Hornbash Mentor

Creature — Human Warrior

When Hornbash Mentor enters the battlefield, put a trample counter on target non-Human creature you control.

, : Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control with trample.

AwesomeJMS5 on WALKING GRAVE (Skullbriar or Sarulf) ♡

9 months ago

I used to have a Skullbrair EDH deck, and I used to love playing with it. There's a few cards I'd put in there before dismantling it that I think you could consider, thanks to his unique abilities. Slippery Bogbonder is a creature that can put a Hexproof Counter onto skullbrair at instant-speed, giving him permanent hexproof for the rest of the game if it resolves. Hornbash Mentor can give him permanent trample with a Trample Counter, while also have the ability to give him more counters later on. Along those same lines, Duskfang Mentor does the same thing that Hornbash does, except it involves a Lifelink Counter instead. Finally, like those previous 3, Daring Fiendbonder has a way to put an Indestructability Counter on Skullbrair. Those four creatures are something you could consider for your deck.

Finally, a few other cards to be considered is a favorite of mine: Jarad's Orders , which puts a creature into your graveyard and into your hand. Fireshrieker is nice, because who doesn't like double strike. And last but not least, why not consider a Llanowar Reborn in the deck. Yeah it enters tapped, but it also adds an extra counter for free to Skullbrair later on when he enters the battlefield.

I hope this has helped!

mobizque on $75 1-Up Green

1 year ago

Hey Beginner-Budget-Builder, Solidarity of Heroes could definitely make some big creatures. I tried Tuskguard Captain and I wasn't satisfied. It's too expensive and slow for what it does. I think a well-timed Predator's Strike might give you better surprise trample with some protection to boot.

Hornbash Mentor is interesting. I might try a trample tribal deck. I've been looking for a way to play the Almighty Brushwag...

Beginner-Budget-Builder on $75 1-Up Green

1 year ago

A little late to the discussion, but I really like this budget-casual deck. There is a lot of cards when it comes to +1/+1 counters, and I recommend looking at EDH decks for inspiration. A budget alternative to Hardened Scales could be Solidarity of Heroes , for example. Tuskguard Captain can give some tribal effects to your creatures, and you can get tons of value with Hornbash Mentor . For more of those effects, .

Halflingz on Uncommon Hamz

1 year ago

Devoted Druid :heart_eyes: Epochrasite (Always around to help recast Hamz?) Fearless Fledgling (Hamz Caster with evastion for beats) Hornbash Mentor 9Lots of Trample already) Keensight Mentor (beefy vigi's are sick blockers) Maulfist Revolutionary (Doubling Season) Narnam Renegade (Mean blocker with counter chance) Obsessive Skinner (Hamz caster with handout counters) Orzhov Advokist (THIS IS INSANE, you get two counters each upkeep bare minimum) Wildwood Scourge (Hamz Caster, play for 2 and watch him be huge in the mid game)

Elasar99 on Skullbriar, The Competitive Grave

1 year ago

Why don't you try to had cards that add keywords as counters from Ikoria like Void Beckoner, Slippery Bogbonder, Daring Fiendbonder, Duskfang Mentor, Unexpected Fangs, Blood Curdle, Sudden Spinnerets, Fully Grown, Hornbash Mentor or Titanoth Rex? Since the keywords are counters they won't be removed from game when Skullbriar dies or changes zone.

Druidey on Edited Stomp Stomp Correctly?

1 year ago

I am a new player to MTG Arena and MTG in general, I have found some success with the standard deck Stomp Stomp.

I had a few legendries I thought I could add to improve the deck further and add some more fun cards to play.

Full deck https://mtgazone.com/deck/stomp-stomp-new-player-experience/

The cards I removed were...

1 Dreamstalker Manticore 1 Hornbash Mentor 1 Warden of the Chained

The cards I added were....

Garruk, Unleashed Polukranos, Unchained Nissa of Shadowed Boughs

I have had some success with Garruk as he adds creatures / adds power to creatures which suits a deck already designed to add power to creatures. Also had success with Polkuranos linking up with Terror of the Peaks.

Questions - Do these cards suit the deck in the long term? and could there be any drawbacks?

Appreciate this could be subjective but just want to make sure I have not completely destroyed the deck power/harmony.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Ayanami_Rei on G/W Watch me grow!

1 year ago

Are the Light of Hope present for their enchantment breaking mode too ? If not, maybe Feat of Resistance* or Swallow Whole are more interesting: they still give a +1/+1 counter while eliminating an opponent's creature and/or protecting one of yours.

I see that you didn't include Tempered Veteran, so I don't think you'll be interested into Hornbash Mentor (who's useful thanks to the Pridemalkin). (About that cat, it might make Ram Through a more appealing anti-creature.) Furthermore, to stay in Ikoria, you have two counter-generating mutations: Glowstone Recluse and Vulpikeet. They can both help against flying creatures (giving respectively Reach and Flying) but are probably too costly for two or one counter only, maybe they would be O.K. as side cards unless the escape spider is enough?

A few Idyllic Granges could have been nice if you were playing more plains...

Sorry for the disturbance !

*Heroic Intervention was my prefered choice of protection but it doesn't contribute to the theme.

Yotian_Soldier on 75% Simic Hydra Tribal

2 years ago

Ikoria review:

The Ozolith: This is a powerful add-on to our deck; not only it stores the +1/+1 counters whenever our hydras would die it can also move the counters to another creature. The counters on it can be doubled by Vorel. With is I am very very tempted to add Simic Ascendancy as a third win con.

Barrier Breach: The mana efficiency of this card plus the versatility of it's cycling is hard to pass on; will replace Krosan Grip

Hornbash Mentor: Another source of providing trample to one of our hydra; the additional +1/+1 counters on EACH of our hydras with trample is a nice bonus.

Primal Empathy: A consistent source of either card draw or a +1/+1 counter for one of our creature.

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