I'll polymorph into a big creature; never cast it. With that, I've even more heavily considered Idol of Oblivion for the big tokens we crave.

As for Phyrexian Processor , I could simply never find a balance for the amount of life to pay.

tkjanacek on Edgar Markov Vampires

3 months ago

I would recommend replacing Ruinous Ultimatum with Merciless Eviction . Springleaf Drum and Idol of Oblivion have performed very well for me. Probably would be a good idea to upgrade your mana base with Theros Temples, Zendikar/Kaldheim two-face lands or painlands like Caves of Koilos . Check out my Edgar decks: Edgar Aggro Edgar casual

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